Chapter 2650 - The Only Thing To Rely On

Chapter 2650 - The Only Thing To Rely On

“Although I do not know why he is planning to unseal that item, he absolutely cannot be allowed to succeed.”

After Chu Feng said those words, he began to send voice transmissions to Ying Mingchao and the others.

Ying Mingchao, Wang Qiang, Zhao Hong and everyone else from the allied army received Chu Feng’s voice transmission.

Chu Feng told them via voice transmission to immediately escape and leave this place with their fastest speed in the following moment.

The crowd were slightly confused by Chu Feng’s sudden voice transmission. 


Right at that moment, an extremely powerful aura started to emit from where Chu Feng stood. That aura soon engulfed the entire sky.

Looking up, the crowd noticed that crimson gaseous flames had emerged in the sky above Chu Feng.

As for that, it was not caused by Chu Feng himself. Rather, it was caused by the sword Chu Feng held in his hand, the Demon Armament Evil God Sword.

Chu Feng had already instilled his power into the Evil God Sword. Thus, the Evil God Sword’s powers were activated.

The crimson clouds soon covered the entire sky. It actually covered the entire Infant Soul Grand Formation.

If one must describe it, then the crimson clouds that filled the sky were even stranger than the dark black gaseous flames from before. Seeing it, the crowd felt even greater unease.

“Is that Chu Feng’s Demon Armament that’s capable of killing True Immortals?”

“What a frightening aura. I have never experienced such stifling power before.”

This was the first time for many people down below to witness the power of Chu Feng’s Evil God Sword. One by one, they revealed frightened expressions.

In fact, even Ying Mingchao and the others had expressions of unease on their faces.

This was no longer the first time they had witnessed the power of the Evil God Sword. However, they were astonished by the fact that the Evil God Sword seemed to be capable of unleashing an unparallelled power regardless of who it was facing. 

They all knew that that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan possessed god-like power, and was an opponent that none of them could contend against.

Although they had no idea what that old man’s cultivation was, they were certain that the disparity of strength between them was enormous.

However, when the Evil God Sword was revealed by Chu Feng, they started to feel that perhaps Chu Feng would be able to take on that god-like old man.

The reason for that was because the power of that Evil God Sword was not at all weaker than that old man. In fact, the unparalleled grandeur from that Evil God Sword was many times more valiant than that old mans’.


At the moment when the people were astonished by the power of the Evil God Sword, that Chu Bore burst into loud laughter. Not only was his laughter loud, but it was also extremely mocking.

“Chu Feng, it is one thing for you to use that Evil God Sword to take care of the people in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. However, you actually want to use it to handle this old man?”

“You are simply looking down on this old man too much, no? You actually want to treat me the same way as those useless trash?” 

“I can only say, you are truly ignorant,” Chu Bore said mockingly.

Even though he had also witnessed the power of the Evil God Sword, he evidently did not place the Evil God Sword in his eyes.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly raised the Evil God Sword in his hand and pointed it at Chu Bore.


The next moment, the expressions of everyone present changed enormously. Disbelief filled their eyes.

Even Chu Bore was stunned. Then, he slowly lowered his head and looked at his chest.

At that moment, a hole had appeared on his chest and Blood was flowing out from it. His chest had been pierced! 

Not only that, but crimson gaseous flames had emerged on his chest. The crimson gaseous flames were spreading rapidly. They were devouring his body.

This sort of wound had also appeared on the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster before. It was the Evil God Sword. It was the power of the Evil God Sword.

“It’s you????”

Chu Bore still had a stunned and disbelieving expression on his face. He didn’t dare believe that someone of his cultivation would actually be injured by the Evil God Sword. Furthermore… he was caught off-guard by the state of his wound.

“How could this be?”

In fact, even Chu Feng himself was filled with astonishment.

Even he did not anticipate that the Evil God Sword would be able to injure that old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan so easily.

One must know that that old man’s aura was truly powerful.

He was so powerful that Chu Feng felt that he was incomparably small by comparison.

It was as if the old man standing before him was not a person at all. Rather, he was a giant insurmountable mountain.

“Chu Feng, the power of the Evil God Sword…” Her Lady Queen exclaimed in astonished.

“Eggy, so you’ve also realized it,” Chu Feng said.

Both Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen had felt the power of the Evil God Sword since the first time Chu Feng had used it.

At that moment, Chu Feng had discovered an astonishing problem. As he used the Evil God Sword more frequently, the power of the Evil God Sword would increase every time. Every time he used it, it would be much more frightening than before.

Right at that moment, Chu Bore suddenly shouted, “Die!!!”

The next moment, everyone, even including Chu Feng, felt the aura of death.

It was his oppressive might. Chu Bore did not use a martial skill, or even any martial power. He had only unleashed his oppressive might.

He was simply too powerful. With a single thought, his oppressive might filled the entire region. He simply didn’t give Chu Feng and the others the time to ponder.

Furthermore, his oppressive might was sufficient to completely obliterate Chu Feng and everyone else.

The disparity in strength between Chu Feng and Chu Bore was simply too enormous.


However, at the moment when everyone felt that they were going to die, they were suddenly stunned.

They were astonished to discover that the fatal oppressive might from earlier had actually disappeared. 

“It’s you again?!”

Chu Bore looked to Chu Feng. The reason for that was because only he knew that the power that blocked his oppressive might originated from Chu Feng.

It was Chu Feng who had blocked his oppressive might and saved the crowd.

“What is going on?” Chu Feng looked to the Evil God Sword in his hand.

The reason for that was because the things earlier had happened too fast. Thus, he simply did not have the time to react and operate the Evil God Sword.

Thus, it was the Evil God Sword that automatically released its power and saved everyone. 

In other words, without Chu Feng urging it, the Evil God Sword unleashed its oppressive might and blocked Chu Bore’s oppressive might.

“Boy, do you understand now that this God is not one of great evil?” 

[1. Although both the evil in the Evil God Sword and the evil in ‘great evil’ means evil, they are two different terms. The former is something evil/nefarious/demonic, whereas the latter is the act of doing evil/bad deeds. Basically, it’s like a voodoo doll is evil (former) whereas the person using it to harm someone would be evil (latter.)]

“With the situation at hand, you are simply unable to defeat your opponent. Thus, rest assured, and hand your body over to this God.”

“This God will stop everything and give you a satisfying result.”

Right at that moment, the Evil God Sword’s voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears.

“I will not fall for your trick. Only you will be used by me. Do not think about using me,” Chu Feng said resolutely.

Even though the Evil God Sword had indeed saved everyone using its power earlier, Chu Feng would still not hand his body over to the Evil God Sword.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew very well how sly and evil the Evil God Sword was. The Evil God Sword was an existence much more frightening than that Chu Heavenly Clan’s old man. In fact, it was much more frightening than even that sealed item.

As such, Chu Feng did not believe anything it said.

“Tsk, tsk. Boy, do you still not understand the situation at hand?”

“In this sort of situation, if you and your bunch of friends want to survive, you must rely on this Evil God’s power. This Evil God is the only thing that you can rely on.”

“If you want to obtain my power, you must hand your body over to me.”

“Consider your actions properly,” The Evil God Sword said with a laugh.

Suddenly, Chu Bore asked, “How did you obtain your Demon Armament?”

“You don’t need to know that. However, if you are to give up now, I can consider letting you live,” Chu Feng said.

Actually, Chu Feng did not want to let Chu Bore get away. However, the Evil God Sword was already not listening to him anymore.

That’s right, right after the Evil God Sword told Chu Feng to make his decision, Chu Feng discovered that the power of the Evil God Sword was no longer under his control.

Even though Chu Feng was still holding the Evil God Sword, Chu Feng was unable to attack with it again.

Having lost the power of the Evil God Sword, Chu Feng was basically unable to contend against the Chu Heavenly Clan’s old man. Thus, he could only take advantage of the fact that this old man still didn’t know that he no longer had control of the Evil God Sword to threaten him to leave. 

He hoped that the old man would fear the power of the Evil God Sword and retreat.

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