Chapter 2232 - Rank Four Half Martial Ancestor

Chapter 2232 - Rank Four Half Martial Ancestor

“It strengthened. Thirty percent of the power from the Divine Punishment descended this time around,” The Golden Crane True Immortal seemed to have realized something.

“Likely, forty percent of the Divine Punishment’s power will descend the next time. If this is to continue, there will be a day when all of the Divine Punishment’s power will descend.”

“It seems that his heaven deceiving technique is unable to deceive the Divine Punishment forever.”

“There will be a day when he will have to face the true Divine Punishment,” The old monk said.

Compared to the Golden Crane True Immortal, the plain clothed old monk knew more about the situation with Chu Feng’s breakthrough. When he had broken through to rank two Half Martial Ancestor, a tenth of the Divine Punishment’s power had descended. When he broke through to rank three Half Martial Ancestor, twenty percent of the Divine Punishment’s power had descended.

And now, to the rank four Half Martial Ancestor, thirty percent of the Divine Punishment’s power descended.

If things were to continue in this fashion, Chu Feng would have to receive all of the Divine Punishment’s power when he broke through to rank two Martial Ancestor.

“The Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique is truly legendary. If I had not seen it for myself, I would never have believed that there were people from the Heavenly Clans that were capable of practicing it.”

“However, even if he has trained in it, that would not necessarily mean that he will be able to withstand its power. At the time when he attempts to breakthrough to rank two Martial Ancestor, it will be the time when he will meet his death.”

“No, perhaps it won’t even have to be rank two Martial Ancestor. It might even be possible for him to be killed by the power of the Divine Punishment before he breaks through to the Martial Ancestor realm.”

“I will admit that this child is a rare genius. Furthermore, he is quite fortunate to be able to train in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

“However, I do not feel that he will be able to withstand it,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.

The old monk did not refute the Golden Crane True Immortal. It was not that he did not want to refute him; rather, he was also uncertain as to whether or not Chu Feng would be able to withstand the power of the True Divine Punishment.

Silence. Upon thinking that Chu Feng might end up dying in the future because of the powerful Divine Punishment, the two grand experts both grew silent.

They quietly stared at Chu Feng, who was receiving the torment of the Divine Punishment.

After a moment, the old monk said, “He succeeded.”

However, it remained that Chu Feng had managed to successfully withstand the Divine Punishment’s power. His cultivation had increased again. From a rank three Half Martial Ancestor, he had reached rank four Half Martial Ancestor.

In merely the span of several hours, Chu Feng had managed to reach two successive breakthroughs, and went from rank two Half Martial Ancestor to rank four Half Martial Ancestor.

“With his comprehension, he will be able to reach another breakthrough again in a short period of time should he continue to stay there.”

“However, the time limit is about to arrive. He still doesn’t know the location of the teleportation formation. If he does not hurry, those four spots will be taken by others,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.

“With his talent, even if he did not rely on your spirit formation, he himself would be able to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist sooner or later.”

“If I were him, I would not be thinking about your spirit formation. Instead, I would continue to stay here and train, so as to not miss this great opportunity.”

“Even if I were unable to reach another breakthrough, I will definitely benefit from comprehending longer in the place where the Exalted trained,” The old monk said.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng opened his eyes and stood up.

In response, Eggy hurriedly asked, “Chu Feng, you’re not going to continue training?”

“The time limit is almost here. I must leave this place,” Chu Feng said.

“But, if you continue to stay here, you might be able to reach another breakthrough in your cultivation. This is an extremely rare opportunity. If you let it go, you will not be able to obtain it again,” Eggy said.

“Indeed, that’s possible. While I do not dare to ascertain too much, I am certain that I can reach rank five Half Martial Ancestor.”

“Merely, I must quickly become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. Else, I will not be able to cure Senior Liu Chengkun.”

“The Golden Crane True Immortal’s spirit formation is the best opportunity for me to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist,” Chu Feng said.

“Oh you, I truly don’t know what to do with you. You’re considering others, but who is considering you?” Eggy said with a displeased expression. She did not care about the life and death of others, and only wanted Chu Feng to become stronger.

“One must know how to repay kindness. Senior Liu Chengkun has helped me before. As such, I must help him.”

“Furthermore, even if I do not train in this place, I will still be able to reach breakthroughs in cultivation sooner or later. Milady Queen, you couldn’t possibly not feel that little confidence in me, right?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“Yes, yes, yes. Let’s go, let’s go. Since you’ve decided, do not waste any more time,” Eggy said in an annoyed manner.

“I knew that Milady Queen was the most sensible person,” Seeing that Eggy had agreed to it, Chu Feng was very happy.

“Pah, pah, pah! You’re the one who's completely stubborn. This Queen merely does not wish to waste time with you,” Eggy curled her lips.

“Yes, yes, yes. What Milady Queen says is very true. Since that’s the case, Milady Queen, let’s set off,” As Chu feng spoke, he walked out of that place.

Right after Chu Feng exited the world spirit gate, the gate immediately closed.

“Ruined. Even if you are to return again, you will likely not be able to enter again,” Even though Eggy had agreed to Chu Feng’s decision to leave, she still had an expression of regret.

“As far as I’m concerned, my gains today are already sufficient.”

“Milady Queen, please be at ease. Even if I am to miss this opportunity, I will definitely be able to find another opportunity,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he turned into a flash of light and soared into the sky.

Furthermore, Chu Feng opened his eyes wide, and was searching for the teleportation formation leading to Mount Cloud Crane’s summit.

After all, he did not have much time. It might even be possible for those people that had ascended to the summit to already be competing with one another.

With only four spots, Chu Feng had to obtain one. Else, it would not only mean that he had missed his opportunity to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, it would also mean that he had abandoned the opportunity to continue to train on that cliff in vain. It would truly be an enormous loss then.

Fortunately, after Chu Feng searched for a while, he discovered the teleportation formation to Mount Cloud Crane’s summit.


However, right when Chu Feng approached the teleportation formation, a blade ray suddenly appeared. It was slashing toward Chu Feng with the intention to take his life.

However, Chu Feng currently possessed the cultivation of rank four Half Martial Ancestor. Thus, he simply did not need to increase his cultivation with his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings. With his non-increased cultivation, his body shifted slightly and easily dodged the slash.

“You were actually waiting for me here? You’re truly considerate,” Chu Feng looked to the direction where the blade ray had come from and spoke with a cold voice.

“Since I’ve already attacked, I must succeed. Else, after you leave this place and criticize my actions to Junior Sister Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang, wouldn’t I have to suffer the consequences?”

A man holding a black blade slowly appeared from the distant forest. It was none other than Li Rui, who had tried to kill Chu Feng before.

“Did you know that if you hadn’t waited for me here, you would’ve been able to live for a bit longer?”

“However, since you’ve chosen to wait for me here, then you won’t be able to live past today,” Chu Feng spoke with a cold smile.

“A defeated loser actually dares to speak with me in such a manner? What shameless boasting.”

As Li Rui spoke, his light yellow gaseous flames appeared once again. After he increased his cultivation from rank seven Half Martial Ancestor to rank eight Half Martial Ancestor, he once again unleashed the martial skill he had used to kill Chu Feng before, that Emperor Taboo: Endless Twilight.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

His attack was completely the same as his attack last time; twilight formed blade rays that shot toward Chu Feng from all directions with enormous power.


At the moment when the twilight blade rays were about to reach Chu Feng, Chu Feng’s Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings emerged.

Then, standing in the same location, Chu Feng waved his sleeve.


Immediately, martial power surged, and a violent wind appeared. Chu Feng actually managed to forcibly disperse Li Rui’s Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.

Not only that, Li Rui was knocked flying like an arrow. He crashed through trees and mountain rocks, leaving behind a scene of devastation in his path.

When he stopped, his mouth opened, and mouthfuls of blood began to spray from his mouth nonstop.

He was evidently seriously injured.

“You know whether or not I’m shamelessly boasting now, right?” Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded.

Li Rui turned his gaze toward Chu Feng. His expression changing instantly. He was completely stunned.

“You, your cultivation, could it be that you were hiding your cultivation earlier?” Li Rui asked in a panic.

He had realized that the current Chu Feng was two entire levels of cultivation above his cultivation from mere hours ago.

With such a cultivation, it was impossible for him to defeat Chu Feng.

“I didn’t conceal my cultivation. I merely managed to increase it in this period of time,” Chu Feng said.

“What? You managed to increase your cultivation in such a short period of time? Impossible! That is most definitely impossible! Don’t you try to deceive me!!!” Li Rui shook his head repeatedly. He refused to believe Chu Feng’s words.

“I don’t care if you don’t believe me. After all, you’re someone who’s going to die anyways,” Chu Feng walked toward Li Rui one step at a time. Even though he had a smile on his face, his gaze was filled with dense killing intent.

“Chu Feng, I am the Sunset Cloud Valley’s management elder Hu Haitian’s sole disciple. If you kill me, my master will definitely not let you get away with it!” Sensing that the situation was bad, Li Rui spoke his master’s name to threaten Chu Feng.

However, who would’ve thought that Chu Feng would only lightly smile? Then, he raised his hand and smashed his palm downward.

“Boom!” Li Rui was completely annihilated, with not even his bones remaining.

“If I didn’t dare to kill even you, I would not be called Chu Feng,” Chu Feng said.

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