Chapter 2209 - Beam Jumping Clown

Chapter 2209 - Beam Jumping Clown

After feeling a bit stunned, Chu Luyang asked, “Miss Yiyi, what sort of relationship might you have with that Chu Feng?”

“He is my friend,” Xu Yiyi said without the slightest hesitation.

“Eh…” At that moment, Chu Luyang’s expression turned very ugly. He felt enormous hatred for that Chu Feng. It could be said that… he detested Chu Feng more than he detested the Red Butterfly Society. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had successively killed two of his trusted aides.

However, more than that, he was confused as to exactly when Chu Feng got his bullshit luck to actually become friends with Xu Yiyi?

“If it is too difficult for Pavilion Master Chu, you can forget about it,” Xu Yiyi curled her lips in a slightly displeased manner. Then, she looked to Elder Su, grabbed his arm and shook it around like a spoiled child, “Master, someone wants to kill my friend. What are you going to do about this? Will you uphold justice for me?”

Seeing that Xu Yiyi actually began to request assistance from her master, Chu Luyang’s face turned green. Hurriedly, he said, “No, not difficult, not at all, it’s not difficult at all. I will order my men immediately, and tell them that the grudges and grievances between our Luyang’s Pavilion and Chu Feng will be written off with a single stroke, that we will no longer look into it.”

“In that case, thank you, Pavilion Master Chu,” Xu Yiyi said to Chu Luyang with a beaming and proud smile on her face.

“Miss Yiyi, you’re being too polite,” Although this was what Chu Luyang was saying, he was feeling extremely sullen in his heart.

As for the others present, they all held smiles on their faces. No one interrupted. The reason for that was because they all knew how much Elder Su pampered Xu Yiyi.

Regardless of what sort of conflict Chu Luyang had with Chu Feng, since Xu Yiyi had spoken out against it, Chu Luyang had no choice but to give up.


In the blink of an eye, the next day arrived. Right on schedule, Liu Chengkun went to receive Chu Feng, and personally brought him to the Red Butterfly Society’s meeting hall.

The meeting hall was filled with people. There was Elder Huang Luo, who Chu Feng was familiar with, as well as many more people that he was not familiar with. However, never did Chu Feng expect that Zhao Xiao and his father would also be present.

They had clearly been imprisoned yesterday. Yet, they'd already been released. From this, it could be seen that their punishment yesterday was nothing more than a facade.

However, to Chu Feng’s greatest discomfort, when he and Liu Chengkun arrived at the meeting hall, the crowd all looked at him with astonished expressions. Even the Red Butterfly Society’s President had such a gaze.

“Elder Liu, the meeting here today is a meeting for our Red Butterfly Society’s upper echelon members. Why are you bringing that Chu Feng here?” Sure enough, Zhao Ruofan, the Red Butterfly Society’s Vice President, spoke in a very displeased manner.

“Upper echelon members? It seems that Zhao Xiao does not possess the qualifications to participate in this meeting then,” Liu Chengkun took a glance at Zhao Xiao who stood beside Zhao Ruofan.

“How could that be compared? No matter what, Zhao Xiao is a part of the Red Butterfly Society. But what about Chu Feng? Who does he think he is?” Zhao Ruofan said.

“Who does he think he is? Chu Feng is the honored guest invited by Lady Society President,” Liu Chengkun said.

Hearing those words, Zhao Ruofan’s expression immediately turned sluggish. Involuntarily, he turned his gaze to their Lady Society President. He was also afraid that Chu Feng had been invited here by their Society President.

If that was the case, he would very likely bump into the spearhead should he excessively block Chu Feng’s access. Zhao Ruofan did not wish to enter an awkward situation like the one from yesterday again.

At the moment when Zhao Ruofan was worried as to whether he had spoken wrongly already, Liu Chengkun also turned his slightly worried gaze toward the Red Butterfly Society’s President. He was also afraid that his disciple would not give him face, and directly drive Chu Feng out of this place.

“Have a seat,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said to Chu Feng and Liu Chengkun with a smile on her face.

Hearing those words, Liu Chengkun revealed a smile. Then, he led Chu Feng and took seats in the meeting hall.

As for Chu Feng, even though he appeared to be fine on the surface, he was feeling very awkward in his heart. He had already realized that what Liu Chengkun had told him yesterday was unreliable.

Sure enough, Liu Chengkun spoke, “Lady Society President, I have heard that you’ve obtained two invitations to enter Mount Cloud Crane? Might it be possible for one of the invitations to be bestowed to little friend Chu Feng?”

The people present were all greatly alarmed by his words. Even Chu Feng was dumbfounded by them. The reason for that was because it meant that his guess was correct, that Liu Chengkun simply had no certainty in being able to allow Chu Feng to enter Mount Cloud Crane to train.

“Liu Chengkun, what are you saying?! How could we hand over an invitation that our Red Butterfly Society had gone through great difficulties to obtain to an outsider?!” Zhao Ruofan shouted furiously. He was so furious that he no longer addressed Liu Chengkun as Elder, but instead directly called him by his name.

In fact, it was not only Zhao Ruofan who was furious. Many other elders were also furious. One by one, they were whispering to one another and wagging their tongues.

“This matter is decided by Lady Society President. Although you might be the Vice President, you seem to not have the qualifications to decide this matter,” Liu Chengkun said.

“I am, no matter what, the Vice President of the Red Butterfly Society. Thus, I must consider the interests of the Red Butterfly Society,” Zhao Ruofan shouted.

“Are you really considering the interests of the Red Butterfly Society, or are you actually considering your own interests? I believe you know best which it is,” Liu Chengkun snorted coldly.

“You!!!” Zhao Ruofan grew more and more furious. He was on the verge of acting out violently. However, a sudden thought arrived in his heart. Then, he turned his gaze to the Red Butterfly Society’s President. He said, “Lady Society President, please be the judge. Say… is the request from Elder Liu not deliberately creating troubles? Is this not overly excessive?”

At that moment, Zhao Ruofan finally revealed a confident expression. After all, he felt that it was already decided that he would be the one to proceed for Mount Cloud Crane together with the Red Butterfly Society’s President. Even if Liu Chengkun tried to interfere, he would not be able to alter that.

Zhao Ruofan knew very well that he was able to obtain the confidence of the Red Butterfly Society’s President not only because of his own personal strength and capabilities. Most importantly, it was because he possessed a distant cousin in Sunset Cloud Valley.

Thus, he was certain that Liu Chengkun would be humiliated today for trying to cause disruption.

“Actually, I have called all the elders here today precisely to announce this matter.”

“I have indeed received two invitation title plates that could grant access to Mount Cloud Crane,” As the Red Butterfly Society’s President spoke, she took out the two invitation title plates.

Seeing the two title plates, the eyes of practically everyone present shone. They all revealed light smiles on their faces. After all, they all knew that it was extremely difficult to obtain those invitation title plates.

Yet, the Red Butterfly Society’s President had actually obtained two such invitation title plates. This indirectly displayed to them that their Red Butterfly Society was quite powerful.

This was especially true for Zhao Ruofan. At that moment, he was smiling so wide that his face was like that of a steamed bun. The way he saw it, one of the two invitation title plates in their Lady Society President’s hand already belonged to him.

“I believe everyone already knows about the usage of the title plates. The main purpose in entering Mount Cloud Crane is to obtain Golden Crane True Immortal’s assistance to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.”

“This is an extremely rare opportunity that occurs once in a hundred years or even a thousand years. After all, not all Immortal-cloak World Spiritists are willing to help us.”

“However, it is precisely because the opportunity is so rare that it must be given to those with the ability. Else, this opportunity will have been wasted.”

“I believe everyone knows who the person that is most qualified to go with me in our Red Butterfly Society will be. He is none other than Vice President Zhao,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“That’s true. It is only Lord Vice President that is able to compete with Lady Society President in terms of world spirit techniques,” Many of the management elders present nodded their heads.

“Elders, you all are flattering me,” Even though Zhao Ruofan was speaking modestly, his widely smiling aged face was not at all modest.

“However, even I do not possess much certainty in being able to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist by entering Mount Cloud Crane.”

“I believe Vice President Zhao feels the same, right?” Suddenly, the Red Butterfly Society’s President said to Zhao Ruofan.

“Of course. It is not that easy for one to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. However, this old man will definitely try his hardest, so as to not fail to live up to Lady Society President’s expectations,” Zhao Ruofan nodded while smiling. After all, when even their Lady Society President declared that she was not confident, it would be unsuitable for him to say that he was filled with confidence.

“Mn,” The Red Butterfly Society’s president nodded in satisfaction.

Seeing that the Lady Society President was nodding, the smile on Zhao Ruofan’s face grew even stronger. He was so overjoyed that he actually disregarded the situation at hand and picked up the teacup on the side table and started drinking it merrily.

His behavior was truly relaxed, carefree and contented. It was as if he was certain that he would obtain that invitation title plate.

Furthermore, while drinking his tea, he took a deliberate glance at Chu Feng and Liu Chengkun.

His mocking gaze seemed to be saying ‘no matter how you two try to cause disruptions, it will be useless. It is the people’s expectation for me to go to Mount Cloud Crane. As for you two… you are nothing more than beam jumping clowns.’

“That is why I invited Chu Feng here today,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President continued.


Hearing those words, the teacup Zhao Ruofan held shattered on the spot.

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