Chapter 2656 - The Might Of The Evil God

Chapter 2656 - The Might Of The Evil God

“What is the meaning of this?” The Evil God Sword asked.

“There doesn’t seem to have been any conflict between us before. As for what happened today, I did not have the intention to offend you. Thus, is it possible for you to let me go?” The Ginseng King of Evil asked.

This time around, its voice was somewhat timid. Compared to the arrogance from before, it was much more polite now.

It could be seen that it was truly afraid when facing the Evil God Sword. At the very least… it did not wish to continue fighting the Evil God Sword.

As the saying goes, evildoers fear other evildoers. Perhaps this was what was happening.

“What do you think?”

The Evil God Sword started to chuckle. It was a ridiculing laughter.

“Exactly what do you want?”

At that moment, the fear in the Ginseng King of Evil’s eyes grew stronger. It sensed that the situation was bad from the answer the Evil God Sword gave it.

“I never planned to let you go to begin with,” The Evil God Sword said.


Suddenly, the Ginseng King of Evil moved. This time around, it did not unleash an attack at Chu Feng. Instead, it turned around and started fleeing.


However, at the same time the Ginseng King of Evil moved, the crimson gaseous flames in the sky started to spread out, covering several miles. 

Soon, the entire sky that the crowd could see was covered by the crimson gaseous flames. At the same time, crimson gaseous flames began to shoot down from the sky like enormous crimson pillars. Then, those pillars pierced deep into the earth. 

Those crimson pillars were present in all directions. They had completely sealed off that region. Like a cage, those pillars trapped everyone inside it.

That Ginseng King of Evil no longer had a way out.

Seemingly unwilling to accept that fact, the Ginseng King of Evil extended its tentacles and began to attack the crimson pillars.

It wanted to use its tentacles to break the crimson pillars.

However, although those crimson pillars appeared to be very fragile, they were actually sharp like blades.

At the moment when the Ginseng King of Evil’s tentacles collided with the crimson pillars, they were instantly cut off.

Furthermore, this time around… crimson gaseous flames appeared on the wounds where the tentacles were cut off.

Not only did the crimson gaseous flames make it so that the Ginseng King of Evil was unable to regrow its lost tentacles, but it also started to gradually eat away at the Ginseng King of Evil.

“You, exactly what are you?”

At that moment, the Ginseng King of Evil revealed an extremely alarmed expression. It was not as simple as being only scared.

It was only at that moment that it fully realized how frightening this crimson humanoid fellow before him was.

Even it was powerless to fight back before that crimson humanoid fellow.

“I’ve said it already. With this Evil God here, you are nothing more than trash,” The Evil God Sword said.

“If you continue to force me, you can forget about living too,” The Ginseng King of Evil said ruthlessly.

“You’re trying to say that you plan to take down this Evil God in mutual destruction?” The Evil God Sword asked.

“No, I’m going to have all of you here accompany me in death!”

The Ginseng King of Evil shouted furiously. The next moment, its body was no longer dazzling with a golden shine. Instead, it turned dark black.

Most importantly, a dark black light began to shine from its enormous body. The light was extremely bright. Furthermore… the Ginseng King of Evil’s body was also rapidly expanding in size. 

It was an enormous monster to begin with. After it expanded in size, it became a colossus over ten thousand meters tall. Even the clouds were now floating beneath its head.

“This is truly bad!”

Perhaps the Ginseng King of Evil decided to deliberately let the crowd sense its aura. Thus, the people present were all able to sense the aura currently emitted by the Ginseng King of Evil. 

Because of that, everyone started to panic. The reason for that was because the aura emitted by the Ginseng King of Evil right now was truly devastating.

An enormously powerful energy was surging about in its body. If that energy were to explode, not to mention the people present, over half of the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm would be destroyed.

“Is this all you’ve got?”

“You are truly a disappointment,” The Evil God Sword said.

“You dare look down on me?! Very well, I shall have you experience what I’ve got! I shall see whether or not you will be able to withstand it!”

The words spoken by the Evil God Sword had completely enraged the Ginseng King of Evil. After saying those words, a characteristic change occurred to the power within the Ginseng King of Evil. It was planning to unleash this power. It was planning to take down the Evil God Sword as well as everyone else present with that power. It was planning mutual destruction.

Right at that moment, the Evil God Sword using Chu Feng's body opened his mouth. Then, an enormous suction power was emitted from Chu Feng’s mouth. In an instant, it completely enveloped the Ginseng King of Evil.


“No, what have you done to me?!!!”

The next moment, the Ginseng King of Evil let out a roar of enormous pain. 

The reason for that was because the suction power emitted from Chu Feng’s mouth was extremely strange. It was absorbing the Ginseng King of Evil’s body.

That’s right, the Ginseng King of Evil’s enormous physical body was currently being broken down and ripped apart by that enormous suction power. The ripped apart pieces turned into dark black gaseous flames before steadily flowing into Chu Feng’s mouth.

“Stop! You damned bastard! Stop immediately!”

The Ginseng King of Evil shouted furiously. However, its shouts were of no use. The Evil God Sword completely ignored it.

“Bastard! You damned bastard! You dare treat me like this?! I’ll kill you!!!”

The shouts from the Ginseng King of Evil grew more and more furious. It once again started to urge the power within itself. It was planning to unleash that power to end in mutual destruction with the Evil God Sword.

However, upon attempting to do so, it soon discovered that its body was actually no longer under its control. It was no longer capable of unleashing that power.

All it could do was look on helplessly as its body was refined and devoured by its opponent. It… was unable to do anything. 

It could only endure the pain, the pain of its body decomposing and being refined.

“You… you… just kill me. I cannot tolerate this anymore. You… please… just kill me.”

The Ginseng King of Evil’s voice grew weak. It seemed to be unable to endure the suffering and pain from its body being decomposed.

Seeing that it would undoubtedly be killed today, it actually started to ask the Evil God Sword to give it a quick death.

It did not want to continue to endure this sort of pain anymore.

“This Evil God has said it already. Since you were rude to me earlier, I will have you experience a taste of misery that will make you wish you were dead,” The Evil God Sword said.

Chu Feng’s mouth was open the entire time. That attractive power did not stop in the slightest. However, Chu Feng was still capable of speaking.

“You damned bastard! You shall suffer a miserable death!”

Upon hearing what the Evil God Sword said, the Ginseng King of Evil started to curse loudly at it.

A monster that was capable of destroying the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm was actually forced to such a state by someone. This scene was actually a bit comedic.

“You dare continue to insult me? It would appear that the pain this Evil God is bestowing upon you is still insufficient.”


After the Evil God Sword said those words, the Ginseng King of Evil started to emit even more painful screams.

Merely by hearing those screams, one would feel one’s blood run cold. The crowd were unable to imagine what sort of pain the Ginseng King of Evil was enduring at that moment.

However, they were certain that that sort of pain was most definitely not something that they would be able to endure.

At that moment, someone from the allied army asked, “That… is that really still Chu Feng?”

“Why do I feel that something’s amiss?”

“I’m not certain either,” Ying Mingchao said.

After saying those words, he took a deliberate glance at Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang.

However, even Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang, these two people with a very good relationship with Chu Feng, shook their heads.

The reason for that was because even they were unable to determine whether or not it was still Chu Feng.

Even though that voice was indeed Chu Feng’s voice, they felt that… that the person in front of them was not Chu Feng.

In actuality, that was indeed not Chu Feng. At this moment, the person controlling the situation was the Evil God Sword.

As for Chu Feng, he could only watch as things unfolded before him. He was unable to do anything.

The reason for that was because his body was currently under the control of the Evil God Sword. His every movement and his every word were all controlled by the Evil God Sword.

That said, Chu Feng still could not help but gasp in admiration at how powerful the Evil God Sword was.

He truly did not dare to believe that such a frightening Evil God Sword had actually… allowed itself to be used by him before.

Logically, with how powerful the Evil God Sword was, it would be extremely easy for it to devour his body.

However, the Evil God Sword didn’t do that.

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