Chapter 2220 - Chanced Encounter Under The Mountain

Chapter 2220 - Chanced Encounter Under The Mountain

“The Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm couldn’t possibly only have two Heavenly Clans, right?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Of course not. There are over a dozen Heavenly Clans in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. However, only the Zhou Heavenly Clan and the Kong Heavenly Clan are capable of becoming tier one powers. As for the other Heavenly Clans, they are generally only tier two powers.”

“However, the Heavenly Clans remain Heavenly Clans. Among the tier two powers, the vast majority of them are very powerful. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, as a couple of them are not very strong,” Liu Xiaoli said.

“Indeed, even the same bloodlines have differences in strength.”

Chu Feng gasped with emotion. Originally, he had felt that since the Chu Heavenly Clan was able to rule over an Upper Realm, it would mean that the other Heavenly Clans that remained in the Ordinary Realm would definitely be their respective region’s rulers.

After all, the power of Heavenly Bloodlines was so very outstanding.

However, after hearing what Liu Xiaoli said, Chu Feng realized that it was not as simple as he had thought it to be.

Sure enough, there were people from the Heavenly Clans that failed to live up to the expectations of their Heavenly Bloodlines.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Oh, that’s right, President Liu, have you heard of the Infant Soul Sect before?”

Chu Feng had not forgotten about the mission that his father had given him, the mission to eliminate the Infant Soul Sect.

“Infant Soul Sect? I’ve never heard of it before,” Liu Xiaoli shook her head. Then, she asked curiously, “What sort of power is that?”

“No, it’s nothing. I’ve merely heard of that power being in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm by others when I was in the Lower Realm. Furthermore, I was told that they were a very strong power. That is why I asked you about them out of curiosity,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“I reckon that to be a rumor. If they are truly very powerful, it would be impossible for me to not have heard of them. Even among the second tier powers, I have never heard of one called the Infant Soul Sect,” Liu Xiaoli said with a smile.

“That should be the case,” Chu Feng said. Even though he said it like that, Chu Feng firmly believed that the Infant Soul Sect existed. He believed that his father would not deceive him.

Merely, as the Infant Soul Sect was a power engaged in corrupt and evil practices, their conduct might be extremely well-hidden. That might be the reason why Liu Xiaoli had never heard of them before.

“Oh, that’s right. Chu Feng, do not address me as President anymore. If possible, just address me as Liu Xiaoli. Our age difference is not that great, and we’re both members of the younger generation, thus, there is no need for you to feel too restrained toward me.”

“Furthermore, you are the benefactor of our Red Butterfly Society. If you continue to address me like that, I will truly feel embarrassed,” Liu Xiaoli suddenly said.

“Age difference not that great? There’s several decades between you two, no?” Eggy laughed.

Chu Feng ignored Eggy’s remarks. After all, when Liu Xiaoli had already said it like that, it would be unsuitable for Chu Feng to refuse. Thus, he said, “Very well. Then, from today on, I’ll address you as Liu Xiaoli. However, if your Red Butterfly Society’s people decided to beat me up after hearing me address you by name, I will find you to get revenge for me.”

“What are you saying, how could they?” Liu Xiaoli laughed.

“Oh, that’s right. Chu Feng, I’ve told you all this so that you can know that there are truly too many experts that have arrived at Mount Cloud Crane. As for us, with our strength, we are merely minor characters.”

“It is best that we keep a low profile. Even if people are to speak rudely to us, we must tolerate it if we can. After all, by taking a step back, one could see the wide sea and sky; by tolerating things for a bit, the breeze will be still, and the waves will be quiet,” Liu Xiaoli said.

“I understand,” Chu Feng smiled and nodded. Actually, from the time Liu Xiaoli began to explain this to him, Chu Feng already understood her intentions.

After that, the two of them continued toward Mount Cloud Crane.

Sure enough, the closer they got to Mount Cloud Crane, the more experts they saw. Furthermore, many of the older generation were Martial Ancestor-level experts.

This allowed Chu Feng to truly realize that the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm was a gathering of experts.

The Half Martial Ancestor realm that very few people were able to step into in the Holy Land of Martialism was present everywhere here. This truly brought Chu Feng great astonishment.

It was no wonder the people from the Ordinary Realm looked down upon the people of the Lower Realm. When compared in such a manner, the cultivation talent that the people from the Holy Land of Martialism possessed was truly inferior.

“Chu Feng? Hey, what a coincidence,” Suddenly, a voice sounded. It was Xu Yiyi.

Chu Feng was overjoyed upon hearing Xu Yiyi’s voice. After all, she had helped him enormously. Thus, Chu Feng wanted to express his thanks toward her.

However, when he turned around, Chu Feng discovered that it was not only Xu Yiyi who had arrived. Nine individuals had arrived with Xu Yiyi.

Those nine people were all from the Sunset Cloud Valley, as they wore the Sunset Cloud Valley’s outfits, and a Sunset Cloud Valley’s title plate hung around their waists.

Among them were two men and three women about the same age as Liu Xiaoli. Although they could still be considered to be part of the younger generation, they were close to a hundred years old.

As for their cultivations, they were all inferior to Liu Xiaoli’s; they were all still only Half Martial Ancestors. In fact, those three women were only rank one Half Martial Ancestors, inferior to even Chu Feng’s cultivation.

As for the other four people among the nine individuals, they were four old men. They were at least several thousand years old. As such, it was obvious that they would not be weak. They were all Martial Ancestors.

If Chu Feng guessed correctly, they should not be the Sunset Cloud Valley’s disciples. Instead, they must be elders.

“Chu Feng, why would you be here?” Xu Yiyi asked curiously.

“I have come to participate in the Immortalization Assembly held by Golden Crane True Immortal. What about you?” Chu Feng asked.

“I am the same,” Xu Yiyi said excitedly.

“You’re also? But you…” Chu Feng wanted to say that she was clearly not a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, and was merely an Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

However, upon thinking about it, Chu Feng did not say anything. Chu Feng felt that Xu Yiyi must’ve come here with other intentions.

“Haha. After all, our Sunset Cloud Valley obtained ten invitations. I wanted to come to join in the fun. Thus, my master ended up giving me one of the invitations,” Xu Yiyi said with a beaming smile.

Liu Xiaoli and Chu Feng were both extremely surprised upon hearing those words. This was especially true for Chu Feng; he felt speechless.

He thought to himself, ‘Xu Yiyi’s master truly pampers Xu Yiyi. He actually gave her such a precious invitation just for her to come play.’

‘Headstrong, this is truly headstrong. After all, the Sunset Cloud Valley is wealthy.’

Suddenly, a fair-skinned man with small eyes stepped forward and asked, “Yiyi, these two are? Shouldn’t you introduce them to us?”

As he said those words, that man was sizing Chu Feng up nonstop with his tiny eyes. His tiny eyes were filled with hostility.

‘Crap, I’m going to be attacked again,’ Experienced with this sort of thing, Chu Feng sighed in his heart.

He was able to tell that tiny-eyed man was most definitely fond of Xu Yiyi, and had mistaken Chu Feng as his rival in love.

“This person over here is Chu Feng. The person who wreaked havoc in Luyang’s Pavilion’s territory is him.”

“As for this person, she is the Red Butterfly Society’s President,” Xu Yiyi introduced Chu Feng and Liu Xiaoli to them.

Then, Xu Yiyi courteously introduced the nine individuals from the Sunset Cloud Valley to Chu Feng and Liu Xiaoli.

It was as Chu Feng had guessed, the five people from the younger generation were all the Sunset Cloud Valley’s disciples. Merely, they were not ordinary disciples. Instead, they were all personal disciples of the Sunset Cloud Valley’s management elders.

As for those four old men, they were all the Sunset Cloud Valley’s elders. One among them was called Ning Shuang. That person seemed to be a management elder. His strength should be extremely strong.

As Liu Xiaoli knew that these people were all extraordinary individuals, she began to respectfully greet every one of them.

However, who would’ve thought that when she began to greet that small-eyed man, he revealed an expression of contempt and said, “So it’s actually the Red Butterfly Society. Even a power like the Red Butterfly Society was able to obtain two invitations? The way I see it, for those two invitation title plates, you all must’ve completely exhausted your third tier power’s treasury, right?”

Furthermore, when that tiny-eyed man said those words, he deliberately took a side eye at Chu Feng. From that, it could be seen that the target of his mocking words was not Liu Xiaoli. Rather, it was Chu Feng.

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