Chapter 2654 - You Are Merely Trash

Chapter 2654 - You Are Merely Trash

That Ginseng King of Evil was currently running with an unimaginably fast speed.

Chu Feng was able to now see that all of the plants in the areas it passed as it ran would instantly wither and die.

In fact, it was not only the flowers, grass, and trees; even the rivers disappeared and the earth dried up. The earth that was originally full of life was instantly filled with cracks from being completely dried up. This was true for even mountain rocks.

After that Ginseng King of Evil passed by, the earth that was originally covered in vast greenness instantly turned into one of desolation, and was without the slightest trace of life.

All of that was currently being witnessed by Chu Feng.

“That thing is devouring all forms of life?”

Chu Feng was astonished. Although he had no idea how the Ginseng King of Evil managed to accomplish that, he firmly believed it to be something that Ginseng King of Evil did.

“It is starting to change,” Her Lady Queen suddenly called out to Chu Feng while he was observing the unceasing destruction of the surrounding landscape.

Chu Feng looked to the Ginseng King of Evil again, and discovered that the body of the Ginseng King of Evil was expanding in size. Even the tentacles on its body were increasing in number. 

Furthermore, as the Ginseng King of Evil increased in size, countless feeler-like smaller tentacles would grow out from its original tentacles. 

Seemingly noticing the change in the Ginseng King of Evil, the expression of joy on Chu Bore’s face grew even stronger.. 

“Heavens! Everyone, look! That monster is increasing in size!”

Suddenly, a shout sounded from the crowd. Following that, everyone revealed fear on their faces. Some were so scared that their complexions turned ashen and their bodies started shivering.

Due to the fact that the old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan had brought them along as he chased after the Ginseng King of Evil, the people present were all able to witness the changes happening to the Ginseng King of Evil.

It was growing larger and larger. It had transformed from a three meter tall child-like appearance into an enormous creature over a dozen meters tall. Furthermore, the transformation was still ongoing. The speed at which it grew was simply too fast. In merely a short moment, it had grown from over a dozen meters to tens of meters tall. 

A while after that, the Ginseng King of Evil grew to over a hundred meters tall.

Soon after, it grew to become a huge monster over a thousand meters tall.

It had been less than an hour since that Ginseng King of Evil was unsealed from the bottom of the earth.

From this, it could be seen how fast the Ginseng King of Evil was growing.

As the Ginseng King of Evil increased in size, its appearance also changed. The tentacles and feelers on its body had grown by so much that they were simply uncountable now.

Its appearance also grew more and more malevolent. 

Its eyes were also incomparably large. Those eyes were emitting a crimson light. Its laughter had also become much more deafening. Even space itself was trembling from its laughter.

“It’s meaningless to refine only those things. These people here have all been prepared for you. Go ahead and refine them.”

Suddenly, that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan spoke. His words… were clearly meant for the Ginseng King of Evil.

Hearing those words, the Ginseng King of Evil suddenly stopped. It swept its six enormous eyes across the crowd present. 

Its gaze was exceptionally ice-cold. Being glared at, one would feel as if one’s body had been hollowed out. One would feel as if one had died. 

At that moment, the crowd grew even more scared. Some people even fell from midair. They had lost the ability to fly.

Those people had all lost consciousness due to fear. 

They finally realized why that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan had trapped them.

It turned out that he had considered everyone present as food. He was planning to feed them to that Ginseng King of Evil.

However, after sweeping its gaze over the crowd, the Ginseng King of Evil actually fixed its gaze onto that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan.

“Devouring them would not do much for me.”

“However, you, on the other hand, should benefit me slightly.”

After it finished saying those words, the Ginseng King of Evil extended an enormous tongue from its mouth filled with sharp teeth and licked its lips. 

That tongue was covered with hook-like thorns. It was very disgusting and terrifying to look at.

That said, judging from the appearance of the Ginseng King of Evil, it seemed to be extremely excited.

“Humph. You want to refine me?”

Hearing those words, the expression on Chu Bore’s face changed. 

Then, he shouted, “Away!”

Then he opened his palm, and a layer of golden light started to gently scatter downward like a waterfall. The golden light turned into an enormous golden-bright and dazzling net. 

That net was extremely vast. It was as if it could cover the entire region. Furthermore, the speed of that net was extremely fast. In an instant, it had covered the Ginseng King of Evil and tightly restricted it.


The next moment, ear-piercing roars began to resonate through heaven and earth. The Ginseng King of Evil began to struggle. Its enormous powers caused the earth to tremble violently. Dust swirled in the air, and shattered rocks started to fly into the sky.

However, no matter how it struggled, the net only grew tighter and tighter.

“Since you refuse to be obedient, I have no choice but to collect you now,” that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan said.

“It’s too late,” Right at that moment, the voice of the Evil God Sword also sounded. 

Of course, only Chu Feng could hear its voice.

“What’s too late?” Chu Feng asked.

“If that fool were to capture that little thing right when it emerged from underground, then perhaps he could take advantage of the fact that it was still weak after being sealed for so long, and might have had a slight chance at being able to subdue it.”

“However, it is already too late now. Although that little thing has only managed to recover a bit of its strength, it is sufficient to slaughter that old codger,” the Evil God Sword said.

“Really?” Chu Feng was skeptical toward what the Evil God Sword said. After all, that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan clearly held the upper hand at that moment. Furthermore, the shouts from that Ginseng King of Evil had already changed in tone.

It was no longer shouting in anger. Instead, they resembled screams of pain.


Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard. The next moment, Chu Feng’s eyes pulled back as his expression changed enormously. 

Everything happened too fast. Chu Feng was simply unable to clearly see what had happened.

By the time he managed to react, he saw that the golden net that had captured the Ginseng King of Evil earlier had shattered. 

At that moment, a tentacle from the Ginseng King of Evil shot straight into the sky and wrapped around that Chu Bore.

At that moment, Chu Bore had a painful expression on his face. He was struggling to break free. However… his struggles were useless. He simply did not possess the strength to contend against that tentacle.

Withessing that scene, Chu Feng grew even more astonished. The reason for that was because things were happening exactly as the Evil God Sword had said. 

This meant that the Evil God Sword was indeed extremely powerful. At least… it had managed to see through all of this.

“Boy, if you do not want your friends to die, then hand your body over to this Evil God right away,” the Evil God Sword said.

As the Evil God Sword said those words, Chu Feng was able to sense that the Evil God Sword’s power was starting to invade his body.

Chu Feng did not resist it. Instead, he allowed the power of the Evil God Sword to invade and occupy his body. 

Soon, Chu Feng lost total control over his body. Although he had lost control over his body, Chu Feng felt as if his body was currently being burned by a raging inferno. It was a bit painful.

However, Chu Feng was able to tolerate that sort of pain.

At the moment when Chu Feng’s body was occupied by the Evil God Sword, the crimson gaseous flames started to devour his body.

At that moment, Chu Feng appeared as if he were covered by flames. Only the raging crimson flames could be seen. As for Chu Feng, he could not be seen through the flames.

“Run away!”

At the moment when that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan was captured by the Ginseng King of Evil, the power that had sealed the crowd disappeared. 

At that moment, the crowd immediately started fleeing like trapped birds that had just been released.


However, immediately after the crowd began to flee, screams started being heard.

Those people who tried to escape were all captured by the Ginseng King of Evil’s tentacle-feelers. One by one, they revealed expressions of pain.

Soon, their appearances started to change. They began to wither like trees. Their vitality sucked dry.

They all died. In merely the blink of an eye, those people were all killed. They all died after having their life force sucked dry by the Ginseng King of Evil.

Seeing this, the others simply did not dare to attempt to escape again. They were all deeply afraid that they would suffer the same fate as those people.

“You have unsealed me because you wanted to eat my flesh, right?”

“Fool, someone would actually have delusions about eating my flesh in a place like this?”

“You should know that I am akin to a God in this place. A god that rules over everything.”

The Ginseng King of Evil let out a deep and low, yet loud and clear voice.

It was very excited, and acting extremely arrogant. It was as if it were looking down on everyone.

It did not place anyone there in its eyes, including that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan.

In its eyes, perhaps that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan was the same as Chu Feng and everyone else - nothing more than an ant.

“No, with this Evil God here, you… are merely trash.”

Right at that moment, another voice sounded. It originated from where Chu Feng stood.

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