Chapter 2625 - The Culprit From Behind The Shadows

Chapter 2625 - The Culprit From Behind The Shadows


After hearing that, Li Yue’er took out a golden medicinal pellet and handed it to Chu Feng, “Quickly, swallow that.”

“It’s useless,” Chu Feng shook his head.

“I said swallow it, so swallow it,” Li Yue’er forcibly shoved the medicinal pellet into Chu Feng’s mouth.

Then, she brought Chu Feng and started flying into the distance.

Chu Feng was surprised to discover that the medicinal pellet actually started to refine itself once it entered his mouth. It turned into strands of energy that assimilated with the various areas of his body. 

At that moment, a warm current filled Chu Feng’s entire body. As the warm current moved through his body, Chu Feng’s unbearable pain actually really managed to improve greatly.

As that medicinal pellet possessed miraculous effects, Chu Feng knew that medicinal pellet was most definitely of considerable value. Else, it would be impossible for it to be able to curb the Evil God Sword’s backlash.

Once again, he owed Li Yue’er another favor.

“Girl, the speed at which your cultivation increases is truly fast,” At that moment, Chu Feng had noticed that Li Yue’er was traveling extremely fast even while bringing him along. 

Li Yue’er’s cultivation was no longer that of a peak Martial Ancestor. She had already reached a breakthrough. Currently, she was a rank one True Immortal.

“Peak Martial Ancestor is not some sort of difficult mountain pass. With your cultivation, you will, sooner or later, also reach a breakthrough,” Li Yue’er said.

However, after she finished saying those words, she discovered that Chu Feng did not answer her. Thus, she took a glance at Chu Feng.

It was only then that she discovered that Chu Feng was currently sweating immensely. His entire face was twisted. He seemed to be in even more pain than before.

“That medicinal pellet of mine should be especially effective against backlashes. Could it be that it’s ineffective?” Li Yue’er asked.

However, Chu Feng was in so much pain that he was nearly about to lose consciousness. The pain he was suffering was many times stronger than before Li Yue’er fed him the medicinal pellet.

That sort of pain was not something imaginable. It was as if his soul was being torn away by someone nonstop. Then, after it was completely torn apart, his soul would be reformed only to be torn apart again. 

It was his soul, and not his body.

To a person of Chu Feng’s cultivation, physical pain was nothing serious. Only pain to one’s soul could be fatal.

If their physical body was destroyed, it could be reformed. However, if their soul was destroyed, there would be no cure, and they would truly die.

The pain that Chu Feng was suffering from at that moment was pain that originated from his soul.

Furthermore, the backlash this time was simply too powerful. Soon, Chu Feng’s consciousness grew completely fuzzy. Then, he lost consciousness.


At the Southwestern region of Chen Heavenly City was an ancient mountain range. The peak of that mountain range reached above the clouds. It was an extremely cold region covered in snow all year round.

Inside a cave within this extremely cold region was the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster. He was hiding there.

Even though that place was extremely ice-cold, his body was emitting steam. 

Not only did the steam completely melt away the snow inside the cave, but it even melted away the snow covering the mountain peak.

After the Evil God Sword’s power disappeared, the crimson gaseous flames that bound him also disappeared.

However, many crimson scars were left behind on his body. Not only were those scars emitting steam, but they were also inflicting him with unbearable pain. 

Most importantly, he was unable to cure or heal those scars.

“Save me, Milord, I beg of you, please save me. I am soon to be unable to endure this anymore.”

Resisting the pain he felt with great difficulty, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster kneeled onto the ground and begged.

However, before him was not a soul in sight.


Suddenly, a figure appeared before him. That person possessed white hair and gave off an extraordinary air.

That person… was actually the old man with the greatest seniority and strongest strength among the three Chu Heavenly Clansmen who were looking down on what was happening in Chen Heavenly City from above the clouds.

“Useless trash.”

“You started to cry for me to help you right before Chu Feng. Did you know… that you’ve already exposed me?”

The old man looked to the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster and spoke coldly. Ice-cold anger filled his eyes.

“Milord, I swear to the heavens that I did not mention your name to that Chu Feng.”

“In this world, apart from this lowly one here, there is no one who knows of your existence.”

“Milord, I beg of you, please save me. I do not want to die. I really don’t want to die.”

The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster was kneeling, kowtowing and begging nonstop.

However, that old man simply ignored him.

“Milord, as long as you save me, I will definitely accomplish what you wanted me to do. If I am to die, no one in the Infant Soul Sect will be able to properly accomplish that task,” The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster continued.

Originally, the old man’s expression remained unchanged from his begging. However, he was immediately moved upon hearing the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster mention the task that he gave him.

After a moment of silence, the old man took out a jade bottle from his Cosmos Sack.

Once he opened the jade bottle, a refreshing aura was immediately emitted from it. The old man gently flicked the jade bottle, and a droplet of water emerged from it. That droplet of water lightly landed on the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.


Once the water droplet landed on him, it started to rapidly expand in size. “Splash~~” The water droplet formed an enormous jade green splash of water that completely covered the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

The splash of water did not roll down the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s body. Rather, it stuck to his body and started to bubble. It was as if the splash of water was healing him.

However, that splash of water only lasted for an instant before disappearing.

It was as if a splash of water had fallen into a dry desert. Not only was it instantly absorbed, but there was not even the slightest trace of its existence remaining afterwards.


Seeing this scene, the old man started to frown. Evidently… the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s injury was much more difficult to treat than he had originally anticipated. 

Then, the old man flicked ten more droplets of water out of the jade bottle. All of the water droplets landed on the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

This time around, it took a bit longer for the splashes of water to disappear. However, they still disappeared quickly. They were all engulfed by the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s body. 

To be exact, they were all engulfed by the scars on the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s body

With that being the case, the old man had no choice but to continue to increase the amount of water droplets. After using roughly half of the water in the jade bottle, the scars on the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s body were finally healed.

“Milord, thank you for saving me, thank you for saving me!!!”

“I, Hun Poyuan, will forever remember Milord for saving my life.”

After his injuries were cured, Hun Poyuan looked to his healed body and was completely overjoyed. He began to kowtow to the old man nonstop.

As he was suffering from his injuries earlier, he knew very well how frightening his injuries were. They were injuries that he was unable to remove. Those scars were capable of burning away his soul. If it wasn’t for that old man saving him, he knew that he might not even be able to live to the end of the day.

However, faced with the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s thankfulness, that old man did not even bother to take a single glance at him. He merely looked to the jade bottle in his hand. A distressed expression filled his eyes.

“If you are to mess up this matter, I will definitely make you suffer pain a hundredfold, a thousandfold, that of what you’ve suffered here today. Then, I will take away your life.” The old man from the Chu Heavenly Clan said coldly.

“Milord, please rest assured. I will definitely not let down the trust Milord had placed upon me. I will definitely handle things properly,” The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster guaranteed.

“Don’t speak it so quickly. That Chu Feng is still alive,” The old man said.

“He’s still alive?” Hearing those words, the expression of the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster changed. A deep restraining fear emerged in his eyes.

“Milord, that Chu Feng’s Demon Armament is simply too strange. This lowly one is not a match for him. Milord, could you…” When he reached this point, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster started to hesitate. However, he still clenched his teeth and said, “Milord, can you help this lowly one eliminate that Chu Feng?”

“That Chu Feng has killed someone from our Chu Heavenly Clan. If I could act, how could he have lived till today?” 

“But, what sort of status do we possess? How could we possibly involve ourselves in matters of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm?”

“If I could kill him directly myself, how could there be a need for a trash like you to help me? This old man would have completely taken care of everything by now,” The old man spoke angrily.

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