Chapter 161

Chapter 161

Seoul Olympic Stadium was opened in 1984 and expanded in 20XX, becoming the world’s fifth largest stadium that could accommodate a total of 198,000 spectators.

Currently, this huge arena was filled with many people from all over the world.

『 The opening of the First Satisfy National Competition, which the world has known about for two months, is starting in South Korea. 』

『 The criteria for selecting the participating countries is a ‘country with more than 10 top players in the National Competition related quests.’ So, it has been decided that 17 countries will participate in the First National Competition. 』

『 A total of 13 users are participating for each country. The team consists of 10 main players and 3 candidates. 』

『 There is a total of 221 athletes participating in the National Competition with an average level of 213, and most of the participants are within the top 500 rankings. However, it is known that some players who showed an outstanding performance in certain events are general level 100 users, not rankers. Reporter Braum is focused on the players, so let’s go there together. 』

『 The 221 players from 17 countries will compete intensively in nine categories over the next five days. These categories are PvP, boss raid, labyrinth breakthrough, production competition, pet marathon, siege, target processing, sword drawing and treasure hunting... 』

『 21 of the top 50 users are participating in this competition. This is an unprecedented number of ranker participation, so it’s good news for many fans. 』

『 People are disappointed that Kraugel, the no. 1 user, isn’t participating, but all of the top five users except for Kraugel are participating. Many people are looking forward to seeing four of the top five in one place. 』

『 Experts predict that the United States will be the champion of the First National Competition. Among the 17 participating countries, the average level of the United States users is overwhelmingly high. With six players in the top 20 of the unified rankings, it is anticipated that they will acquire medals in all fields without much difficulty. After that, it is expected that it will be Britain and China. However, the country that Pagma’s Descendant belongs to will be a variable... 』

『 Our Japan is aiming to enter the top five in this competition. On the other hand, the host country, South Korea, is expected to be at the bottom, since their team is very thin except for Yura. 』

『 It is a miracle that South Korea is included, since the criteria is having 10 top players in the quests related to the National Competition. It seems they are participating as the host country. 』

The major broadcasting companies from each country had been talking about the First Satisfy National Competition for the last few days. The hundreds of broadcasting stations were smiling widely.

The ratings were higher than expected. It was a level where the audience ratings were well beyond the Olympics and World Cup, since people these days were mainly interested in Satisfy. Then the players of the 17 participating countries entered Seoul Olympic Stadium.

‘A country of Taekwondo...!’

The blond man on the British team was Regas. In his teens to early 20s, he became a British national Taekwondo player and always longed to go to Korea. He wanted to see the East, who had created the spirit of Taekwondo. He never had a chance and now he was 26 years old, so he was happy about finally visiting South Korea.

Meanwhile, Jishuka belonged to the Brazilian team and she was constantly staring at the South Korea team.

She was looking for Grid.

She was too busy with managing the guild and leveling up to participate in the competition. She wasn’t standing here because of the Brazilian government’s urgent request, but because she wanted to meet Grid. She wanted to meet the man who made her heart pound for the first time. But no matter how she looked, she couldn’t see him in the Korean national team.

‘Isn’t his name on the participant’s list? Surely I didn’t come all the way to South Korea only to not meet him?’

And a Spanish player. Pon raised his fingers and received an oath as a representative of the users.

‘I’m sorry to hear that Kraugel isn’t participating... Then I will test my current skills against Zibal.’

For the past four months, the Tzedakah Guild had been raising their level at a tremendous pace with the items that Grid produced for them. Jishuka, Regas and Pon entered the top 15 of the unified rankings, so they were confident.

Korea was the country that Grid belonged to, so Korea could surely enter the top rankings. That was what they thought. However, except for them, nobody was looking at the Korean team. They didn’t need to be conscious of South Korea, who only had sub-rankers except for Yura.

“...Thank you.”

An American man in his early 30s, with long tied up blonde hair, finished reciting the oath.


The 200,000 spectators cheered and stomped their feet. The atmosphere was more heated than the Olympics. The competition that would gain the participants honor and money at the same time started.


Fire stone.

It was the name of an ore containing a strong fire.

It had high affinity with the fire attribute, magic swords of the fire attribute could be used as a materials or armor against fire. There was a rare chance of the fire stones dropping when hunting certain bosses.

However, it was a material required to make the Fire Shield that Toban desired.

“Hey Toban.” Grid stared at the production method and materials of the Fire Shield and eventually frowned. "What is your motive for dumping the task of finding the important fire stones on me?”

Toban carefully said, "It is impossible for me to obtain the fire stones with my abilities. That... Minor is a minerals master, so I thought he might be able to find a place to obtain the fire stones.”

"What if he finds them? Do you want me to obtain them?”

“...Please. In order to succeed in the Phoenix raid scheduled in 10 days, the main tanker must have high fire resistance.”

Grid snorted.

"You should’ve realized over the past four months that the Minerals Master skill isn’t universal. Minor is worthless if you don’t provide accurate clues. There are one or two minerals that he hasn’t found. Then what? Fire stones? Do you think that Minor could find a place to collect such rare minerals?”

“Please try it once.”

Grid laughed at the anxious Toban. “Uhh, yes, yes. I will have him try it once. And if Minor finds the location of the mineral, I will go and collect it directly.”

It was because he didn’t think it was possible. Grid spoke with the certainty that Minor wouldn’t be able to find the fire stones location.

Then after a while...

Minor had only been studying for the past four months, despite having a mining talent. He now had an intelligence of 350 and could exert his talent as a Minerals Master. He rummaged through books for half a day before returning with shocking news.

"I have found out how to collect the fire stones from old documents. Fire stones pop up when Hell Gao, the owner of hellfire, emerges from hell."


Minor reported it with a spiteful expression. Grid frowned while Toban had a bright expression.

"Fire stones exist in Hell Gao’s habitat? So where does Hell Gao appear?”

Minor informed the excited Toban. “It is a dungeon on Cork Island.”

"Cork Island?"

It was a place located in the South Sea of the Eternal Kingdom. It would take a week to get to the nearest port and ride a boat there, but Grid was different. Thanks to Braham’s Boots, he could use Fly magic and ignore all types of obstacles, allowing him to arrive at Cork Island three times faster than usual.

Toban’s eyes started sparkling.

“Grid! Please!”


It was troublesome. He made a promise, but he didn’t feel like it.

Toban tried to persuade Grid. "Think about it. Aren’t fire stones a rare mineral that can be sold for money? Won’t you receive enormous profits? And remember what you told me before. You gain a lot of skill experience when smelting new minerals. Yes? Grid, this is a request.”

Toban made a big mistake with Grid in the past. Due to that, he always felt sorry for Grid and tried his best not to ask for unreasonable things. Thanks to that, Grid eventually forgave Toban and now he nodded.

"I understand. Be prepared to pay me a tip.”

"Thank you!”

Toban bowed deeply.

Grid had grown steadily and matured over the past few months, so Toban felt a great deal of gratitude. He respected Grid for giving to others despite having a legendary class, instead of becoming more arrogant.

It wasn’t just Toban, but all of the Tzedakah Guild members. There was a saying that a place made a person, and Grid interacted with them very positively. He deserved respect.

"Find out the emergence cycle of Hell Gao.”


Kaaang! Kaaang!

Khan’s smithy.

Grid starting making the items again after Toban left. Toban was the chief of staff of the Tzedakah Guild and had access to a vast intelligence network, so it was easy to confirm Hell Gao’s emergence cycle.

After a while, Toban returned with a dark expression.

"What is it? Will it be a long time until he appears?”

Toban shook his head at Grid’s question. "Hell Gao will appear in two days. If you leave right now, you will be able to arrive at Cork Island in time for Hell Gao’s emergence.”

“Isn’t that great? What’s with your expression?”

"Well... Cork Island’s dungeon is fully controlled by the Silver Knights Guild. Hell Gao is dominated by the Silver Knights Guild.”

Grid shrugged.

"What does it matter? I don’t intend to raid Hell Gao, just collect some of the minerals.”

“Of course it matters. There are no guilds that will allow an outsider into the zone they control. Since you are acting as a member of the guild, you have to ask for official cooperation or else a guild war might break out.”

"Don’t you have to give a lot of money when asking for cooperation?”

“It can’t be helped.”

The Silver Knights Guild was a fairly famous guild. They had over 200 members and the guild master was a Korean user with the ID of Peak Sword, who was ranked 16th. He was one of only two Koreans in the top 100 of the unified rankings.

Their overall power might be lower than the Tzedakah Guild, but they weren’t on a level to be trifled with. Grid looked at Toban silently before pulling out a hooded clothing. Then he pulled up the zipper and completely hid himself.

“Can’t I sneak in like this?”

[Hooded Zip Up] 

Rating: Unique

Durability: 61/61     Defense: 12

* Movement speed will increase by 30%.

* Wind resistance will increase by 20%.

A cloak designed by the legendary blacksmith G. However, the appearance is different from the normal look of a cloak.

Thanks to the sylphid scales being used as the material, affinity with wind and movement speed will increase. You can hide while wearing it, but the stealth will be turned off when an enemy is attacked.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 5

More than 200 years ago, the legendary tailor Kruger made five invisibility cloaks. But now there were only two invisibility cloaks remaining, and the owners were presumed to be royalty or a noble.

The fact that a invisibility cloak was made by a user was unknown to all of Satisfy’s users except for the Tzedakah Guild.

"That's right! You have the invisibility cloak!”

Toban's face brightened.

The invisible Grid spoke in a confident voice, "Believe in me. I will sneak in while the Silver Knights are busy with the raid and collect the fire stones.”

"Don’t relax and be careful.”

The worried Toban advised, but Grid had already left the smithy. 

"I’m in the mood to travel.”

The big city Winston in the north. None of the thousands of users staying there were able to identity Grid who flew in the sky.

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