Chapter 452 - Greatest Sword God

MGA: Chapter 452 - Greatest Sword God

“What?” Chu Feng’s sudden yell caused Zhang Tianyi and Zi Ling to be a bit stupefied.

“Chu Feng, you are indeed impressive. You have actually seen through the obscurity of my Sword God Formation! But sadly, it is too late.” The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley laughed as he got his way.

“Those who dare to invade my Sword God Valley, die!!” Just at that time, an aged and powerful voice suddenly exploded in the air. The terrifying power caused the space to tremble.

At the same time, extremely frightening might descended from the sky. The might was really too strong. It was as if power that slept for several hundreds of years finally reawakened in this instant.

The most important thing was that the might was concentrated on Chu Feng’s, Zi Ling’s, and Zhang Tianyi’s bodies. With the terrifying might, the three of them were locked in the air and they couldn’t even move half a step.

*hmm* Finally, a line of light appeared in the middle of Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi. The light was originally as big as a fist, but it became bigger and bigger. At the end, it became a human shape and very quickly, facial features appeared, fingers appeared, and it became a shape of a person.

It was an old man. He was 2.3 meters tall, and he was big and imposing.

Long hair scattered along his shoulder, moved even without wind, he seemed to be uncontrollable and unrestrained, and was extremely domineering.

The most important thing was that he held a longsword. The sword was very ordinary. No matter if it was aura, or outer appearance, it was ordinary.

However, that longsword was exactly the same as the sculpture erected in the Sword God Valley, and the sword that was made into a sculpture was the sword used by the founder of the Sword God Valley, Murong Feng.

“Yo...You’re Murong Feng?” After seeing that person, Zhang Tianyi’s face also greatly changed as he asked almost speechlessly.

“That’s right. I am Murong Feng.” The old man looked at Zhang Tianyi then indifferently said.

“What? He’s Murong Feng? The first head of the Sword God Valley, the Greatest Sword God, Murong Feng?”

“How is that possible? He’s a character who has died for almost a thousand years. How is it possible that he is still living?” After hearing those words, everyone was instantly astonished and all of their expression became extremely interesting.

“Murong Feng? My Sword God Valley’s first ancestor, Murong Feng? Lord Ancestor is still living?” Not to mention outsiders, even the people from the Sword God Valley were dumbstruck and not lightly frightened.

“No, that isn’t his original body. Murong Feng has died for almost a thousand years. It is impossible for him to be living. It’s a consciousness. That’s a consciousness.” Some person who was knowledgeable explained.

“Consciousness? The surviving time for a consciousness is limited right? What kind of consciousness can live as long as a thousand years?”

But some person also raised doubts. Indeed, experts with powerful strengths could indeed condense a consciousness after death. That consciousness would store their knowledge as well as a certain level of cultivation to surviving in the world.

But the cultivation the consciousness contained would also become weaker as time passed. Their body would start to fade, and finally, completely disappear. The amount of time a consciousness lived was limited, and that was related to their strength.

But Murong Feng in front of them was clearly different. Radiance overflowed from his body and his cultivation was very strong. Even if he wasn’t as outstanding as he was said in the legends back then, to the people right now, he was already extremely terrifying.

After almost a thousand years, how was it possible for a consciousness to be stored so perfectly? After all, no matter how much stronger Murong Feng was back then, he was only in the peak of the Heaven realm. His consciousness shouldn’t be able to survive this long right?

“Ordinary consciousnesses can indeed not survive this long, but if they are sealed by a special formation, it’s not impossible.”

“However, this Consciousness Sealing Formation can only be used once, which also means that this Sword God Formation can only be started up once. After the power of this formation disappears, Murong Feng’s consciousness will also completely disappear and he will never appear again.” Someone explained.

“So it’s like that. I never would have thought that there is still such a formation in the world. No wonder it’s said that this Sword God Formation is a formation that used up all his power to create. It seems like that is true.” At that instant, many people who were confused finally understood the profoundness of the formation.

“No matter what you say, it is indeed a fortunate thing to be able to see the legendary character, the Greatest Sword God, Murong Feng, in my life.”

“Ahh, how outstanding is Murong Feng? He was an existence able to face shoulder-to-shoulder with the Azure Dragon Founder. Even if he isn’t as strong as he was in his peak, he is absolutely not someone Chu Feng and the others can fight against. It seems like the three of them won’t have much luck today.”

After confirming Murong Feng’s identity, people also felt that no matter how much more overwhelmingly powerful Chu Feng and the others were, today, they were definitely going to be defeated. After all, Murong Feng was a character from the legends and his reputation was huge.

“Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi, Murong Feng’s consciousness cannot survive for too much longer and it will disappear very quickly. We just need to drag this out for a bit.”

“It’s said that when Murong Feng was alive, he was a righteous figure. He never did anything that went against his heart, so tell him about the actions his successors did. Perhaps we can put him in a difficult situation, and with that, he’ll disappear very quickly.”

Zi Ling said through mental messages. As a Blue-coloured World Spiritist, she had a lot of experience and she was very clear what weakness a formation that sealed a consciousness had.

“Murong Feng. Your successors are despicable and shameless. They want to take away my treasure, but because they couldn’t take away my treasure, they set me up and joined hands with the other powers to kill me.”

“They couldn’t kill me, so they actually went and flattened my school, dug the graves of my ancestors, and engraved curses on my ancestors’ bones, and was even going to throw the bones into a pool of crap.”

“The words I said are all true. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the people on scene.” Chu Feng loudly said.

“Oh?” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Murong Feng’s brows lightly furrowed. Quickly after, he swept his gaze below and discovered that there were indeed a lot of people who gathered outside of the Sword God Valley, and from the clothings of those people, they were not part of his Sword God Valley.

“Milord, do not listen to his nonsense. The three of them are killing devils. Not only was my grandson killed, they even took away the Elite Armament, the Divine Wood Sword, I found. I announced this matter to the world, so they harboured hatred in their hearts and wanted to exterminate my Sword God Valley.”

“If the Sword God Valley didn’t enter a dangerous situation, I absolutely wouldn’t have opened the Sword God Formation to call you out, milord. After all, this Sword God Formation can only be used once, and after using it, you will be lost forever. I...” Speaking to that point, Murong Yu’s grandfather had actually silently sobbed. His appearance was tragic, it was pitiful.

“Milord, my father’s words are extremely true. Even though these three brats are very young, they are people who are ruthless and heartless. If you don’t kill them, the almost ten million disciples of my Sword God Valley will die by their hands!!” The head of the Sword God Valley also spoke.

“I never would have thought that my Sword God Valley has developed to this extent. Almost ten million disciples… This is a lot, lot more than the time I founded the Sword God Valley!”

Murong Feng detailedly looked at the Sword God Valley underneath and pleasedly nodded his head. Afterwards, he cast his gaze towards Murong Yu’s grandfather and said,

“When I first created this Sword God Formation, it was to protect the peace of my Sword God Valley, but if you want me to kill three children, I, Murong Feng, cannot do it.”

“I will transfer my power to you. As for how you deal with them, that’ll be up to you.”

After speaking, Murong Feng’s body changed and he transformed into a little dot of light from the huge body of 2.3 meters tall and directly flew into the forehead of the Sword God Valley’s old ancestor.

“Ahh~~” At that instant, Murong Yu’s grandfather, the Sword God Valley’s current generation’s old ancestor suddenly cried out in pain, but quickly after, a layer of faint radiance covered his body. His aura rose from the 6th level of the Heaven realm to the 7th level of the Heaven realm.