Chapter 303 - Heaven Shocking Change

MGA: Chapter 303 - Heaven Shocking Change

“Chu Feng, don’t worry. We will forever be by your side.”

“Chu Feng, you are forever part of our Chu family. We won’t leave you.”

“Yeah, Chu Feng. No matter when, you still have us, your family. No matter what you do, we will support you and never leave you.”

Just at that time, Chu Wei, Chu Cheng, Chu Zhen, and the others came out of the residence. Even Chu Guyu came out, and everyone was very emotional when they saw Chu Feng.

At that instant, Chu Feng was finally aware that something was wrong. He felt that something must have happened. So, he asked, “In these past few days, has something that I don’t know about happened?”

“Brother, do you really still not know?” Chu Guyu thought of a possibility when he saw Chu Feng’s blank face.

“Since the end of the Hundred School Gathering, I had always been cultivating in a hidden place. After coming out, I directly came here to find all of you. I don’t know what has happened in the past few days.” Chu Feng explained.

“Brother, follow me.” Seeing that, Chu Guyu first cautiously scanned his surroundings, then prepared to walk deeper into the residence.

*hmm* But just at that time, Chu Feng waved his big sleeve and a boundless soundproof Spirit Formation appeared. It shrouded the area that they were in, then he said, “Brother, just speak here.” Chu Feng’s expression changed into extreme uneasiness. He also really wanted to know what had actually happened.

“Brother, the things that happened in the Hundred School Gathering were real right? You killed the number one disciple of the Lingyun School, Dugu Aoyun, and you even crippled the number two disciple of the Lingyun School, Fenghao.” Chu Dugyu seriously asked.

“That’s right. Is the Lingyun School looking for trouble?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mm. Not only the Lingyun School. Even the Qilin Prince’s Mansion is looking for you.” Chu Guyu said.

“The Qilin Prince’s Mansion?”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng was greatly stunned. Although he also knew that the Lingyun School and the Qilin Prince’s Mansion had quite a good relationship, within the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, he had Qi Fengyang overseeing everything!

Qi Fengyang was currently a Heaven realm expert. His position should be even higher in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, and his authority of words should be more important than the Lingyun School. So, why did the present Qilin Prince’s Mansion point the spear head towards him?

“Brother, after the conclusion of the Hundred School Gathering, you haven’t met Qi Fengyang again, and you haven’t went to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion with him right?” Chu Guyu continued asking.

“I haven’t.” Chu Feng shook his head.

“Ahh...” Chu Guyu first helplessly sighed, then followed up and said, “Right now, the rumours outside are saying that you’ve joined up with Qi Fengyang and the both of you want to kill the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion in order to help Qi Fengyang scheme for power and to usurp the position.”

“However, the head of the Lingyun School, Yan Yangtian, arrived just in time, and only because of that, the two of you couldn’t get away with it. Right now, Qi Fengyang has been caught and ten days later, he will be beheaded in public.”

“As for you, you escaped in the chaos and right now, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion is going everywhere as they try to catch you. They even ordered everyone related to you to stand out and publicly announce to the world that they cut off their relationship with you. Only then could they feel shame for becoming friends with an evil person like you, or else...”

“Or else what?” Chu Feng closely asked.

“Or else after they behead Qi Fengyang in public, they will behead and exterminate the families of all the people who have close relationships with you or those who have not declared to the world that their relationship is cut off with you.”

“There is something like this?!!” At that instant, Chu Feng tightly frowned. He never would have thought that such a huge change would happen in the short dozen of days or so.

Qi Fengyang was caught and he was even going to be beheaded in the public. What was that for? He didn’t go hiddenly assassinate the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, and when Qi Fengyang talked about the mansion lord, Chu Feng could tell that he was extremely loyal and it was impossible that he revolted.

Within all of that, there must have been some hidden matters that were unknown, but as for what was actually happening, at that instant, Chu Feng didn’t have time to think about it. He only knew that Qi Fengyang, his brother who helped him many times, was going to be beheaded by the Qilin Prince’s Mansion who he was loyal towards.

“Chu Feng, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and the Lingyun School have clearly united. Not only do they want to take care of Qi Fengyang, they are also forcing you to appear.”

“Ten days later, if you don’t appear on your own, they will flip through the entire Azure Province. If they can still not find you, they will kill everyone who is related to you.”

“Right now, you must get the people around you who are important settled into an extremely safe location. Only after that can you be able to think how to save Qi Fengyang, or else not only will you die, even everyone next to you won’t live.”

“Don’t think that the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and the Lingyun School will really forgive them even if they stand out to say that they have cut off their relationship with you. If they want to kill the people next to you, they have countless reasons and countless methods.”

“That is because this place was their territory to start with and no one would dare to defy anything they do.” Eggy gravely reminded as she seemed to know what things Chu Feng was going to do.

“Eggy, where do you think is the safest place I should get them settled into right now?” Chu Feng scanned over the current Chu family members standing around him because he really did not want them to be affected because of himself.

“Right now, the best place to go is the Thousand Bone Graveyard. Not only is the Azure Dragon Founder there to protect them, there is also the Essence Pool that can increase their cultivation.” Eggy said.

“Thousand Bone Graveyard? How is that possible? The founder clearly told me to keep the news of him surviving in his world a secret, so how would it be possible for him to allow me to bring people close to me into the Thousand Bone Graveyard to live and to even let him protect the safety of my family?” Chu Feng felt that it was too insane. Something like that would not be possible to be achieved.

“Idiot. If it was before, perhaps it wouldn’t be possible. But it is different right now. The Azure Dragon Founder has a request for you, so he wouldn't refuse your own request.”

“Besides, sending people close to you into the Thousand Bone Graveyard is equivalent to increasing the cards he has in his hands.”

“Increasing the cards he has in his hands? What do you mean by that?” Chu Feng did not understand.

“Think about it. The Azure Dragon Founder has requests for you and he wants you to develop in order to revive him. But with his nature, he will absolutely not trust you completely.”

“But if you send the people closest to you into the Thousand Bone Graveyard, if he opposes you, he can use your family as a bargaining chip to coerce you. At least, he can threaten you so that you must help him without playing any tricks.”

“This is equal to handing your family over to the Azure Dragon Founder for him to threaten you. Since the Azure Dragon Founder is such a smart old guy, he should be able to clearly understand this debt. So, he will certainly agree. No matter how many people you stuff into the Thousand Bone Graveyard, he will agree.” Eggy said.

“This...” At that instant, Chu Feng hesitated a bit. Originally, he didn’t feel much and he was only worried whether the Azure Dragon Founder would agree or not, but after hearing Eggy’s analysis, he also felt if the Azure Dragon Founder really wanted to use him, sending his family into the Thousand Bone Graveyard was truly sending sheep into a tiger’s mouth.

“Chu Feng. Extreme times calls for extreme methods. You can only guarantee their temporary safety if you send your family away from the Azure Province right now.”

“However, you can only do this to guarantee their temporary safety. Can you guarantee that they will be truly safe when they leave the Azure Province?”

“With your temper, even if you leave the Azure Province, it would be hard to avoid making huge enemies. Perhaps a greater enemy than the Qilin Prince’s mansion and the Lingyun School. You can escape, but can they escape? So, you must get your family settled in properly so you won’t have any worries about troubles that come from the back.”

“Although it is very possible that the Azure Dragon Founder is using you, right now, you need to use him. He doesn’t care about which methods he use, so you don’t care even more which methods you use.”