Chapter 2227 - Floating Islands

Chapter 2227 - Floating Islands


Upon hearing what that golden crane said, a questioning voice suddenly sounded from beside it.

The person who spoke was actually that old monk wearing ordinary clothing Chu Feng had met in the Darknight Ghost Forest.

Originally, the old monk was resting with his eyes closed. However, upon hearing what the golden crane said, he turned his gaze toward the direction of the golden crane’s gaze.

“It’s him?” Suddenly, the old monk revealed an expression of surprise.


After hearing what the old monk said, the golden crane’s body began to change. From a crane, it turned into a golden old man.

Golden clothes, golden hair, a golden beard and golden eyebrows. In fact, even his skin was golden. Especially those golden eyes, they were extraordinarily spirited.

Standing there, he gave off dazzling golden light. He was the master of Mount Cloud Crane, the renowned Golden Crane True Immortal.

“Old Poisonous Substance, you know that brat?” The Golden Crane True Immortal asked the old monk.

“I have met him once before. That child possesses an extraordinary origin. However, it is unsuitable for me to tell you about his origin,” The old monk said.

“You’re actually being mysterious with me now?” The Golden Crane True Immortal curled his lips. Then, he said, “Even if you refuse to tell me, I am not interested in knowing either way.”

“Golden Crane, I’ve heard that you’ve come to this Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm for the sake of finding a disciple to impart what you’ve learned in your lifetime.”

“The way I see it, that Chu Feng is a very decent candidate,” The old monk said.

“That Chu Feng is indeed decent. However, that is only in terms of world spirit techniques. Although he is indeed an extremely rare world spiritist genius, it remains that what I am mainly imparting will be things associated with martial cultivation. Thus, he is not suitable,” Golden Crane True Immortal said.

“Perhaps that Chu Feng will give you a pleasant surprise in terms of martial cultivation,” The old monk said.

“I don’t know about that. I have seen many geniuses like him. However, only a few ever managed to truly mature.”

“I do not have to time to waste on a brat like him,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.

“But it seems like the one you’ve chosen does not appreciate your kind intentions?” The old monk said.

Hearing those words, the Golden Crane True Immortal’s gaze flickered slightly. However, he soon revealed a confident smile. He said, “That brat is a bit rebellious. However, sooner or later, I will be able to subdue him and make him my disciple.”


At the same time, the purple fog was dispersing more and more from Chu Feng’s attack.

Finally, it was completely dispersed. After the purple fog was dispersed, a world spirit wall flickering with golden light appeared.

Naturally, that world spirit wall was a defensive spirit formation. Originally, that defensive spirit formation had been very powerful. It had injured that Zhou Heavenly Clan’s expert, as well as many other world spiritists.

However, after the purple fog disappeared, the power of that defensive spirit formation greatly diminished as well. Furthermore, its flaws were also exposed.

Thus, there was simply no need for Chu Feng to do anything, as the Four World Spiritist Emperors and the others managed to easily break through that spirit formation wall.

After that spirit formation wall was shattered, a bottomless cliff appeared.

No one would’ve expected that there would be such an enormously vast bottomless cliff on Mount Cloud Crane.

Most importantly, over two hundred floating islands were floating above the cliff. Furthermore, all of the floating islands were different from one another.

It was truly a spectacular sight that filled one’s entire line of sight.

“Heavens! I’m not dreaming, right?!”

“A blessing, this is most definitely a blessing. It would appear that the Golden Crane True Immortal is truly good to us. Even though he set up that purple fog, that enormously difficult problem for us to overcome, he also prepared such a blessing for us.”

After seeing those floating islands, many of the people present revealed overjoyed expressions. Even the Four World Spiritist Emperors had smiles on their faces.

“Senior Ning Shuang, exactly what is so special about those islands? Why is everyone so excited?” Chu Feng asked curiously. He discovered that Elder Ning Shuang and Li Rui also had extremely excited expressions. Likely, they knew the secret of the islands.

“Little friend Chu Feng, the founder of Mount Cloud Crane is an Exalted level expert. What are Exalted? They are existences akin to legend. However, he truly existed.”

“As for those islands, they too were legends. Reportedly, that Exalted had left behind many treasures on those islands.”

“This holds especially true for one of the islands. Reportedly, that Exalted trained on that island before. If one were to train on that island, one would be able to comprehend the secrets of martial cultivation, and easily reach a breakthrough,” Elder Ning Shuang said.

“So that’s the case,” After learning about it, Chu Feng secretly activated his Heaven’s Eyes and began to inspect the two hundred-plus floating islands.

Due to the fact that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques had grown more and more powerful, his Heaven’s Eyes had also grown more and more powerful. Not only had they become much more perceptive, the people beside him were also unable to notice him using his special observation technique.

“Sure enough, there are treasures here.”

After observing the floating islands, Chu Feng felt joy in his heart.

He discovered that, of the two hundred-plus floating islands here, there were at least thirty-nine floating islands that contained treasures.

He had identified them all with his Heaven’s Eyes. Furthermore, if his analysis was correct, Chu Feng felt that he had discovered the island that the legendary Exalted had trained on.

If one were to observe that floating island with ordinary observation techniques, one would only find it to be an ordinary island.

However, Chu Feng noticed that there was a special martial power lingering on that island. That martial power was in an illusory state. However, the martial power was metamorphosed into a special pattern. It was as if a special martial skill was flowing through the island.

However, Chu Feng knew that was not a martial skill. Instead, it should be an indication that special profoundness was hidden in that place.

Merely, that martial power was truly well-hidden. Unless one possessed an observation method like the Heaven’s Eyes, it would be extremely hard for one to discover it.

Furthermore, Chu Feng noticed that even though only thirty nine islands contained treasures, there were spirit formations hidden on all two hundred plus islands.

Those spirit formations should have been added by others, as they had not been set up long ago.

Furthermore, the spirit formations were of different strengths. Only by breaking through the spirit formations would one be able to enter into the depths of the islands. Else, one would be isolated and kept outside of the islands.

Chu Feng felt that those spirit formations must be the doings of the Golden Crane True Immortal.

In other words, it was very possible for these islands to be a trial.





Right at that moment, light suddenly began to shine. Over two hundred teleportation formations appeared on the cliff. Furthermore, an illusory small-scale island was floating above every teleportation formation. This indicated that those teleportation formations corresponded to the two hundred-plus floating islands.

“Everyone, congratulations on reaching this place. Before you all is the final step to ascending Mount Cloud Crane.”

“You all can group up in pairs and enter an island. Each of the islands contains a spirit formation. Only by breaking through that spirit formation will you all be able to enter the depths of the islands.”

“In the depths of each island is a teleportation formation. Once you enter that teleportation formation, you all will be able to reach the summit of Mount Cloud Crane.”

“Twenty hours. You all have twenty hours. After twenty hours have passed, all those that have reached the summit of Mount Cloud Crane are to conduct a contest of world spirit techniques.”

“This contest will be a melee. Only the first four individuals that successfully break through the siege will be able to enter the spirit formation I have personally set up.”

The Golden Crane True Immortal’s voice sounded. Sure enough, as Chu Feng had anticipated, the islands were a type of test.

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