Chapter 330 - Young Man

MGA: Chapter 330 - Young Man

Within the Illusionary Thunder School, the second-rate school, it was the same as usual. The disciples and elders all had smiles on their faces. The ones who cultivated cultivated, and the ones who chatted chatted, showing the scene of thriving and flourishing.

However, no one knew that the young head of their Illusionary Thunder School was currently suffering a young man’s beating and devastation behind the Illusionary Thunder School’s back garden.

“Stop hitting, I beg you! I’ll give you whatever you want!”

The young head of the Illusionary Thunder School presently had a blue nose and a swelled face. Purely from looking at his outer appearance, one could not even tell that he was the young school head who had the elegant demeanor before. In reality, even his voice changed and it was even more unpleasant than a pig being killed.

“Who do you take me as? Do you think I’m here to rob you, to take the tiny bit of wealth you have on you?” Chu Feng disdainfully and coldly snorted, but as he spoke, he extended his hand towards the young school head’s Cosmos Sack. Simultaneously, he scanned his gaze towards his surroundings, towards the young males and females who had pale-white faces from fright.

“Little brother, please accept this with smiles.” It had to be said that the group of people were rather cooperative. Every single one quickly took off their Cosmos Sacks and directly gave them to Chu Feng.

“Mm. Not bad. At least you have a tiny bit of insight.” After Chu Feng put all the Cosmos Sacks into his pocket, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

To be honest, although the statuses and positions of the several people should be quite good and the things in their Cosmos Sacks were fine, when facing Chu Feng who had extremely harsh requirements towards cultivating resources, their things could not even catch his eyes normally.

But right now, the reason why Chu Feng took their Cosmos Sacks away was because the current Chu Feng had an embarrassingly little amount of money. Coincidentally, their Cosmos Sacks could fill his own up.

After putting the several people’s Cosmos Sacks away, Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the young head of the Illusionary Thunder School who had a battered up face and coldly said, “You, listen up. Today, I’m taking away Li Datou so you better act as if nothing had happened.”

“If you dare to harm Li Datou or his family, then the ones who will suffer will not only be you. Your father will be included, as well as your entire Illusionary Thunder School.”

As Chu Feng spoke, ferociousness was revealed in his eyes. They emitted icy cold killing intent, and with a single glance, it would cause one to feel that chilliness entered their body and feel fear from deep in their heart. It caused others to feel that his words were absolutely not joking, and since he could say it, he could do it.

Quickly following that, Chu Feng stuck his palm out again and forcefully grabbed the commanding badge on the waist of the young Illusionary Thunder School. He said, “I’ll borrow this for a while. Also, all of you, rest here for a while. Half a day later, this Spirit Formation will automatically be removed.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng prepared to leave, but the young head of the Illusion Thunder School closely asked, “Who exactly are you?”

Hearing that, Chu Feng turned his head around, lightly smiled, then said, “I am Asura.”

After speaking, Chu Feng leaped, stepped out of the Spirit Formation, and swiftly left. He left the young head of the Illusionary Thunder School and the others behind as they were standing where they were while being dumbfounded. Deep fear towards Chu Feng still lingered around on their faces.

From this day forth, within their brains, they would forever remember the figure of a young man. Asura, who was even younger than them yet had such terrifying strength to the point of abnormality.

There were many people imprisoned within the prison in the Illusionary Thunder School. They were locked in that place because of all sorts of reasons, but if one had to say who were the most miserable out of the people were confined within that place, it would absolutely be none other than the people who offended the young school head.

In this place, they wouldn’t receive any punishment, but they were forbidden from cultivating. If they were locked in for their entire life, it meant they were sending their life’s future to the grave, and those who offended the young school head would always receive that ending.

“Look! That person seemed to enter this place because he offended the young school head.”

“Then he’s dead. Even the gods cannot help those who offended the young school head.” The prisoners within a cell were pointing and discussing about a thin and weak young man who knelt in the cell’s corner without speaking.

“Oi! Boy, what’s your name?” After knowing that the young man entered because he offended the young school head, the several prisoners looked at one another, then surrounded the young man with malicious intents.

“I...I’m Li Datou. Seniors, what’s the matter?”

The young man was obviously terrified by those people. Within the prison, things such as prisoners beating other prisoners were very normal. Since he offended the young school head, for bootlicking, many people would attack him. So, that was why many people who offended the young school head got beaten to death in the prison.

“What? You’re called Li Datou? This is the first time that I’ve heard of such an ugly name! Come over and kneel down, then slap yourself a thousand times.” One male pointed at Li Datou and loudly yelled.

“Seniors, we have no grievances nor hatred between us, so why do you need to make things so difficult for me?” Although Li Datou was cowardly, he did not lower his head easily. Telling him to kneel and slap himself was one of the things that he was determined not to do.

“God damn. I tell you to slap yourself, so slap yourself! You dare to speak such rubbish? Beat him.” Seeing that Li Datou did not follow what he told him to do, the male was furious and after raising his leg, he kicked Li Datou to the ground. Following that, everyone in that cell surrounded him and started to throw fists and kicks at him.

“Stop! What are you doing?” Just at that time, the old elders who guarded walked over, opened the cell, and pointed at the people in the cell while sternly yelling. However, behind those elders, there was a graceful young man with a young face.

“Elder. This boy offended the school head, and not only did he not repent, he even dared to speak such disrespectful and rude words, and insulted the school head. As a member of the Illusionary Thunder School, naturally, we have the obligations to give him a lesson for the school head.”

“Yeah! Elder, this boy is too dishonest. We should truly punish him well. Locking him in for his entire life isn’t even much.”

Seeing that, the same school disciples who attacked Li Datou quickly solicitously explained. It was all intentional. Although they were also locked into that place because they committed wrongs, it was actually effective to gain the good impressions from the elders by beating up prisoners who offended the young school head.

At that instant, Li Datou lowered his head and did not speak because he knew that he was out of luck again. As he faced their cunning explanations, he did not even have any chance to defend himself. Certainly, not only would he not get any assistance from the elders, he would even get some painful punishment.

However, just as Li Datou thought his luck was out, and just as the males who were beating him up thought that they were going to rewarded, the elder guards cast their gaze towards the young man next to him and respectfully asked, “Milord, look. This...”

Chu Feng lightly smiled, then said, “The school head said it. Those who dare to attack Li Datou will get their hands and feet snapped. Do you question that?” As he spoke, Chu Feng flipped his palm and the school head’s commanding badge appeared in his palm.

“Yes sir.” After seeing the commanding badge, the several elders instantly steeled their hearts and they did not dare to hesitate in the slightest anymore.

And as they turned around, their gazes revealed ferociousness and their faces brought killing intent. Without mercy, they headed towards the several males.


At that instant, all sorts of heart-tearing and lung-splitting yells endlessly rang out, and all males, as they did not know what to do, got their hands and feet forcibly snapped by the elders.

As for that Li Datou, he even widened his mouth from shock. He blankly stood where he was, and his face was at a loss while he was astonished.

Only until the nearby young man brought him out of the cell, left the Illusionary Thunder School while riding on his White-headed Eagle, then flew towards his hometown did he finally understand that he was saved, and he seemed to be saved by the young man.