Chapter 2222 - Ascending The Mountain

Chapter 2222 - Ascending The Mountain

“It’s enough. Even if we do not care about him, we must enter. Let’s go. Stop wasting time here.”

“After all, this Immortalization Assembly has a time limit. It would not be good for us to miss the time limit,” One of the female disciples urged.

“Let’s go,” Elder Ning Shuang said.

Then, Xu Yiyi, Chu Feng and the others flew toward the entrance with the spirit formations.

The crowd were all talking and laughing on their way here. This lessened the anger that Xu Yiyi was feeling by a lot. Finally, she revealed a sweet smile on her face again.

After approaching the entrance, Xu Yiyi’s expression changed again. It was not only her expression that changed; the expressions of many of the people present had changed.

That Jiang Hao had clearly arrived before them. Yet, he had not set foot into the spirit formation entrance. Instead, he stood there and waited for Chu Feng, Xu Yiyi and the others to arrive.

“Yiyi, watch carefully as I, who possess actual abilities, pass through this spirit formation entrance!”

“Chu Feng, you watch carefully too! Today, I will let you know that what is required in world spirit techniques are actual abilities and not shortcuts!”

Jiang Hao had shouted those words. Thus, it was not only Chu Feng, Xu Yiyi and the others that heard him; everyone present heard his words.

At that moment, the gazes of all of the surrounding crowd were turned toward Xu Yiyi, Chu Feng and the others.

“This bastard, he’s truly seeking a beating,” At that moment, Xu Yiyi was truly furious. She rolled up her sleeves and prepared to step forward to teach Jiang Hao a lesson.


However, right at that moment, Jiang Hao actually stepped into the spirit formation entrance. He did not give Xu Yiyi the opportunity to attack him.


However, the very next moment, Jiang Hao was actually knocked back by the spirit formation. Furthermore, he lost his balance and landed on his butt.

Furthermore, at that moment, the invitation title plate he held in his hand disappeared.


When this scene occurred, before Chu Feng and the others could react, the surrounding crowd burst into loud laughter.

Humiliation. This was truly humiliating.

If he had kept a low profile as he entered the spirit formation gate, no one would have laughed at him even if he was sent back.

However, before entering, Jiang Hao had spoken such boastful words. Thus, it was extremely humiliating to be sent back out.

“Damn it! There is definitely something wrong with this spirit formation! How could I, a genius world spiritist, be unable to enter it?!” Jiang Hao’s face was deep red with embarrassment as he shouted in an extremely unreconciled manner.

“Jiang Hao, it’s enough. Have you not disgraced yourself enough?” At that moment, Elder Ning Shuang shouted in a displeased manner.

It could be seen that Elder Ning Shuang was someone with a high status in the Sunset Cloud Valley.

Thus, after he said those words, Jiang Hao did not dare to say anymore. Instead, he walked gloomily over to Chu Feng and the others. He did not dare to even raise his head.

“Jiang Hao, is this your ‘true abilities’?” Although Jiang Hao said no more, Xu Yiyi was unwilling to forgive, and started to mock him.

“Yiyi, while it is true that I didn’t manage to enter the spirit formation gate, but since even I failed to enter, that means that Chu Feng will definitely not be able to enter either,” Jiang Hao said.

“And what if Chu Feng manages to enter?” Xu Yiyi asked.

“If he manages to enter, I will publicly apologize to him. I will recognize him as my big brother,” Jiang Hao said.

“Enough of your nonsense, you are tens of years older than Chu Feng. Why do you want to act young and become Chu Feng’s younger brother?” Xu Yiyi said with contempt.

“Then, I’ll publicly apologize and admit that I, Jiang Hao, am inferior to him,” Jiang Hao said.

“That’s not enough. Since you firmly believed that Chu Feng was inferior to you, you should gamble with something more serious,” Xu Yiyi was unwilling to forgive.

“More serious? Very well. If Chu Feng is able to enter, I, Jiang Hao, will swallow manure to kill myself today,” Jiang Hao said.

“Then it’s decided. Chu Feng, quickly, enter it,” Xu Yiyi said gleefully. She was looking forward to Jiang Hao swallowing manure.

“Chu Feng, let’s go,” Liu Xiaoli said. She was actually a bit scared of Jiang Hao, and wanted to break free from him as soon as possible.

“Mn,” In response, Chu Feng nodded. Then, Chu Feng and Liu Xiaoli both entered the spirit formation entrance.

As for their result, they most naturally passed through easily. Not only did Chu Feng pass through the spirit formation entrance, Liu Xiaoli also passed through it.

“What the hell! This is impossible! There’s definitely something wrong with that spirit formation!”

“It’s one thing for that Chu Feng to be able to enter, but how could that Red Butterfly Society’s President enter it too?! There’s definitely something wrong with that spirit formation!” Jiang Hao shouted in irreconciliation.

“Jiang Hao, don’t you refuse to admit your defeat. Quickly, kill yourself by swallowing manure,” Xu Yiyi said gleefully.

“Eh, this…” Jiang Hao was stunned. He had only casually said those words, and never thought about actually swallowing manure.

“Jiang Hao, what is said cannot be retrieved. You should be able to do what you declared.”

“After Chu Feng comes out, remember to apologize to him. Else, others will say that our Sunset Cloud Valley’s disciples are sore losers.”

“As for killing yourself by swallowing manure, you can consider it to be a joke,” Elder Ning Shuang said.

Seeing that Elder Ning Shuang had spoken on the matter, Xu Yiyi did not continue to demand that Jiang Hao kill himself.

As for Jiang Hao, he heaved a sigh of relief.

After that, Xu Yiyi, Elder Ning Shuang and the others all began to walk toward the spirit formation entrances.

As for Xu Yiyi, right after she stepped foot into the spirit formation entrance, she was immediately sent back out.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that only two of the ten individuals from the Sunset Cloud Valley ended up successfully passing through the spirit formation entrance. One was the strongest person among them, Elder Ning Shuang. As for the other, it was the man that had spoken for Chu Feng, Li Rui.

“It seems that the spirit formation entrances are truly rigorous in their audit. Only those with a superb level of world spirit techniques are capable of entering them.”

“Indeed. Senior Brother Li Rui and Elder Ning Shuang do possess the strongest world spirit techniques among all of us here.”

“In that case, it means that it’s not the world spirit entrances that have issues. Rather, Chu Feng and that Red Butterfly Society’s President really do possess actual abilities that satisfied the requirements to enter,” At that moment, the people from the Sunset Cloud Valley that had failed to enter began to discuss among themselves.

“Jiang Hao, is there anything else you want to say?” Xu Yiyi said.

“Humph, I, Jiang Hao, am someone who will honor my words. However, I still refuse to believe that Chu Feng managed to enter with actual abilities,” Jiang Hao said resolutely.

“You’re still unwilling to accept it? If you still continue with your rubbish, I’ll make you swallow manure,” Xu Yiyi said.

“Yiyi, you…” Jiang Hao was left speechless.


Right at that moment, a strange motion was suddenly felt from the depths of Mount Cloud Crane. Following that, a deep and resounding thunder-like sound entered the ears of all the crowd present.

“Those that managed to pass through the entrance, you all only need to continue straight onward. After reaching the top of the mountain, there will be a competition. The first four individuals that break through that competition will be allowed to enter the spirit formation I set up and comprehend the way of world spirit techniques.”

It was the Golden Crane True Immortal. Even though he had not revealed himself, everyone knew that this was the Golden Crane True Immortal’s voice.

“For real? With all those invitation title plates being sent out, only four people are actually able to enter that spirit formation?” The crowd were all shocked.

“It’s hopeless. That Chu Feng is definitely done for. Even though he managed to pass through the entrance, he will not be able to enter the spirit formation,” Jiang Hao felt joy and delight in Chu Feng’s calamity.

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