Chapter 309 - Believe in Him

MGA: Chapter 309 - Believe in Him

“Chu Feng, I beg you. Don’t kill my father.” As Su Mei who was hiding in Chu Feng’s embrace hugged Chu Feng, she raised her sweet and beautiful little face to look at Chu Feng with her already tearful eyes. Her gentleness and softness was currently used to the limit.

“Chu Feng, spare him. After him, he’s our father.” Su Rou also begged. The eyes of her, who was usually strong, also started to turn red. It could be seen that deep in her heart, she also had very strong feelings towards Su Hen. The so-called “blood is thicker than water”, and it was indeed like so.

[TN: Blood (family relationships) is thicker (stronger) than water (relationships with other people).]

As he faced the pleading of the two of the people whom he loved, the anger in Chu Feng’s heart also started to gradually disappear. The killing intent that he emanated out was also gradually retracted. He said to Su Rou and Su Mei, “Even if I let him go, the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and Lingyun School will not let him go.”

“Chu Feng, you must have a way right? Bring my father along. I believe that he will change and start anew.” Su Mei begged and said.

“Chu Feng, bring my father with us and let’s leave together. Together, we will give him a chance.” Su Rou was also begging.

At that instant, Chu Feng was in a slightly difficult situation because he truly did not want to bring a person who he did not trust over to that place. But after seeing the two beauties in front of him, he still bit down and said to Su Hen, “You should be happy that you have two good daughters.”

Finally, Chu Feng let Su Hen go. Not only did he not kill Su Hen, instead, he prepared to bring Su Hen along with the sisters Su Rou and Su Mei back to the Azure Dragon School and he planned to get all of them settled in the Azure Dragon School. Before leaving, Chu Feng gave Su Hen some time to let his Su family disperse.

Although by doing this, the Su family would disappear and the Su family members would be homeless, their lives would be kept. Seeing that his Su family which ran the Vermilion Bird City for many years scatter like that, Su Hen’s face was all complicated. He who almost died seemed to no longer be greedy like before and it was as if he came to a realization about something.

After that, since Su Rou and Su Mei pleaded, he picked up their elder brother Su Long from his place as well and with their family of four, they hurried towards the Azure Dragon School.

“Chu Feng, thank you for leaving me with my life. I...” On top of the White-headed Eagle, Su Hen was sitting next to Chu Feng and he seemed to want to say something, but at the end, he could not.

“No need to thank me or anything. I left you with your life only because of your two daughters. I, Chu Feng, know what the feeling is to have no father, so I don’t want them to have a taste of that feeling as well.”

“I know that even up until now, you can’t let the Su family go, you can’t let so many Su family members go, but you need to know that to you, the most important people should be your two daughters and your son because when you are close to death, they are the only people who will be willing to stand out to protect you.” Chu Feng seriously reminded.

“Mm. You’re correct. I was too confused before. In the future, I will certainly do my best to compensate for them.” Su Hen had regret across his face.

“Also, I need to remind you this. To people, the most important thing is dignity. If you live life like you just did without any dignity, you will never, ever, have anyone truly look at you with good eyes or good impressions. For forever, you will only be called here and there like a dog by others. When needed, they would use you. When unneeded, they would kill you at any time.” Chu Feng added.

“Heh...Perhaps you are correct, but when a person doesn’t have enough strength yet need to protect a family of old and young, they are truly powerlessly.” Su Hen smiled very helplessly.

Chu Feng’s heart was suddenly shaken when he saw Su Hen like that. Although he was indeed greedy for life and scared of death, in reality, he wasn’t as horrible as imagined. He was only using his own methods to protect him and his family, to protect his clan. However, it was only that his method was too weak and it was not approved by Chu Feng.

But when a person didn’t have sufficient strength nor a powerful background, what could they do if they wanted to protect themself and their family? Perhaps most people would be like Su Hen as well. Being forced to yield in order to maintain safety, and ignoring the long-term damages for the short-term benefits. Because, if they wanted to live, they truly had no choice.

With some careful thinking, Chu Feng felt that he truly could not completely blame Su Hen because in this world, there were no small number of people who sold their sons and daughters in order to live. Although having not enough strength was part of the reason, the most important part was that this world was too real, and reality was too cruel.

After a while of hurrying, Chu Feng successfully sent Su Rou, Su Mei, Su Long, and Su Hen to the Thousand Bone Graveyard. At that instant, Chu Feng’s tense heart finally relaxed.

No matter if he was going to live or die after his journey, at least currently, there was a safety guarantee for the people who were most important to him. After nicely settling them in, Chu Feng was going to leave, but no matter what, Su Rou wanted to go out to send Chu Feng off.

“Chu Feng, do you truly need to go? I know that Senior Qi Fengyang gave you kindness as heavy as a mountain, but you clearly know that in this journey, you won’t have much luck. Yet you still want to go. This isn’t a smart action, and I believe if Senior Qi Fengyang knew, he would also not be willing to let you do this.”

Within the mountain forest over the Thousand Bone Graveyard, Su Rou was tightly gripping Chu Feng’s hand. Both of her eyes reddened, and two rows of tears flowed down her charming face. She knew what Chu Feng was going to do, and she truly did not want Chu Feng sending himself to death.

“Just stay here, guard, and look after little Mei and my family. In this place, you can gain even stronger power, and I entrust all of them with you.” Chu Feng pulled Su Rou’s hand away.

“Must you really do this?” However, Su Rou grabbed Chu Feng’s hand again and she held on even tighter.

At that instant, Chu Feng did not overly explain. He only lightly smiled and said, “If I don’t do this, I won’t be Chu Feng. You understand me.”

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Su Rou was a bit moved. She did indeed understand Chu Feng. It wasn’t that he wasn’t rational enough, but he would choose to put down his rationality many times to ignore anything, to ignore the consequences in order to do the things that he felt were right. That was how he did things. That was Chu Feng.

“We will be here and wait for you to come back.” Su Rou finally let go of his hand and her cuteness caused one’s heart to ache.

“Good, I will return quickly.” Chu Feng gently wiped the tears away from Su Rou’s face, then lightly kissed her forehead.

Su Rou also no longer bothered him and she turned around and entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard’s Spirit Formation entrance. After Chu Feng left the Thousand Bone Graveyard, he rose into the air.

He stepped in the sky and stood on the horizon. Reminiscently, he looked at the grand Azure Dragon School, the place that taught him about martial cultivation. He did that because he did not know whether the Azure Dragon School would still be remaining the next time he returned here.


Suddenly, Chu Feng leaped and became a row of light as he flew towards the distant horizon. He did not ride on the White-headed Eagle because currently, he was quite low on time. Under situations like that, obviously, his Imperial Sky Technique would be quicker than the White-headed Eagle.

At the same time that Chu Feng left the Azure Dragon School, Su Rou returned to the Thousand Bone Graveyard. When she entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard and her vision returned to normal, she discovered that everyone in the Thousand Bone Graveyard already stood in a row while looking at herself with complex faces. Some people who were younger couldn’t hold the sorrow in their hearts and started to silently sob.


Suddenly, Su Mei leaped into Su Rou’s embrace and loudly cried. Her cry was abnormally sad and from that, almost everyone on scene couldn’t help reddening their eyes.

At that instant, Su Rou’s eyes also reddened as well but she forcefully held it back and did not cry. She stroked Su Mei’s black and shiny hair and said, “We need to believe in him!”