Chapter 2629 - Weaponry Refinement

Chapter 2629 - Weaponry Refinement

“It would appear that I have managed to endure the backlash.”

Chu Feng rubbed his still-hurting head and let out a bitter laugh.

He knew very well that he had returned to reality. As such, he should have managed to endure the torture of the backlash.

Seeing that Chu Feng was fine, Li Yue’er removed her healing formation. Although she did not say anything, Chu Feng noticed the change in her expression.

Earlier, there was obvious worry in her eyes as she looked to Chu Feng. However now, the worry in her eyes was gone. 

Even though Li Yue’er appeared to not be feeling anything, she was clearly worried for Chu Feng before he woke up.

“It seems that this girl doesn't truly have a heart of stone. Chu Feng… how about we cook the raw rice and take her down? I can tell that this girl is pretty decent,” Her Lady Queen spoke with a mischievous laugh.

Chu Feng coughed, then said, “Do I resemble someone who will capture any pretty decent girl I encounter? I am a very single-minded man, okay?” 

“Single-minded? Pah!” Her Lady Queen cast a ruthless side-eye at Chu Feng. Her side-eye was filled with disdain.

“Eh…” Chu Feng also started to blush after saying the words ‘single-minded.’

If he were single-minded, he wouldn’t have Zi Ling, Su Rou and Su Mei, three lovers. That said, while Chu Feng felt that he might not be single-minded, he was not a fickle lover.

He would most definitely not like someone merely because of their appearance. More than that would be the feelings he felt after getting along with them.

As for feelings, that was something that was extremely difficult to control. If feelings were to come, one would not be able to stop them. If feelings did not come, one would not be able to insist on having them.

Seeing that Chu Feng had awakened, yet did not say anything, Li Yue’er was finally unable to contain herself, and asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Chu Feng hurriedly answered. After all, the conversation between Eggy and him could not be heard by Li Yue’er.

“You’re fine? Then why are you blushing?” Li Yue’er asked.

“It’s because this room is too hot,” Chu Feng said embarrassedly.

He would naturally not tell Li Yue’er that he blushed because he was discussing whether or not he was a single-minded lover with his world spirit.

Hearing those words, Li Yue’er frowned. Then, she took a glance around.


For the sake of healing Chu Feng, she had placed meticulous effort into setting up that place. As such, even martial cultivators would feel that the temperature there was cold. Thus, how could it be hot?

Even though she knew that Chu Feng was lying, Li Yue’er didn’t ask anymore. After all, she was not extremely curious.

“It would seem that you are fine,” Li Yue’er said.

“Yeah. I should have managed to endure through it,” Chu Feng stood up and started to stretch, “Oh, that’s right. How long was I unconscious for?”

“A month and three days,” Li Yue’er said.

“That long?” Chu Feng’s gaze changed upon hearing those words. The relaxed expression on his face immediately disappeared. Deep worry emerged in his eyes. He asked, “How are Zhao Hong, Senior Ying and the others doing?”

“I only know that they’ve returned to Hero City once. However, they left soon after. As for where they’re at right now, I have no idea.”

“That said, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster has been busy in the Infant Soul Sect the entire time. He did not go to deliberately find Ying Mingchao and the others. Perhaps he simply did not place them in his eyes at all. Or perhaps what he is dealing with is more important.”

“In short, I feel that your friends should all still be safe ,” Li Yue’er said.

“Thanks,” Chu Feng thanked Li Yue’er because he knew that she must’ve meticulously scouted for information to be able to tell him all these things so quickly.

Actually, the life and death of those people were completely unrelated to Li Yue’er. She had deliberately scouted the information about them all for the sake of telling Chu Feng about it.

She had already anticipated that Chu Feng would ask for news of those matters after waking up.

“What is the situation at the Infant Soul Sect right now?” Chu Feng asked.

“It is still unknown as to exactly what the Infant Soul Sect is planning. However, it seems that they are planning to gather everyone from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm before acting.”

“The Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm is a massive place. Furthermore, the general cultivation of the martial cultivators here is not very high. Even with the help of those various sects and schools, I feel that it will take at least three months for them to gather everyone in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to the Infant Soul Sect’s location,” Li Yue’er said.

“I wonder if I’ll make it in time,” Chu Feng took out the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart as he said those words.

“What is that?” Li Yue’er cast her curious gaze over.

“Come have a look. This weaponry refinement chart is no ordinary weaponry refinement chart. It is able to allow one to gain martial comprehension while refining weapons,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s a treasure. You should keep it for yourself,” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Li Yue’er cast her curious gaze away from the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart.

“There’s no need for this, no? I don’t mind sharing it with you,” Chu Feng said.

“I mind. I don’t want an unmerited reward,” Li Yue’er said.

“In that case, consider it that I am asking you to help me analyze it. Would that work?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

Before Li Yue’er could answer, Chu Feng added, “Furthermore, with the care that you’ve given me these days, how could it be considered an unmerited reward?”

“Moreover, if it wasn’t for you slicing off my arm and severing the connection between the Evil God Sword and I, I might already be dead by now. As such, you could be said to have saved my life.”

However, Li Yue’er was still ignoring Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng was a smart individual. Since he was determined to share the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart with Li Yue’er, he would naturally have a way of doing so.

Chu Feng stopped trying to force Li Yue’er to read and comprehend it together with him.

Instead, he began to deliberately voice all the understanding he already had from the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart.

At the beginning, Li Yue’er ignored Chu Feng. However, later on, she also began to earnestly listen to the things he said.

It was not that she was excessively scheming and cunning. Rather, the contents of the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart were simply too fascinating. To world spiritists, it was truly irresistible.

Soon, Li Yue’er was swayed. She decided to bluntly stand behind Chu Feng and read the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart together with him.

It should be noted that not only was Li Yue’er’s talent toward martial cultivation superb, but even her talent in world spirit techniques was excellent. 

Thus, Li Yue’er helped Chu Feng quite a bit when she started to comprehend and analyze the contents of the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart with him. With the two of them jointly disassembling and analyzing its contents, they were able to increase their comprehension speed.

In merely half a month, Chu Feng and Li Yue’er actually managed to completely decipher the contents of the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart, and gain a preliminary grasp of the weaponry refinement method stated within it.

“There’s no time to lose, let’s begin now.”

After grasping the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart, Chu Feng took out all of his weaponry refinement treasures. 

His treasures scattered all over the palace hall. As for the main item that he wanted to refine into a weapon, it was naturally that stone dyed with the Divine Dragon’s blood, that so-called Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler.

That said, even though it was a stone dyed with the Divine Dragon’s blood, as it has been refined by Grandmaster Kai Hong before, it looked like a lump of rectangular-shaped metal.

“That scrap metal…”

When Chu Feng took out all of his precious weaponry refinement treasures, not a single item caught Li Yue’er’s attention. However, the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler had managed to make Li Yue’er’s expression change.

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