Chapter 2200 - Free Treatment

Chapter 2200 - Free Treatment

She didn’t seem to be bathing. Rather, it seemed like she was treating her injuries. The reason for that was because she was sitting in the water with her legs crossed. Surrounding her was a spirit formation. Furthermore, her eyes were tightly closed. Only her long eyelashes were trembling slightly.


Right at that moment, that woman’s tightly closed eyes suddenly opened. When she saw Chu Feng, she immediately revealed an astonished expression.

Evidently, she was startled. However, immediately after that, her shock and astonishment were replaced with killing intent.

“Drop dead!!!”

Seeing Chu Feng, the woman shot forth a fist strike. As Chu Feng was within ten meters of her, that strike arrived instantly.

Rank one Half Martial Ancestor. This woman’s age should be about the same as Chu Feng’s. However, she possessed the cultivation of a rank one Half Martial Ancestor. That sort of strength at her age was truly not weak at all.

Furthermore, she possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting two levels of cultivation. In other words, even though she was only a rank one Half Martial Ancestor, she actually possessed the strength of a rank three Half Martial Ancestor.

Merely, although her strength was very strong for someone of her age, she could not be considered very strong for Chu Feng.

At the very least, she was simply unable to injure Chu Feng.


With a single thought from Chu Feng, the incoming fist’s power was neutralized.

“It was an accident,” After Chu Feng said those words, he immediately flew away and distanced himself from the lake.

Chu Feng had wanted to leave to avoid the problem. However, he kept feeling that it was inappropriate for him to do that. After all, he had managed to see a young girl’s naked body.

Whether he did it intentionally or not, it remained that he owed her for seeing her naked body. As such, Chu Feng decided to stand at the surface of the lake and wait for the woman to appear.


Sure enough, the multicolored sunset-like light began to rush toward the lake. Soon, it completely disappeared.


Following that, a wave surged into the sky, and a figure appeared before Chu Feng.

It was that woman. She was wearing clothes now. Her long light green skirt made her resemble a spirite.

However, for some unknown reason, even though this woman was already wearing clothes, her completely naked appearance kept appearing in Chu Feng’s mind as he saw her.


Suddenly, a sharp sword appeared in the woman’s hand. That sword was only a meter long. It was also light green in color. However, once the sword appeared, a boundless might appeared alongside it. That was not an ordinary sword. Rather, it was an Incomplete Ancestral Armament.

“Even if you are to use your Incomplete Ancestral Armament, you will still be no match against me. How about we solve this peacefully?” Chu Feng said.

“Bastard sex fiend, tell me your name!” That woman pointed her sword at Chu Feng and shouted angrily.

“Sex fiend? I think you’re mistaken here. I did not look at you on purpose.”

“Furthermore, if I were truly a sex fiend, would there be a need for me to escape? Your strength is inferior to my own. I am completely capable of raping you. As such, why must I only look at your naked body?” Chu Feng said.

“You!!!” Hearing those words, the woman’s face turned deep red. However, she seemed to feel that what Chu Feng said was not without reason.

“Enough of your quibbling. If you did not do so for the sake of seeing my naked body, why did you appear here?” The woman asked.

“I was resting in the mountain, it was you who caused the mountain to shake. I thought something happened, and thus stepped into the sky to check things out.”

“After seeing the light, I felt that something was strange. Thus, I came here to investigate what was going on,” Chu Feng explained.

“You can see the light?” The woman asked.

“Yes,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Then, how did you manage to break through the layer of light?” The woman asked.

“Break through? There was simply no obstruction. Thus, how could there be a need to break through it?” Chu Feng said.

“What? You did not encounter the defensive spirit formation?” The woman asked.

“Evidently not,” Chu Feng shrugged.

“That damned old fart. He actually dared to deceive me,” Suddenly, the woman became furious. As she spoke, she took out a crystal ball and tossed it far away.

In response, Chu Feng extended his palm and caught the crystal ball.

“The twilight that could seal off spirit power was released by this crystal ball?” After inspecting the crystal ball carefully, Chu Feng asked the woman, “Where did you obtain this?”

“Why do you care? Return it to me,” The woman extended her hand.

“You don’t even want it anymore. Thus, since I’ve picked it up, it’s mine now,” Chu Feng said jokingly.

“Who said I didn’t want it? I was merely playing with it by tossing it around,” The woman quibbled.

In response, Chu Feng smiled. Then, he tossed the crystal ball back to the woman. He said, “That crystal ball is indeed capable of spreading out a fluctuation capable of stopping spirit power. However, it simply does not contain any defensive formation.”

“Damned old fart, he indeed deceived me,” After hearing what Chu Feng said, the woman grew even more furious, and began to gnash her teeth angrily. However, she still put the crystal ball away.

Suddenly, the woman’s expression changed. It turned fiery red. It was as if she was broiling. At the same time, heat began to spread from her.

At the same time, her body became incomparably weak. It was as if she would die in the very next moment.

“Damn it,” The woman immediately turned around and rushed back into the lake.

In response, Chu Feng started to frown. His gaze began to change. In the end, he also entered the lake. He had decided to follow the woman.

“Why are you following me? Have you not seen enough?” Upon seeing Chu Feng, the woman asked in a displeased manner.

“With your world spirit techniques, even if you were to strip yourself naked and soak in the lake, you would not be able to cure your illness. I, on the other hand, am able to help you,” Chu Feng said.

What Chu Feng said was the truth. He had already managed to discern the change that was happening to the woman’s body, and determined that she had a special sort of illness.

Chu Feng was able to associate her being naked in the water to a sort of healing technique.

Unfortunately, that woman’s world spirit techniques were insufficient; she was merely an Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. For a world spiritist of her level, it would be very difficult for her to cure her illness in a short period of time.

“You’ve actually managed to discern that I am ill?” The woman revealed an astonished expression. At the same time, she was on guard against Chu Feng.

“I accidently saw your body earlier. However, I most definitely did not do that on purpose. If you wish to blame someone or something for it, you can only blame your lousy crystal ball.”

“If you didn’t use it to let out a light that only a world spiritist could see, I might not have been able to find you. However, as you have used it, it attracted me toward it.”

“However, regardless of how it came to be, it remains that I have seen your body. Thus, I feel that I must apologize to you for it. Furthermore, as a compensation, I am willing to stabilize your illness for free,” Chu Feng said.

“Enough of your nonsense. My illness is something only a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist or those above them would be able to stabilize in a short period of time,” The woman said.

“That’s why I can,” Chu Feng said.

“Liar. At your age, how could you possibly be a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist?” The woman revealed an expression of disbelief. In fact, she even felt deep contempt toward Chu Feng. She felt that Chu Feng was boasting.

“Do you believe me now?” With a thought from Chu Feng, a strand of Dragon Mark Royal-cloak spirit power was emitted from his body and started to spiral around him.

“You’re actually really a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist?!” Upon seeing that, the woman’s eyes opened wide as she revealed an astonished expression.

“So, do you want me to help? If I am to help you, you will not have to undress. However, if you plan to rely on yourself, I’m afraid you’ll have to undress again. Furthermore, you will not be able to stabilize your illness in a short period of time.”

“Furthermore, with how things are with you now, you will not be able to leave this place, and must stay in the lake to treat your illness.”

“If someone is to pass by this place and see you like I did, I wouldn’t dare to guarantee that they would be a man of honor like myself, and not do anything to you,” Chu Feng said.


“I’ll tell you this, I am the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Management Elder Su Jingrui’s personal disciple.”

“If you dare to do anything to me, I will have you suffer the consequences of your actions,” The woman threatened Chu Feng fiercely.

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