Chapter 2652 - The Sealed Item

Chapter 2652 - The Sealed Item


Right at the moment when Chu Feng was planning to hand his body to the Evil God Sword, Chu Bore suddenly began to form hand seals. He once again started to operate that grand formation.

The next moment, that pillar of light shot into the surface once again. Shining golden light from the many miles-long grand sealing formation appeared once again.

“I will hand my body to you. Kill that man right away.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he no longer resisted the power of the Evil God Sword. He was really planning to hand his body to the Evil God Sword.

The reason Chu Feng was so anxious was because he did not wish for that Chu Heavenly Clan’s old man to successfully release that sealed item.

Chu Feng felt that whatever was sealed would be much more frightening than that old man.

Although he had no idea why that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan wanted to unseal it, Chu Feng firmly believed that that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan had no idea how terrifying that sealed item might be. He felt that that old man would not be able to control it at all.

If the seal was lifted, it would mean that a true catastrophe would befall them. Thus, Chu Feng wanted to stop him.

However, surprisingly, after Chu Feng said those words, he discovered that there was no reaction from the Evil God Sword. His body was still his. It had not been controlled by the Evil God Sword. Furthermore, he was still unable to use the power of the Evil God Sword.

“Hey, what is this?! Say something!” Chu Feng loudly asked.

Although he was speaking in his mind and others were unable to hear it, he knew that the Evil God Sword would be able to hear him.

However, there was no reaction from the Evil God Sword at all. It was as if it had disappeared. 

[1. By it, it refers to the awareness of the Evil God Sword… the one speaking to him. The physical Evil God Sword is still being held by Chu Feng.]


Right at that moment, the earth below started to cave in. It spread continuously for many miles. All the earth visible to Chu Feng’s field of view had sunk into the ground.

Ear-piercing rumbles were rising and falling in succession. 

Surging thick smoke started to rise. At a glance, it looked like that thick smoke had covered the entire earth. It was as if the entire world was about to collapse.

Most importantly, Chu Feng noticed that the light emitted by the golden-bright and dazzling sealing formation started to grow dimmer and dimmer.

That sealing formation was about to disappear. One could very well imagine what would happen once that sealing formation disappears.

“What a grand disposition. Exactly how enormous is that sealed item?”

Her Lady Queen was following Chu Feng’s vision, and staring at the situation that was unfolding before Chu Feng. That scene was truly too stunning. This was the first time since the many years she had followed Chu Feng that she had witnessed a scene as spectacular as this. 

This was truly the arrival of doomsday. Although the sky was still there, the earth had been completely shattered.

As for that, it was actually all caused by the unsealing of a sealed item.

“Quickly, hand your power to me!”

Chu Feng was unable to contain himself. Once again, he urged the Evil God Sword. He felt that he must prevent the unsealing before the seal was lifted.

“What’s there to be so anxious about?” Finally, the Evil God Sword responded. Merely, compared to Chu Feng’s anxiousness, the Evil God Sword’s voice was extremely calm. It said, “That little old man is simply insufficient for this Evil God to kill. As for this thing that’s soon to appear, although it is still insufficient for this Evil God to kill, it will still be somewhat satisfying to kill it.”

“You…” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was dumbfounded.

It turned out that the Evil God Sword was purposely acting as is. It was deliberately allowing that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan to lift the seal.

“You’re certain that you’ll be able to win against it?” Chu Feng asked. He was worried.

After all, that old cat was unfathomably powerful. As such, the item it sealed should be extremely powerful too.

And now, before the seal was even lifted, that item had already created such a spectacular scene of destruction. Chu Feng was worried that whatever might be sealed would be too powerful, so powerful that evil the Evil God Sword would be no match for it.

“Humph. Boy, you being weak is your problem. However, do not think that this Evil God is as weak and small as you.”

“Soon, I will have you know exactly how powerful this Evil God is,” the Evil God Sword said.

Arrogance. The words spoken by the Evil God Sword were filled with arrogance.

If it were someone else that said those words, Chu Feng would most definitely think them to be boasting.

However, when those words were spoken by the Evil God Sword, Chu Feng believed them. At the same time he believed those words, he also started to feel a sense of dependence.

Even though he knew very well that the Evil God Sword was very dangerous, the Evil God Sword was indeed the only thing that he could rely on in the situation at hand.

If the Evil God Sword was sufficiently powerful, Chu Feng would have gained greater assurance in being able to protect his friends.

“Why would an existence like you be trapped in this sword? Furthermore, why would you have been in the Holy Land of Martialism?” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng felt that the Evil God Sword was very likely not a sword. Rather, it was a very powerful demon that was trapped in the sword. 

It was precisely because it was trapped that it was unable to unleash its powers, and could only unleash its power through using Chu Feng as the medium.

Something as powerful as the Evil God Sword should not exist in the Holy Land of Martialism. Chu Feng felt that the Evil God Sword must be from elsewhere.

That said, the Evil God Sword did not answer Chu Feng’s questions.

Chu Feng was a tactful person. He knew very well that this should be the Evil God Sword’s secret. Furthermore, it seemed that the Evil God Sword was not planning to share his secret with him.

Thus, Chu Feng turned his gaze down below. The ground where countless people were kneeling before had completely caved in. All those people who were kneeling before had soared into the sky. 

At that moment, silhouettes filled the entire sky. They were not all humans, as many monstrous beasts were present too.

This was the first time that Chu Feng saw so many people standing in the sky at the same time.

It must be said that such a scene was truly spectacular. 

There were so many people standing in the sky without relying on anything. Regardless of their cultivations, it remained an astonishing scene.

At that moment, Chu Feng started to recall the time when he was young.

At that time, he was still a child adopted by the Chu Family.

Back then, he had had a dream. He wanted to become an outstanding martial cultivator.

The reason why he wanted to become stronger was because he wanted his adoptive father to be respected by others. He wanted everyone from the Chu Family to know that he, Chu Feng, was not trash.

At that time, he had a dream. He wanted to see a sky filled with martial cultivators.

Chu Feng had even mentioned his dream to his adoptive father. His adoptive father had smiled upon hearing Chu Feng’s dream. He told Chu Feng that as long as he focused on martial cultivation, he would one day see a sky filled with martial cultivators.

At that time, even Chu Feng himself did not believe in his adoptive father’s words.

After all, in the Nine Provinces Continent, Heavenly Realm martial cultivators that were capable of flying in the sky were already peak experts. Their numbers were extremely few.

Thus, to the Chu Feng from back then, he felt that it was impossible to see a sky filled with flying martial cultivators. He felt that it was a scene that he could only witness in his dreams.

However, he never expected that he… would really see such a scene before him at that moment. Furthermore, his strength even surpassed those people flying in the sky.


Right at that moment, another loud explosion was heard. The explosion at that time was much more ear-piercing than all the other explosions before.

After that explosion sounded, all the explosions and rumbles from the earth caving in disappeared.

The only sound that could still be heard was the sound of sliding soil.

Apart from that, there was absolute silence, and a strange calm.

“Is it going to come out?”

Chu Feng noticed that the grand sealing formation down below had disappeared completely.

Likely, the sealed item had been completely unsealed too.

Chu Feng fixed his eyes down below. At that moment, he was actually a bit excited. He wanted to know exactly what that sealed item was, and exactly how powerful it was.

Merely, the earth was too deep. Even though Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes were able to see very far, he was still unable to see that far into the depths of the earth.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that that sealed item should have been sealed very deep underground.

It was also possible that the sealed item was concealed. That might be the reason why Chu Feng was unable to detect it.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

Right at that moment, laughter suddenly sounded from beneath the ground.

That voice was extremely strange. Hearing it, one would start to tremble with fear. That… simply did not resemble a human’s voice.

At that moment, the people standing in the sky all started to panic. On by one, they scattered about the entire sky, and tried their best to escape from that place.

They were all extremely scared. If it wasn’t for the fact that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan had sealed off the area they would not have bothered to stay at all. Instead, they would’ve already escaped without a trace.

At that moment when the crowd was panicking, Chu Feng revealed a surprised expression.

Although that laughter was indeed very frightening, Chu Feng was able to tell that that laughter was that of a child.

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