Chapter 2224 - Snorting Disdainfully

Chapter 2224 - Snorting Disdainfully

“Heavenly Bloodlines are powerful indeed.”

At that moment, many people revealed admiration and envious gazes. The reason for that was because Heavenly Bloodlines were truly powerful. Not to mention their Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, merely their frightening heaven-defying battle power was already a thing that countless people dreamed of.

“I refuse to believe that a layer of fog will be able to stop me.”

After that man from the Zhou Heavenly Clan felt the admiring gazes from the crowd, he became even more conceited. Holding an Incomplete Imperial Armament in his hand, he flew toward the purple fog.


He started to attack. He turned into a golden ray of light that soared into the sky before charging straight into the purple fog.

Once the golden light appeared, violent wind sprang up all over. The power behind his attack was very terrifying. In fact, many of the people present fell to the ground. Some were even blown far away, rolling about on the ground.

It turned out that Zhou Heavenly Clan’s expert did not use an ordinary attack. Rather, he had unleashed an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.


However, right after he landed into the purple mist, he let out a scream.

Following that, together with the Incomplete Ancestral Armament he held in his hand, he was knocked out of the purple fog.

At that moment, not only was that Zhou Heavenly Clan’s expert badly mutilated, he had also suffered serious internal injuries.

“Didn’t work? Even martial power is useless? But, world spirit techniques are clearly useless,” The world spiritists present were all in utter confusion.

The attack unleashed by that Zhou Heavenly Clan’s expert earlier was truly powerful. When even he failed to pass through the purple fog, the people present were truly at a loss as to what to do. After all, they had already attempted all kinds of methods before.

“This remains an assembly meant for world spiritists. The way I see it, only world spirit techniques would work. Allow me to give it a try,” Right at that moment, a world spiritist from the Kong Heavenly Clan began to set up a spirit formation. His spirit formation was a sort of spirit formation used to break through other spirit formations.

Once he began to set up his spirit formation, the gazes of many people present became very marvelous.

The reason for that was because the spirit formation that that world spiritist was setting up was something that many people present were incapable of setting up. Even though they were all Royal-cloak World Spiritists, there was still a difference in strength.

Suddenly, that Kong Heavenly Clan’s World Spiritist shouted, “Break!!!”

His majestic spirit formation turned into an extravagant war chariot. With might capable of pulverizing space itself, that war chariot charged into the purple fog.

However, after his spirit formation entered the purple fog, there was absolutely no change to the purple fog.

Not only that, he even suffered a backlash from it. Although he appeared to be relatively fine, he had actually suffered very serious internal injuries, and ended up fainting on the spot.

“Sure enough, it didn’t work. What are we to do now? Neither world spirit techniques nor martial power works. Could it be that this place is the summit of Mount Cloud Crane?” The crowd began to spiritedly discuss the matter with expressions of worry. After all, no one wanted to come here in vain.

“This place is not Mount Cloud Crane’s summit,” Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly spoke. Not only that, he was also walking toward the crowd.

“Where did this brat come from?” Upon seeing Chu Feng, the crowd all revealed displeased expressions.

The reason for that was because the people present here were all grand characters. Someone like Chu Feng, a nameless individual from the younger generation, was not qualified to interfere with their business.

“Where I’m from doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I can help you all pass through that fog,” Chu Feng said.

“Help us pass through it? What arrogance,” The eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors mocked with a laugh.

“Indeed. What shameless boasting.”


At that moment, the others also started to laugh.

After all, even the Four World Spiritist Emperors, Grandmaster Pocket and Daoist Three Swords, these grand characters among Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, were unable to pass through that purple fog. As such, the crowd did not feel that a nameless person from the younger generation like Chu Feng would be able to pass through the purple fog.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored the mockery from the crowd and continued onward toward the purple fog. At that moment, he had arrived at the frontmost area of the crowd.

“Scram! We do not have time to waste with you!” Suddenly, the second eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors shouted at Chu Feng.

Furthermore, he actually unleashed his rank one Martial Ancestor’s oppressive might. The power of his oppressive might was not weak at all. If Chu Feng were to be struck by it, even if he didn’t die, he would definitely suffer serious injuries, and might even become crippled.


However, right at that moment, a boundless oppressive might suddenly appeared. That oppressive might completely crushed the oppressive might unleashed by the second eldest Four World Spiritist Emperor.

That oppressive might was extremely powerful. Although it was also invisible, everyone present was able to sense how frightening it was. The reason for that was because that oppressive might was many times more powerful than the oppressive might unleashed by the second eldest Four World Spiritist Emperor.

In fact, it was even more powerful than the oppressive might unleashed by that Zhou Heavenly Clan’s expert earlier. In other words, the person who had unleashed that oppressive might was stronger than an ordinary rank seven Martial Ancestor.

However, even though that oppressive might was extremely powerful, it completely disappeared the moment it crushed the second eldest Four World Spiritist Emperor’s oppressive might. It was as if it had never appeared as it left no trace at all.

Even though the oppressive might came and left without a trace, the crowd all turned their gazes toward the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s Grandmaster Pocket.

“Grandmaster Pocket, we possess neither grievances nor grudges, why did you stop me?” The second eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors asked in a very displeased manner.

Although his cultivation was far inferior to Grandmaster Pocket’s, it remained that his mother was extremely strong. Thus, as he possessed the backing of his mother, he was not at all afraid of Grandmaster Pocket.

“Amitabha. Please forgive this old monk for speaking forthrightly. Naturally, there are neither grievances nor grudges between us. However, there are neither grievances nor grudges between you and that young almsgiver either.” [1. Almsgiver is the way chinese monks refer to strangers.]

“As such, how could you attack him with such a strong attack, an attack so powerful that it would ruin his future, just because of a single sentence that he said?”

“Why, you ask? It’s because he’s shooting off his mouth,” The second eldest Four World Spiritist Emperor said.

“Based on what you said, you’re implying that young almsgiver is not even qualified to speak?” Grandmaster Pocket asked.

“He’s not; he’s a nobody. Are you saying that you think he is qualified to speak?” The Four World Spiritist Emperors’ second eldest said.

“To this old monk, all living things are equal. Not only is this young almsgiver qualified, everyone present is qualified to speak,” Grandmaster Pocket said.

“I feel what Grandmaster Pocket says to be very correct. Why is it that you can make suggestions, but this young friend cannot?” Right at that moment, Daoist Three Swords also spoke. Furthermore, he turned to Chu Feng and said, “Young friend, what method might you have in mind? Go ahead and tell us about it. If anyone dares to attack you again, I will definitely take care of them.”

“You all!!!” The second eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperor's became extremely displeased.

“Second, forget about it. Since they want to waste time, let them waste time. I refuse to believe that a mere brat will be able to do anything,” The eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors said.

“Young almsgiver, if there is any method that you have in mind, just say it,” Grandmaster Pocket said to Chu Feng. His attitude was very polite.

“That fog is a concealment formation. It is there to prevent us from seeing what the actual thing blocking us is. Thus, we must first remove that fog,” Chu Feng said.

“What a bunch of rubbish. Who doesn’t know that?” The Four World Spiritist Emperors snorted disdainfully at Chu Feng.

“Do you all understand the principle of not interrupting when someone else is speaking?”

“To not even know about that principle, has your mother not taught you all about how to write the word ‘respect?’” Daoist Three Swords spoke coldly.

“Watch your words!” The Four World Spiritist Emperors were immediately enraged. Four waves of rank one Martial Ancestor-level oppressive might swept forth.

“Watch my words? What, do the four of you have complaints about what I said?” Daoist Three Swords snorted coldly. He directly crushed all four waves of oppressive might, and even forced the Four World Spiritist Emperors back repeatedly, nearly knocking them to the ground.

Perhaps it might be because they felt how powerful Daoist Three Swords was, but even though the Four World Spiritist Emperors were feeling very unreconciled, they did not refute him anymore.

At that moment, the three of them suddenly recalled that while Daoist Three Swords might be inferior to them in terms of world spirit techniques, they were simply incapable of comparing with him in terms of martial cultivation.

There were a lot of people present. Among them were many hidden experts, and many experts from first tier powers. However, in terms of martial cultivation, it was likely that not one would be a match for Daoist Three Swords.

Furthermore, Daoist Three Swords was different from Grandmaster Pocket. Grandmaster Pocket possessed a benevolent heart. Even if someone was in the wrong, he would only, at the very most, teach them a simple lesson. Very rarely did he ever kill others.

However, Daoist Three Swords was completely different. Although he was an upright individual, he was also very ruthless. Many of the people that had spoken back to him ended up being killed by him.

Daoist Three Swords was renowned for being extremely tyrannical.

Thus, while the Four World Spiritist Emperors dared to talk back to Grandmaster Pocket, they truly did not dare to refute Daoist Three Swords.

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