Chapter 2211 - Poisoning

Chapter 2211 - Poisoning

“I will say the same thing. This is a rare opportunity. Thus, it should be given to he who is more able,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President firmly refused.

Upon hearing those words, Liu Chengkun was on the verge of crying. He truly never expected for his disciple to support him like this at such a crucial time.

Just yesterday, his disciple had refused him. Yet today, for the sake of allowing her master to leave the stage without being humiliated, she actually stood by him. In fact, she even disregarded Zhao Ruofan’s status. This truly moved Liu Chengkun.

At that moment, Liu Chengkun felt that his decision to hand the position of the Red Butterfly Society’s President to his disciple was correct.

In fact, it was not only Liu Chengkun that was moved, Chu Feng also felt a whole new level of respect for the Red Butterfly Society’s President. His impression of her had changed enormously.

The way Chu Feng saw it, regardless of what sort of hidden troubles she might have that led to her giving way to Zhao Ruofan incessantly, she at least respected her master and deeply cared for him.

If she were truly to choose between Liu Chengkun and Zhao Ruofan, Chu Feng felt that the Red Butterfly Society’s President would end up choosing Liu Chengkun.

“Please excuse this subordinate for offending you. However, Lady Society President, how are you so certain that this subordinate’s world spirit techniques would definitely be inferior to little friend Chu Feng’s?” Zhao Ruofan gathered up his courage to say those words.

“Could it be that you wish to compete against Chu Feng in terms of world spirit techniques?” The Red Butterfly Society’s President asked in a very annoyed manner.

Once those words were said, all of the management elders’ expressions changed. In fact, some among them even started to secretly send voice transmission to urge Zhao Ruofan to stop arguing against the Lady Society President.

The reason for that was because they were all able to tell that their Lady Society President was angered. If Zhao Ruofan were to continue on like this, he would definitely suffer consequences.

As for Zhao Ruofan, he was definitely flustered and scared.

However, he still clenched his teeth and said, “If this subordinate is to be defeated, I am willing to withdraw. Merely… I fear that little friend Chu Feng would not dare to compete.”

After he finished saying those words, Zhao Ruofan turned his gaze to Chu Feng. His gaze was filled with provocation.

At the same time, the rest of the crowd also turned their gazes toward Chu Feng. Merely, their gazes were filled with worries.

At that moment, it was not only the Red Butterfly Society’s President, even the elders who were unfamiliar with Chu Feng started to sweat coldly.

Even if Chu Feng was an Asura World Spiritist, it remained that he was only a Royal-cloak World Spiritist. At his age, even if he was a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, how strong could he possibly be?

However, Zhao Ruofan was someone who had trained in world spirit techniques for a very long time. His abilities were something that the people here all knew very well.

The crowd was worried that Chu Feng would be defeated. In fact, they felt that Chu Feng would definitely be defeated.

It was not because they were truly concerned for Chu Feng. Rather, they did not wish to miss the opportunity to befriend Chu Feng. After all, they felt that Chu Feng was someone who could potentially become a grand existence.

Yet, if Chu Feng were to be defeated by Zhao Ruofan today, it would be equivalent to their Red Butterfly Society having offended Chu Feng. None of them wished for that.

“Heh…” Seeing that Chu Feng was not responding, Zhao Ruofan revealed an expression of complacence in his mocking gaze.

The way he saw it, even though this game of chess he was playing was very dangerous, it was the path to a steady victory.

The reason for that was because he did not feel that Chu Feng had the courage to compete in world spirit techniques against him. He felt that Chu Feng was most definitely finding a pretext to refuse the competition.

However, regardless of what sort of excuse Chu Feng might use, should he refuse to compete, it would mean that he was scared. In that case, Zhao Ruofan would be able to obtain the qualifications to go to Mount Cloud Crane.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng said, “Vice President Zhao, while I, Chu Feng, might lack everything else, courage is one thing that I do not lack.” Not only did he say that, he also had a confident expression on his face.

“Are you implying that you are planning to compete with me in world spirit techniques?” Zhao Ruofan asked in shock. He did not expect that Chu Feng would dare to take up the challenge.

“I am ready to take you on at any time,” Chu Feng said calmly.

Hearing those words, the crowd were all stunned. Chu Feng’s calm expression displayed to them that he was most definitely someone who had experienced grand situations. This was something that none of them had expected before.

This was especially true for Zhao Ruofan. At that moment, his eyes were filled with astonishment.

He had heard absolute confidence from Chu Feng’s words. It was as if Chu Feng was absolutely confident that he would be able to defeat him in the match.

Scared. Even though Zhao Ruofan was unwilling to admit to it, he was, at that very moment, scared. He was scared that he would be defeated by that brat Chu Feng.

However, as the arrow was already placed onto the bow, he no longer had any way to escape from the match. After careful deliberation, he said, “Since you are willing to take me on at any time, we shall compete here tomorrow.”

“Sure,” Chu Feng nodded.

“If there is nothing else, Lady Society President, this subordinate shall take his leave,” Zhao Ruofan respectfully saluted the Red Butterfly Society’s President, turned around and left without even waiting for her response.

As matters stood today, he had already completely gone against the desires of the Red Butterfly Society’s President. Thus, he was no longer worried about what she thought.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I truly never would have expected that you are an Asura World Spiritist. You are truly a well-hidden genius.”

The Red Butterfly Society’s other elders all began to act friendly toward Chu Feng.

Even though they'd been acting disdainfully toward him before, Chu Feng decided to give Liu Chengkun face and meet them with smiles.


Late at night. Zhao Ruofan’s palace was brightly lit.

“Grandfather, why did you not directly take care of that Chu Feng? Why must you give him the opportunity to take a breather?” Zhao Xiao, who stood beside Zhao Ruofan, asked in a very puzzled manner.

“I have already had a falling out with that girl Liu Xiaoli. Likely, she will make things difficult for me in the future. We will not be able to continue to stay in this Red Butterfly Society anymore.”

“The reason why I’ve done all this is so that I can have a chance to enter Mount Cloud Crane.”

“Thus, I cannot afford to lose. I must obtain absolute certainty of victory. I must defeat that Chu Feng,” Zhao Ruofan said.

“But, will you be absolutely confident tomorrow?” Zhao Xiao was confused.

“Step, step, step~~~”

Right at that moment, Zhao Xiao’s father walked in hurriedly.

After seeing the arrival of his son, Zhao Ruofan waved his sleeve and set up a soundproofing spirit formation around his palace.

Then, he asked, “Xuan’er, did you complete the task?”

“Lord Father, please rest assured. Your son has completed it accordingly,” Zhao Xiao’s father said in a very proud manner.

“In that case, Chu Feng has already taken it?” Zhao Ruofan continued to ask.

“I saw him taking it personally. There is no mistake,” Zhao Xiao’s father said.

“Very well,” Zhao Ruofan revealed an extremely pleased expression. Then, he snorted lightly and said, “That thing is colorless and odorless. Even if it is to enter his body, he would still not be able to detect it. It will only activate when he starts setting up his world spirit formations.”

“When it is activated, Chu Feng will only be able to use a tenth of his world spirit power.”

“Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, you are still too inexperienced to compete against me.”

“Hahaha!!!” After saying those words, Zhao Ruofan burst into loud laughter.

“Grandfather is truly amazing,” At that moment, Zhao Xiao had managed to understand what was happening. It was no wonder that his grandfather did not compete with Chu Feng on the spot. It turned out that he had ordered his father to poison Chu Feng.

Like this, his grandfather would have absolute certainty of victory in the match tomorrow.

After all, Zhao Xiao felt that Chu Feng would be no match for his grandfather even if he was able to unleash all of his world spirit power, let alone ten percent.


At the same time. In Liu Chengkun’s palace. Chu Feng was drinking and chatting with Liu Chengkun.

Originally, there were a lot of visitors in that place. They were all the Red Butterfly Society’s management elders. However, at that moment, only Chu Feng and Liu Chengkun remained there.

Although the people had all left, Liu Chengkun still had a smile on his face. It could be seen that his mood was very good.

Furthermore, his complexion was rosy. It could be seen that he had drunk a lot of wine today.

“Senior Liu, is that servant girl that poured wine for me earlier a part of your palace?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. All of the people in my palace are people that I carefully selected, my trusted aides. After all, I feel reassured to use my own people,” Liu Chengkun was very proud of this. Furthermore, he even started to crack jokes, “Little friend Chu Feng, why did you ask about that? You couldn’t possibly be fond of that girl, right?”

“I will not conceal this from you. Although she might appear young, she is over a thousand years old. It seems to me that the gap between your ages is not quite appropriate. However, if you do not mind it, I am able to betroth her to you as your concubine.”

“Senior Liu truly knows how to joke around. While it is true that I possess interest in her, it is not in that aspect,” Chu Feng shook his head with a smile on his face.

“Then, little friend Chu Feng, what aspect are you talking about?” Liu Chengkun asked with a beaming smile. Perhaps it might be because he drank too much, but he revealed a mischievous old man smile on his aged face.

“Earlier, she poisoned my wine,” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

“What?!” Hearing those words, Liu Chengkun immediately stood up. Then he stood there, stunned like a statue.

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