Chapter 2638 - Wang Qiang Revealing His Might

Chapter 2638  - Wang Qiang Revealing His Might

“Y-You’re c-calling me a scourge?”

“I, Wang Qiang, am a-actually being c-called a scourge?”

“F-Fucking hell! I’ve s-seen d-despicable people before, and I’ve a-also seen shameless people before, but y-your d-daddy I have never seen s-someone as d-despicable and s-shameless a-as-as you.”

“D-Doesn’t matter, I, W-Wang Qiang, do not c-care a-about how others view me. T-Today, I a-am de-definitely going to kill you and a-avenge my brother!”

Wang Qiang was not to be outdone. He held the Vegetable Cutting Edge in his hand and rushed forth to confront the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

As the two rank two True Immortals collided and started battling with one another, they created overflowing oppressive might even without using special martial skills. Their battle was truly world-shaking.

“He’s that Wang Qiang? Chu Feng’s friend and a person deemed to be one of the strongest geniuses in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, that Wang Qiang?”

“No wonder. No wonder he’s already a rank two True Immortal at such a young age. That talent of his is truly astonishing.”

“Although his strength is overwhelmingly powerful, his character is truly lacking. He actually wanted to kill us earlier. For Chu Feng to have a friend like him, it could be seen that Chu Feng is not someone good either.”

“Humph, that Chu Feng was not a good person to begin with. When the Infant Soul Sect announced to the world that the Infant Soul Grand Formation was capable of helping us increase our cultivations, that Chu Feng insisted on saying that it was a trap. He even declared that we were blinded by self-interest and cursed us as fools.”

“Humph, we were all present and clearly witnessed the Infant Soul Grand Formation helping the Chen Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief increase his cultivation. The ability of the Infant Soul Grand Formation is real. It is not a trap at all.”

“Yet, merely because he possessed conflict with the Infant Soul Sect, that Chu Feng actually decided to invert right and wrong to speak ill of the Infant Soul Sect. He is simply not a good person at all.”

“That’s right. And here I was hearing rumors that Chu Feng was righteous and loyal. Turns out, he’s nothing but a phony.”

“That’s right. Facts speak louder than words. All the heroic deeds that Chu Feng did are merely lies. Even if they were real, they must all have been an act.”

“Truly, one may know a person for a long time without knowing their true nature. People are truly selfish.”

After Wang Qiang unleashed his attacks at them, the crowd grew even more certain that Wang Qiang, Ying Mingchao and the others were merely a bunch of hypocrites. In fact, they even began to verbally attack Chu Feng.

“It’s alright, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster is going to uphold justice for us. Today… those two-faced hypocrites will all be killed.”

Even more infuriating, those people actually really considered the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster as their savior. They all started to desire from the bottom of their hearts that the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster would defeat Wang Qiang.

“Heavens! What is going on? Why does it seem like that Wang Qiang is holding the upper hand in their battle?”

At that moment, there were those with powerful strength that discovered that Wang Qiang was actually winning in the confrontation with Ancestral Armaments.

“What? That Wang Qiang is winning? That’s impossible! No matter how strong he might be, he couldn’t possibly surpass the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster. After all, Lord Sectmaster is someone who defeated even Ying Mingchao.”

Due to the fact that the overall cultivation of the crowd gathered here was quite low, they could only enjoy the lively excitement, and were simply unable to make out anything from the battle in the sky.

The only things that they could see were the surging energy ripples and overflowing oppressive might caused by the battle in the sky. They were simply unable to even see the figures of the two fighters.

However, as the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster had defeated Ying Mingchao before, the crowd all felt that he would definitely win the battle. They had all thought that it would most definitely be the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster who would be holding the upper hand in the battle.

“That guy… how could he be this powerful?”

While others might not be able to clearly see the battle, people like the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s Abbot and the Immortal Sword School’s Headmaster were able to witness the battle clearly.

They were able to clearly see that Wang Qiang, with his naked upper body, straw sandals on his feet and a kitchen cleaver-like weapon, was attacking recklessly in the sky.

However, his seemingly reckless and aimless attacks were able to suppress the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

At that moment, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster could do nothing but defend himself against Wang Qiang’s nonstop attacks. He did not even have the opportunity to fight back. He was completely locked down by Wang Qiang’s barrage of attacks.

In fact… in a moment of carelessness, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster received a slash on his left arm from Wang Qiang. Immediately, blood started to splatter across the sky.

“Brother Wang Qiang’s battle power is truly not something that we can compare with.”

Seeing that Wang Qiang held the upper hand in the battle, Ying Mingchao, Zi Xunyi and the others were all overjoyed.

At that moment, neither Wang Qiang nor the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster were using special methods to assist themselves. They were only fighting with one another with their rank two True Immortal-level cultivation and Ancestral Armaments.

Generally speaking, such a situation would cause the two fighters to be equally matched. However, Wang Qiang was able to rapidly gain the upper hand in their battle.

This signified one thing. That is, although they were both rank two True Immortals, Wang Qiang’s battle power greatly surpassed that of the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.


Suddenly, another slash from Wang Qiang landed on the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s right leg. This time around, the power behind the slash was so strong that it actually managed to slice off the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s right leg.

“Haha. T-Trash. Y-You’re nothing much either,” Wang Qiang laughed out loud.

At that moment, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster revealed incomparable fury.

He was infuriated by Wang Qiang. Wang Qiang had never stopped talking ever since they started fighting. Wang Qiang had been insulting him nonstop the entire time.

At the beginning, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster did not take Wang Qiang’s insults to heart. The reason for that was because he felt that even though Wang Qiang was a rank two True Immortal, his strength would definitely not surpass Ying Mingchao’s.

When even Ying Mingchao was no match for him, he felt that someone like Wang Qiang would most definitely be easily defeated by him.

However, when he actually started fighting against Wang Qiang and was suppressed by Wang Qiang in battle, all of the insults that Wang Qiang had been showering him with turned true.

He had actually really become the trash that Wang Qiang spoke of.

He felt this to be completely unacceptable.

Suddenly, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster shouted, “Set up the formation!!!”

Right after he said those words, the people from the Infant Soul Sect reacted as if they were already prepared. Immediately, they unleashed the formation.

Merely, as the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster did not utilize the Infant Soul Demonic Technique when fighting against Wang Qiang, the dark black gaseous flames emitted by those members of the Infant Soul Sect did not enter the sky. 

Instead, they directly entered the body of the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

“W-What’s wrong, trash? Y-You weren’t able t-to win a-against your granddaddy W-Wang Qiang, and now need to f-find others to help you?” Wang Qiang started to laugh mockingly.

“Formation, rise!” At the moment when the people from the Infant Soul Sect used their formation to help the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster increase his battle power, Zi Xunyi, Zhao Hong and the others who had already prepared for this immediately unleashed the same battle power-increasing spirit formation that they assisted Ying Mingchao with that day.

“No need.”

However, right when they started activating that spirit formation, before the crowd could assimilate their power into it and send it to Wang Qiang, Wang Qiang suddenly waved his hand.

He actually refused the assistance from Zi Xunyi and the others.

At that moment, it was not only Zi Xunyi and the others who were confused. Even the crowd from the Infant Soul Sect were confused by Wang Qiang’s action.

“T-Trash, do y-you s-see this? Y-Your g-granddaddy Wang Q-Qiang simply does not need the assistance of o-others t-to take care of you. Your g-granddaddy is c-completely un-unlike you. G-Grandson, h-how could you be t-this u-useless to r-request the assistance of tha-that many people?”

“F-Furthermore, i-it’s one t-thing to r-request the assistance of o-others, but t-they’re actually e-even w-weeping and howling a-as they’re providing you w-with their assistance. F-Furthermore, t-their c-cries even s-sounded like those of infants. D-Don’t you f-find that disgusting?” Wang Qiang mocked.

The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster did not refute Wang Qiang’s mockery. The reason for that was because his battle power had already increased enormously after receiving the assistance of the formation.

At that moment, he had unleashed many offensive techniques. There was only one goal in his mind. He planned to make Wang Qiang shut up with his strength.

Unfortunately, he was shocked to discover that Wang Qiang’s battle power was overwhelmingly strong. It was strong enough to make his hackles rise.

Even though he had obtained the assistance of the formation formed by the Infant Soul Sect’s members and increased his battle power greatly, he was still no match for Wang Qiang.

“T-T-Trash, d-did you r-really think that you w-would be able to d-defeat your g-granddaddy Wang Qiang with j-just the h-help from that tr-trash? You a-are s-simply delusional.”

“Y-Your granddaddy W-Wang Qiang is merely playing with you. If I a-am to get serious, I will t-turn you into m-mincemeat in minutes,” Wang Qiang said.

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