Chapter 391 - Conditions

MGA: Chapter 391 - Conditions

“Rubbish. There are no treasures inside my Asura Ghost Axe.” Chu Feng gnashed his teeth from anger.

“I know, Vice-head Gao knows, and even Jie Yan knows. We all know that within Elite Armaments, it is impossible for there to be treasures hidden.”

“But the people from the several other powers don’t know! They have already been bewitched by Jie Yan and they deeply trust his words without doubt.”

“Jie Yan is too ruthless. He wants to use the six big powers to finish you off, and if my World Spirit Guild dares to interfere, he will use the six big powers to annihilate my World Spirit Guild.”

“The Jie clan, like my World Spirit Guild, also has a close relationship with the Jiang Dynasty. If the Jie clan joins up with the six big powers to attack my World Spirit Guild, the Jiang Dynasty will absolutely not care about it.” Gu Bo had quite an emotional tone and his expression was hectic. It could be seen that he was also furious, and simultaneously frightened.

And at that instant, Chu Feng’s eyebrows slightly furrowed and after that, a touch of cold glare flashed into his eyes and he coldly said, “What a damn sinister Jie Yan. One day, I will make him pay the price.”

*boom* And just at that time, the closed palace door suddenly opened and a violent burst of air current swept in and easily shattered the Spirit Formation Gu Bo laid.

“Careful.” Seeing that, Chu Feng quickly grabbed onto Gu Bo’s shoulder then leaped back, and only then did he dodge the current of air. Otherwise, even though Chu Feng would be fine with his cultivation, with Gu Bo’s cultivation on the other hand, he would certainly be heavily injured by the violent current of air.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Quickly after that, seven figures rushed in and stood in the middle of the palace. Those seven people were none other than:

The vice-chief of the Jie clan.

The head of the Yuangang School.

The head of the Fire God School.

The head of the Hidden White Sect.

The head of the Free and Unrestrained Valley.

The head of the Sword God Valley.

And the head of the Prestigious Villa.

After they entered, the palace door also quickly closed, closing off all Chu Feng’s escape.

“A little mouse already ran over here so quickly for informing?” Jie Yan’s eyes narrowed and he coldly looked at Gu Bo.

“God damn. The World Spirit Guild’s Gao Qizhi really is useless. We knew that he would disclose information, so we shouldn’t have discussed this thing with him.” The head of the Yuangang School gnashed his teeth in anger.

“Ahh, what are you so stirred up for? Isn’t the person still here?” The head of the Fire God School looked at Chu Feng’s right hand and evilly smiled.

“What are you doing?!” Chu Feng put Gu Bo behind him and loudly asked with a torch-like gaze.

“My friend Chu Feng, no need to be afraid. No matter what this boy told you, in reality, we don’t have any malicious intentions.”

“It’s just that I suspect that your Asura Ghost Axe is where the remains of the Thousand Monster Mountain is truly located at, and that the unfathomably deep martial cultivation expert stored all of the treasures he left behind inside the Asura Ghost Axe.”

“So, we want to borrow your Asura Ghost Axe for a use.” Jie Yan smiled and said.

“Nonsense. How is it possible for there to be treasures inside a Elite Armament? Right now, the Elite Armament has already recognized me as the master and I understand everything about it like the back of my palm. This is an ordinary Elite Armament and there are no treasures inside.” Chu Feng coldly snorted.

“My friend Chu Feng, your words cannot count. Although this Asura Ghost Axe recognized you as its master, it does not mean that it is yours. After all, it is the result of what all of us staked together.”

“Can you say that it recognized you as its master, therefore it belongs to you? Yet we get nothing, and busied for nothing, and sacrificed several Heaven realm experts for nothing?” Jie Yan coldly interrogated.


But just at that time, the doors that were tightly shut suddenly opened again. Quickly afterwards, several bodies flew in. It was the vice-head of the World Spirit Guild, Gao Qizhi, and also all the experts of the World Spirit Guild who were inside the Prestigious Villa. Even Xu Zhongyu arrived.

“What are you doing? You want to commit crimes against a person of my World Spirit Guild in broad daylight?” Gao Qizhi was also not a lamp that saved on oil and after entering, he fiercely yelled. As for the others from the World Spirit Guild behind him such as Xu Zhongyu, similarly, their gazes were unkind and they all had hostile tones and attitudes of attacking.

“Vice-head Gao, could it be that you want to pocket the treasure by protecting Chu Feng like this?”

“That’s right. Even Vice-chief Jie knows that there are treasures within the Asura Ghost Axe. How is it possible that you, who is also a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, don’t know?”

“Hmph. Respecting you as a senior expert was in vain. I never would have thought that you would be so despicable and shameless!“

However, before Jie Yan even said anything, several characters at the school-head level started to coldly snort. Looking at their appearances, they did seem to be deceived by Jie Yan and they were also determined to get Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe.

For the treasures within the Asura Ghost Axe, they didn’t care about making an enemy of such a huge power like the World Spirit Guild.

“Nonsense! How can there be treasures within Elite Armaments? Do you even have common sense?” Gao Qizhi faced turned blue from anger and he loudly cursed.

And seeing that the several peak experts in front of him endlessly argue, Chu Feng’s eyes slightly narrowed and he did some calculations in his heart. Then after that, he suddenly spoke,

“It seems like everyone must take away my Asura Ghost Axe. I, Chu Feng, am not a person who isn’t reasonable, and I also don’t want to make things difficult for you.”

“You say that there are treasures within this Asura Ghost Axe and you want to take it away and think of a method to get the treasures. Fine. I, Chu Feng, will satisfy your desires. However, you need to agree on a condition.”

“What condition?” Hearing those words, the expressions of everyone there changed and they couldn’t help but stop their disputes, look at Chu Feng, and closely ask.

Although they were already strongly determined to take away Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe, after all, Chu Feng did save them. So, regardless of emotion or reason, they couldn’t excessively force others. Besides, when he had the World Spirit Guild as a shield, they had to know their limits even more.

Actually, many people on scene didn’t want to make this matter too big. Despite the fact that the treasures did greatly attract them, if they were traded for a huge battle, even they would ache. If there was a way to truly peacefully resolve the matter, that method would be something that everyone hoped for.

“Give me a million Profound beads and I’ll give this Asura Ghost Axe to you. No matter how you study it, it would no longer be related to me in any way.” Chu Feng said.

“What? A million Profound beads? You are simply a lion opening your mouth widely!” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, many people’s faces instantly greened.

[TN: “Lion opening mouth widely” refers a person who provides a price/condition that is extremely high, often due to greed.]

No matter how much larger their powers were, a million Profound beads was absolutely not a small number. Even if the seven powers gathered them collectively, every power had to give out at least over a hundred thousand Profound beads. That was similarly not a small number.

“Everyone, didn’t you say that within my Asura Ghost Axe, there are treasures that a martial cultivation expert left behind? Those treasures are absolutely not only worth a million Profound beads right?”

“As long as you hand a million Profound beads to me, this Asura Ghost Axe will belong to all of you. No matter what treasures you find within it, I don’t want half a bit of them.” Chu Feng said.

“This...” At that instant, people started to hesitate. Indeed, if it was like how Jie Yan said it was, and that there were powerful martial skills and endless treasures inside the Asura Ghost Axe, a million Profound beads was truly not much.

“Fine, I agree.” Suddenly, Jie Yan spoke and agreed. However, quickly after, he coldly added, “But in order to gain to the treasures in the Asura Ghost Axe, I need to cut the link from it to you. So, I need that right arm of yours.”

“You dare?!!” After hearing Jie Yan’s requirement, without waiting for Chu Feng to speak, Gao Qizhi, Xu Zhongyu, Gu Bo, and the others from the World Spirit Guild were already furious. Cutting off a genius’s arm was simply cutting off his future.

However, Chu Feng laughed at Jie Yan’s requirement then after, his gaze became abnormally sharp and as he stared at Jie Yan, he said, “Put a million Profound beads in front of me then this right arm will be yours.”