Chapter 2631 - Moment Of Life and Death

Chapter 2631 - Moment Of Life and Death

“Listen to me, I am still able to persist,” Chu Feng said.

“No,” Li Yue’er refused.

“I cannot afford to fail this time around. I must succeed. Girl… listen to me, help me,” Chu Feng said anxiously.

Although Chu Feng knew from the very start that they only had a fifty percent chance of success, Chu Feng began the weaponry refinement process with an absolute determination to succeed.

He must increase his cultivation immediately. Only by increasing his cultivation would he be able to contend against the Infant Soul Sect.

Else, he feared that if the Infant Soul Sect’s plot were to succeed, they would move on to take care of Ying Mingchao and the others.

“Do it! I am unable to persist for much longer!” Chu Feng shouted.

At that moment, Li Yue’er revealed a very difficult expression. However, after a moment of mental conflict, she still ended up carefully transferring the formation core on her body to Chu Feng’s body.

Then, she moved out of the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation.

After exiting the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation, Li Yue’er sat powerlessly onto the ground. She was truly exhausted.

However, she had no time to rest, as she immediately cast her worried gaze toward Chu Feng.

… she had exited the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation. 

If the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation was supported by both her and Chu Feng earlier, then it was now completely supported by Chu Feng alone. Thus, all of the pressure was placed onto Chu Feng alone.


After Li Yue’er exited the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation, Chu Feng suddenly shouted. The next moment, boundless spirit power surged out of Chu Feng’s body and fused with the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation.

“Chu Feng, have you gone insane?! How could you act this recklessly?!”

Seeing this scene, Her Lady Queen was immediately worried.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was attempting to fuse with the grand formation.

This sort of fusion would assist Chu Feng’s control over the grand formation. With that, it would save a lot of power on Chu Feng’s end.

In the current situation where Chu Feng’s power was about to be completely exhausted, using this sort of method was indeed something feasible.

However, upon using this sort of method, Chu Feng’s life and death would be linked with the grand spirit formation.

If Chu Feng wanted to live now, there was only a single way. That is, he must successfully refine the Incomplete Immortal Armament.

Else… only death would await him.

From then on, Chu Feng would not be able to stop even if he wanted to. The reason for that was because the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation would automatically extract spirit power from Chu Feng’s body without the need for Chu Feng’s control at all.


As the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation continued to operate, it started to forcibly extract spirit power from Chu Feng.

In such a situation, Chu Feng started to endure immense pressure. That immense pressure brought pain to Chu Feng and caused him to scream nonstop.

He was risking his life. He was using the final bits of strength he had to complete the grand formation.

If he didn’t succeed, he would die!!!

With Chu Feng’s full effort, the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation started to blossom with dazzling light.

The Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation started to tremble. The power within the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation was trembling. In fact, even the entire palace was trembling.

The Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation was shrinking. It was concentrating on the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler.

At that moment, both Li Yue’er who was outside of the grand formation and Eggy who was within Chu Feng started to tightly clench their fists. They were extremely nervous.

The reason for that was because if the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation was to fuse into the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler, it would mean success.

If it didn’t, then it was a failure.

That said, what they were worried about the most was whether or not Chu Feng would be able to hold on.

Chu Feng was operating the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation with his life. Thus, there would only be two possibilities.

Either Chu Feng would be able to successfully complete the Incomplete Immortal Armament.

Or his power would not be able to persist, and he would exhaust all of his power and die of exhaustion. As for the Incomplete Immortal Armament, it would also end in a failure.

In such a critical situation, time seemed to be moving extremely slowly.

That said, neither Li Yue’er or Eggy had the heart to concern themselves with any of that. The two of them only hoped that the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation would be able to concentrate on the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler sooner.

“Almost, it’s about to succeed. Chu Feng, hold on, hold on! It’s halfway there!”

Finally, the Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation had condensed halfway onto the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler. However, at that time, it suddenly stopped.

At such a time, neither Li Yue’er and Eggy were able to even open their mouths to encourage Chu Feng to continue.

They both felt that Chu Feng was unable to continue. However, it was already too late to give up.

Chu Feng could only succeed and not fail.

“Eggy, my apologies, I’m afraid that I’ll be going first.”

At the moment when worry filled the air, Eggy heard Chu Feng’s voice. Merely, Chu Feng’s voice was incomparably weak. It was as if his life was already hollowed out. It was as if he was already dead.

“Fool, clench your teeth and persist. How could you give up at a time like this?”

Her Lady Queen was so worried that she started shedding tears. This was a moment of life and death. At such a time, Chu Feng could decide upon his death with merely a thought.

“My head is already empty. My soul is already empty. I have completely exhausted all the spirit power within me. I am unable to support this Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation anymore,” Chu Feng said with his weak voice.

“If you are to die at a time like this, then what about your mother?! Your mother went through all the effort to seal this Queen in your body for your sake! If you are to tumble here, it will be truly humiliating!”

“Your mother is a grand world spiritist who is capable of forcing her way into our Asura Spirit World and forcibly capture us! How could you be this weak?! How could you fail to control a mere Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation?!” Her Lady Queen shouted angrily.

It was not that she was truly angry at Chu Feng for failing. Merely, she wanted to encourage Chu Feng to persist through this ordeal.

If Chu Feng was to die from over exhaustion of his spirit power, Her Lady Queen would not be implicated by his death. She would continue to survive.

However, to Her Lady Queen, her life and death was not what mattered to her. She didn’t want Chu Feng to die. She didn’t want him to die at a place like this.

“Mother?” Hearing that word, Chu Feng’s heart suddenly trembled.

At the moment when he thought of his mother, Chu Feng’s consciousness suddenly grew fuzzy. Before him was no longer that Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation that was forcibly extracting his spirit power.

Instead, a vast expanse of whiteness filled his eyes. Faintly, he saw a figure. It should be a woman, a woman with fluttering long hair.

That figure was very close to him. She was right before him. However, Chu Feng was unable to clearly see her face.

No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to see it clearly. He could only feel that woman was gently caressing his head with her hand.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt as if the softest and warmest hand in the world was caressing him. 

An indescribable sensation exploded from his heart and filled his body.

At that Moment, Chu Feng wished to speak. However, he was unable to speak. He was unable to express himself.

Right at that moment, an incomparably gentle voice sounded by his ears.

“Feng’er, it’s all my fault. I am unable to be by your side and protect you.”

“I do not hope that you will forgive me. I merely wish that you will be able to stay strong and live on.”

After that voice said those words, the figure before him started to scatter away. The scene before Chu Feng returned to that of the palace hall. He was before that Grand Weaponry Refinement Formation again.

However, at that moment, Chu Feng was able to sense that boundless spirit power had emerged from his completely dried up body.

It was a sensation like a volcanic eruption. He was unable to stop it at all.


Suddenly, Chu Feng shouted. Then, boundless spirit power burst forth from his body. 

The spirit power was so strong that it actually brought forth waves of wind. In an instant, it covered the entire palace hall and blew everything all over the place.

Even Li Yue’er was blown back by the wind. The wind was so strong that she found it difficult to open her eyes.

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