Chapter 300 - Evil Spirit Recognizing Its Master

MGA: Chapter 300 - Evil Spirit Recognizing Its Master 

Within the eerie ancient castle, while embracing uneasy emotions, Chu Feng was nervously deciphering the chair’s Spirit Formation. Finally, after a full four hours of deciphering, Chu Feng finally opened the Spirit Formation.

At that instant, Chu Feng was drenched with sweat and even his clothes were soaked. He was truly nervous to the extreme. The four hours were certainly the hardest times for him to bear because he did not know when the scary Evil Spirit would appear and seal him within the main hall.

But luckily, he finally succeeded. When he successfully opened the Spirit Formation, the coffin-like strange box could be touched by Chu Feng.

But Chu Feng did not lose his rationality because of excitement. He first used his Spirit power to carefully observe the strange box, and after he discovered that they were no abnormalities, he extended his hand to grab it and he wanted to carry the box away.


But before even letting Chu Feng approach it, dazzling light was emitted from the box. At the same time, an extremely terrifying aura was seeping out of the box.

“Chu Feng, run! There’s an Evil Spirit inside this box!” Suddenly, Eggy tensely yelled.

“What? Evil Spirit? How is there an Evil Spirit here?” Chu Feng was first taken aback, then after that, he suddenly realized something and he cursed greatly in his heart, “Damn! I’ve been tricked!!”

Chu Feng had already reacted to the situation. He knew that there was always an Evil Spirit in the ancient castle. However, the Evil Spirit was imprisoned in the coffin-like box, and just now, he spent a full four hours for nothing else but thinking of ways to release the Evil Spirit that he was most worried and terrified about.

The thing that Chu Feng was most helpless towards was that he had actually succeeded. He succeeded in releasing the sealed Evil Spirit. Obviously, he was played around by the damned Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

But being angry was being angry and Chu Feng’s steps could not hesitate. He already used the Imperial Sky Technique to the extreme and he went in large strides as he escaped towards the outside of the ancient castle for his life.

“Haha, I’m released! Finally, I’m free! I never would have thought that there would be such a delicious human for me to enjoy just as I get out. The Gods treat me quite well! Hahaha~~~”

As Chu Feng was running away, abnormally sinister laughter also rang out from behind Chu Feng. Simultaneously, a wave of extremely huge aura oppressed towards Chu Feng with unimaginable speed.

“Chu Feng, quick! Hand your body over to me and let me bring you away from this place!” Eggy restlessly yelled.

But it was too late. Before Chu Feng was able to react to that, he was pressed to the ground by a wave of even stronger aura. When he put all he had into raising his head, he discovered that a frightening monster was standing in front of him and staring at him.

It was a human-shaped monster. However, it was like a giant. It was fifteen meters tall, with a pair of eyes even bigger than Chu Feng. Its face was abnormally sinister as well. The empty pair of eyes, sharp teeth, and red-coloured gas that circulated around his body all told Chu Feng that it was not a person, but an Evil Spirit.

“Dammit. So this is the power of an Evil Spirit? Even my Spirit power has been sealed and my connection with Eggy seems like it has been cut and I can’t give my body to Eggy anymore.” Chu Feng tightly frowned. In his entire life up until now, it was the first time that he faced such a terrifying opponent.

With purely unique pressure, it sealed everything that Chu Feng had. Cultivation. Spirit power. He was even unable to communicate with Eggy. That caused Chu Feng to experience a certain type of feeling. The feeling of despair.

“Heh. You’ve become a Grey-cloak World Spiritist at such a young age huh? You do have quite some methods.”

“Boy, don’t be afraid. When I eat you, I won’t let you feel any pain.” The voice of the Evil Spirit was extremely horrifying. It was truly like a devil. Just by listening to its voice, it caused chills to go down Chu Feng’s spine.

“You want to eat him? You are not qualified!” But just at that time, a deep and ancient voice suddenly rang out. After that voice rang out, even the huge ancient castle trembled.

“Who?” Following the sounding out of the voice, even the Evil Spirit’s expression changed greatly. It couldn’t help casting its fierce gaze towards the direction of the entrance.

At that instant, Chu Feng could clearly feel the earth shaking underneath him. Once. Twice. Thrice. Four times. Those were sounds of footsteps, but what power could cause the land to shake like that with every step?

Under that situation, even the Evil Spirit became uneasy. It hurriedly grabbed with its big hand and squeezed Chu Feng into its palm. It actually wanted to take Chu Feng as an arrow-blocking shield.

At the same time, the heavy steps came nearer and nearer and Chu Feng was able to see four blood-red eyes appear in the direction of the entrance.

“It is possible that it’s it?” Chu Feng felt surprise because he already recognized the four blood-red eyes.

Following the appearance of the blood-red eyes was a large area of fog. It caused Chu Feng to be unable to see its original body, but he had to admit that the aura it emanated was even more terrifying that the Evil Spirit who was holding Chu Feng in its hand.

“Who are you? Why have you intruded into my territory?” Seeing that, even the Evil Spirit became timid. As it spoke, it backed away and shrunk.

*huu* Just at that time, the fog finally retreated and a enormous thing appeared in front of Chu Feng and the Evil Spirit.

However, the enormous thing had a very strange appearance. It was like a huge turtle, and sharp thorns filled the top of the turtle shell. But the most important thing was that on top of the huge turtle, there was even an abnormally scary big snake coiled around.

The big snake and the turtle shared a single body. Two pairs of blood-red eyes were staring at Chu Feng and the Evil Spirit. The special monster was clearly, without a doubt, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

“You don’t even recognize me?” The Black Tortoise Armor Technique disdainfully looked at the Evil Spirit.

“It’s...It’s..It’s you! You’re from that time!!” At that instant, the Evil Spirit had a full face of terror. Even though it had a very sinister face, its expression of fear could still be seen.

*poof* Suddenly, the Evil Spirit had actually knelt onto the ground and started to beg towards the Black Tortoise Armor Technique. It even said with a tone of plead, “Milord, I did not know that you have come here. I offended much before. Please forgive me!”

“Do you want to live or do you want to die?” The Black Tortoise Armor Technique asked.

“Live. Of course I want to live.” The Evil Spirit replied pettily.

“If you want to live, that’s simple. Open your eyes, you dog, and look carefully. From now on, he is your master. When you guard here, you do not allow any other person to pass through this place other than him. As for him, not only do you need to let him pass, you also need to listen to his commands.” The Black Tortoise Armor Technique pointed at Chu Feng and said.

Seeing that, the Evil Spirit did not dare to have a single trace of disrespect. It hurriedly put Chu Feng who was in its hand back to the ground then spoke to Chu Feng with a respectful tone, “Your subordinate pays its respects to master!”