Chapter 2627 - The Lifespan Of A Martial Cultivator

Chapter 2627 - The Lifespan Of A Martial Cultivator


Right at that moment, that middle-aged female flew over.

She did not bow to the old man respectfully like Chu Huai did after landing. Instead, casually, she said, “The people from Hero City did not return to Hero City. Likely, they feared that they would be implicated should Chu Feng fail, and have decided to hide elsewhere.”

“Where is elsewhere?” Chu Huai asked.

“Eh…” The woman did not know how to answer that question. An awkward expression appeared on her face.

“Why does this happen every single time? Do you not know what your duty is here? Why are you unable to even handle minor things like this properly?” Chu Huai was slightly annoyed.

The woman pouted her lips. With a tone filled with grievance, she said, “Aiyah, all those people have been transferred back to the clan, and all the missions in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm have been canceled. Not to mention that we do not have sufficient manpower, even the continued surveillance is meaningless.”

“They’re not people from our Chu Heavenly Clan. What they’ve done, whether they live or die, what does that have to do with us?” 

Even though her appearance was that of a middle-aged woman, she still had the personality of a child.

“This is a mission given to us by senior. We must accomplish it earnestly,” Chu Huai said.

“Now, now. Chu Huai, stop blaming Chu Yue. What she said is correct. Everyone from our Chu Heavenly Clan has left, and the missions here have all been cancelled. There really isn’t much for us to monitor here.”

“Actually, we will soon have to leave the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm and return to the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm ourselves,” The old man said.

“Senior, is what you said the truth?” Hearing those words, the woman called Chu Yue was overjoyed.

“Naturally,” The old man said.

“But, senior, didn’t you say that there’s still the mission to eliminate the Infant Soul Sect in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm?” Compared to Chu Yue’s exultation, Chu Huai was unwilling to leave.

“Although our Chu Heavenly Clan’s several heavenly beloved geniuses all possess the strength to eliminate the Infant Soul Sect, they have all passed the age limit to accomplish that mission.”

“Apart from them, there is currently no one in our clan who could accomplish that mission.”

“Unless, of course, another heaven-defying member of the younger generation is to appear in our clan, and that person is willing to come to a place like this Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to accomplish that mission.”

“Otherwise, there will likely not be anyone from our Chu Heavenly Clan that will be willing to come to this Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. As such, it will be meaningless for us to continue to stay here.”

“Moreover, if there really is a person from the younger generation who is willing to come to the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to challenge that mission, we can just secretly follow that person here,” The old man said.

Hearing those words, that woman called Chu Yue was overjoyed. She started to hop and skip around happily.

As for the middle-aged man, he grew downcast.

“The two of you are finally able to resume your original appearances too. There’s no need to be secretive anymore.”

As the old man spoke, he waved his sleeve. Then, a burst of spirit power scattered over Chu Huai and Chu Yue like starlight.

The next moment, their appearances started to change. Chu Huai turned into a young man, and Chu Yue turned into a young woman.

Merely, compared to Chu Huai’s ordinary appearance, Chu Yue was somewhat of a beauty.

“It’s time to leave this desolate place. I’m finally able to use my own appearance now.”

“Being youthful is truly better.”

Chu Yue took out a mirror and looked at her charming face with a satisfied expression.

This was her actual face. This was her original appearance. This was what she was immensely proud of.

“We are middle-aged people to begin with,” As for Chu Huai, he had an expression of indifference.

“Foolish child, how could the world of martial cultivators be compared with that of ordinary people?”

“People that are less than a hundred years old are considered people of the younger generation. People that are less than a thousand years old are youths. After a thousand is middle-age, and only after five thousand years can one be considered old. That is something that our Ancestor set up.”

“As for the two of you, you are both not even a hundred years old. You two can only still be considered to be of the younger generation. Thus, how could you say that you’re middle-aged?”

“The two of you are still very far away from becoming middle-aged,” The old man said with a beaming smile.

“But, in that case, why is it that many of the weak cultivators in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm will grow old and weak after reaching fifty years of age, and be filled with white hair by the time they pass a hundred years old? If they want to maintain their youthful appearance, they will have to disguise themselves using world spirit techniques,” Chu Huai asked.

“Could the people of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm possibly be considered to be actual cultivators? In the old man’s eyes, true cultivators need to have at least reached the True Immortal realm.”

“Let me ask you two this, do those cultivators who reach True Immortal realm grow old within a hundred years? Will they become an old man like myself within a thousand years?” The old man asked.

Chu Huai and Chu Yue started to recall the True Immortals that they’d met, and discovered that all those within a thousand years of age really did have youthful appearances. Only after they reached a thousand years of age did they show signs of aging. However, even if they were to age, they would only age to middle-aged appearances.

As for becoming actual old people, they would have to reach at least five thousand years of age. Apart from deliberately disguising themselves, True Immortals would only show signs of grizzled hair and distinctive wrinkles on their faces after they passed five thousand years of age. 

As for True Immortals within a hundred years of age, they were people filled with spirit. Their skin was soft and tender like the water’s surface. 

There were even some among them that looked like youngsters or young girls.

“In that case, does it mean that reaching True Immortal realm could be considered to be shedding one’s mortal body and being born again?” Chu Huai asked.

“You have been a True Immortal for all these years, yet you still didn’t notice that?” The old man smiled. Then, he said, “What you said is correct. Only by reaching the True Immortal realm will martial cultivators surpass the confinements of their mortal bodies.”

“Generally speaking, True Immortal-realm experts are all able to live for more than ten thousand years. Think about it. If non-cultivators have a life expectancy of a hundred years, then they will definitely become old when they reach sixty. Thus, to call them middle-aged at forty will not be an issue at all. After all, their lifespan is so short.”

“However, the lifespan of True Immortals must be determined using ten thousand years. With that… wouldn’t considering those under a thousand to be middle-aged far-fetched?” The old man asked.

“That’s right. Compared to ordinary people, a thousand years would only be ten years. How could it be considered to be middle-aged? It should be still considered to be childhood.” 

“Wow! Big brother Chu Huai, so you’re actually still a child,” Chu Yue said to Chu Huai with a innocent expression.

“Haha, foolish girl,” Hearing those words, the old man laughed. He gently caressed Chu Yue’s hair and said, “The categorization of age is something that has been determined by our ancestor. As such, there is definitely a reason for it. Even if we find it unreasonable, we must still acknowledge it.”

“After all, even for True Immortals, they will still age after living for a thousand years. They will not be able to stay young forever,” The old man said.

“But, senior, logically, shouldn’t cultivators’ lifespans increase as their cultivation grows stronger?”

“In that case, why is it that in our clan, regardless of whether one might be a True Immortal, Heavenly Immortal or Martial Immortal, the limit of their lifespan can all be considered to be ten thousand years?” Chu Huai asked.

“That’s right. Not to mention the Half Martial Ancestors and Martial Ancestors, I’ve heard from my father that even Martial Emperors that managed to encounter fortuitous meetings will be able to live up to ten thousand years should they take good care of their health and use treasures to extend their lifespan.”

“In that case, why is it that the life expectancy for True Immortals, Heavenly Immortals and Martial Immortals is also only ten thousand years?”

“This is simply too unfair. Even though the difference in cultivation realms is so great, even though they’ve placed so much effort in reaching a breakthrough, they are unable to extend their lifespan even after reaching breakthroughs in cultivation,” Chu Yue said.

“One can extend one’s lifespan upon reaching the Exalted Realm,” The old man said.

“Exalted Realm? That’s too difficult, no?” Chu Yue said.

“Even upon reaching the Exalted Realm, the number of years their life is extended will also be determined by the individual.”

“However, something like that is also reasonable and fair. You two should not think of it as unfair. After all, even martial cultivators are limited by their lifespan. In the end, they will also grow old, become sick and die.”

“If one can extend one’s lifespan without limit by increasing one’s cultivation, then those experts from the Ancient Era would have been able to live till this day. With their strength, how could the world be filled with modern people like us?”

“Likely, it would still be be those seniors from the Ancient Era that rule the Galaxies and Starfields,” The old man said.

“That’s true. I’ve heard from my grandfather that those seniors from the Ancient Era were extremely frightening existences. Their strength was not something that we can compare to,” Chu Yue said.

“Actually, it is already very good that us cultivators can live up till ten thousand years of age. After all, compared to the lifespan of ordinary people, ten thousand years is an extremely long period of time,” The old man said.

“While that is true, it remains that we are True Immortals. When even those Martial Ancestors, Half Martial Ancestors and even Martial Emperors are able to live as long as we do, I still feel that it is very unfair,” Chu Yue said with pouted lips.

“While that might be the case, not mentioning the Martial Emperors, even for Half Martial Ancestors and Martial Ancestors, how many among them can really live till ten thousand years of age?” The old man asked.

“I don’t seem to have met any,” Chu Yue shook her head.

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