Chapter 2579 - Completely Unreasonable

Chapter 2579 - Completely Unreasonable

Xu Lian’s intention was clear to everyone. Merely, the result of his attempt caused Xu Lian enormous embarrassment. 

Although there were a lot of people from Hero City present, not a single person was standing up for him.

“Could it be that you all didn’t see this Chu Feng attacking me earlier?!”

“What is this? Are you all disregarding the rules of Hero City?!” Xu Lian shouted loudly.

However, the crowd from Hero City still did not respond.

“You people, you couldn’t possibly not even know the rules of Hero City, right?!” Xu Lian grew even more furious.

However, there was still no reaction from the crowd. They merely lowered their heads silently without answering Xu Lian at all.

The people from Hero City would not allow others to attack them. This was the rule of Hero City that even outsiders knew about. As such, how could the people from Hero City not know about it?

However, who was Chu Feng? Not only was he the person who saved Ying Mingchao, but he was also the number one genius in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

His future accomplishments would most likely surpass those of Ying Mingchao. He would become an overlord to rule over an era.

As such, who would be willing to offend someone like him?

Actually, many people were ridiculing Xu Lian in their hearts. They were laughing at how brainless he was.

Everyone in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm knew about the relationship between Chu Feng and Ying Mingchao. However, that Xu Lian, as a member of Hero City, was actually trying to confront Chu Feng. His actions were simply courting death.

“What are the city’s rules to you all?! You all are simply unqualified to be members of Hero City!” Xu Lian shouted with incomparable rage. His voice was so loud that even the people in Hero City could hear it.

Hearing Xu Lian’s shout, more and more people from Hero City came over. However, upon hearing what had happened, not a single person was willing to attack Chu Feng.

At that moment, only two people were confronting Chu Feng. They were Xu Lian and his younger sister.

“You all… very well… you are all truly capable, truly loyal and upholding the spirit of brotherhood!”

At that moment, Xu Lian’s face turned green.

He had originally thought that his words would incite the crowd, that the people from Hero City would all come to attack Chu Feng. Yet, the current situation caused him incomparable embarrassment.

“Lord City Master! Is Lord City Master present?!”

“Someone has humiliated this subordinate! Lord City Master, would you please uphold justice for this subordinate?!”

Feeling helpless, Xu Lian began to loudly shout for Ying Mingchao directly.

“Has this Xu Lian gone crazy? He actually called for Lord Ying Mingchao to uphold justice for him?”

Some people were shocked. The reason for that was because they all knew that Chu Feng was Ying Mingchao’s savior.

It would be understandable for Xu Lian to try to incite the others from Hero City to attack Chu Feng. However, to ask Ying Mingchao to help him would simply be indulging in fantasy.

“That’s not necessarily the case,” However, at that moment, someone voiced their objection.

“Are you to say that Ying Mingchao will help that Xu Lian attack Chu Feng?” Someone asked.

“Although Ying Mingchao has disappeared for over a thousand years, I believe everyone has heard of his character.”

“Ying Mingchao has always attached the most importance to his brothers. The reason why Hero City was able to establish itself was also because of its strict rules and the code of brotherhood people yearned for.”

“Even if Ying Mingchao is grateful toward Chu Feng for saving his life, if he wants to make a comeback, he absolutely cannot tear down his own reputation.”

“Don’t forget, it is precisely because of Ying Mingchao’s strict character that he was able to establish such prestige in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” That person said.

“Now that you mention it, that’s reasonable too.”

At that moment, the crowd’s hearts were swayed slightly. After all, if Ying Mingchao wanted to keep his prestige, even if he did not do anything to Chu Feng, he must still speak on behalf of Xu Lian in that matter.

Else, his reputation would be gone. To someone like him who cared deeply about reputation, it would be something unendurable. 

After the crowd came to that realization, they started to feel admiration toward Xu Lian’s intelligence.

It turned out, that Xu Lian was not a fool. Rather, he was very smart.

For Xu Lian to dare declare war against Chu Feng in such a manner, he had most definitely already thought about all those things. He must be feeling that Ying Mingchao would definitely stand on his side for the sake of his sentiment and face.

Else, there would be no reason for him to go completely against Chu Feng.


Right at that moment, a furious shout exploded.

That voice was so resounding that both heaven and earth started to tremble. The outside of the city that was originally filled with noise immediately went silent.

Everyone was frightened by that shout.

Following that, an awe-inspiring and domineering individual appeared out of thin air and stood beside Chu Feng.

“Look, it’s Lord Ying Mingchao!!!”

At that moment, the crowd burst into an uproar again. The reason for that was because the person that had appeared was Ying Mingchao.

“We pay our respects to Lord City Master!”

Upon seeing Ying Mingchao, the people from Hero City all half kneeled onto the ground to express their utmost respect to Ying Mingchao.

Even Xu Lian and his sister did the same.

“Xu Lian, what sort of nonsense are you causing?” Ying Mingchao turned to ask Xu Lian.

“Lord City Master, this subordinate has one thing that he wishes to ask. Is this Chu Feng a member of our Hero City?” Xu Lian asked.

“No he isn’t, what of it?” Ying Mingchao answered very firmly.

“If he isn’t, then it will be easy to handle.”

“This Chu Feng attacked this subordinate without reason or cause. Regarding this… I hope that Lord City Master will uphold justice for this subordinate,” Xu Lian spoke with a wronged expression.

“Was it truly without reason or cause?” Ying Mingchao asked.

“This…” Xu Lian started to hesitate. After all, he was the one to insult Chu Feng’s friends first. As such, he was somewhat in the wrong first.

However, upon recalling the rules of Hero City, even if he was in the wrong, Chu Feng would still be at fault. Thus, Xu Lian planned to confess everything in detail.

However, before Xu Lian could say anything, Ying Mingchao asked, “Even if he had really attacked you without reason or cause, what would you want to do about it?” 

“Lord City Master, I...?” Xu Lian was stunned. Confusion filled his eyes.

The reason for that was because he had not only sensed discrimination in favor of Chu Feng from Ying Mingchao’s words, but he had also sensed anger.

That anger was aimed toward him.


Ying Mingchao snorted coldly. Then, he cast his sharp gaze around the surroundings.

He said, “Everyone, please listen carefully.”

“Not only is Brother Chu Feng the person who saved me, he is also my brother of a lifetime.”

“I, Ying Mingchao, am willing to experience life and death together with him. Regardless of whether it is someone from my Hero City or not, if anyone dares to make an enemy of Brother Chu Feng, I, Ying Mingchao, will definitely not let them get away with it.”


After he finished saying those words, Ying Mingchao waved his sleeve. Xu Lian and his younger sister were directly flipped to the ground.

“The two of you were disrespectful toward Brother Chu Feng. From today on… you are expelled from Hero City.”

“However, this is merely a warning. If this happens again, I will take the lives of you curs!” Ying Mingchao shouted angrily.

Xu Lian and his younger sister were already shivering in fear.

No matter how famous Xu Lian and his younger sister might be, they were still only a peak Martial Ancestor and a rank eight Martial Ancestor. They were people on completely different levels from Ying Mingchao.

Who was Ying Mingchao? He was the publicly accepted number one expert in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm right now. He was a ruthless character that directly exterminated the entire Kong Heavenly Clan.

Before him, the two of them simply did not dare to cause any offense.

“Lord City Master, Lord City Master, this lowly one had a bee in my bonnet. I hope that Lord City Master will give this subordinate a chance to turn over a new leaf,” Xu Lian kneeled before Ying Mingchao and begged for forgiveness repeatedly. 

He even looked to Chu Feng and said, “Lord Chu Feng, I was wrong. Please show mercy upon this lowly one and help me say something to Lord City Master.”

Xu Lian was truly regretting. If he had known that Chu Feng held such a great status in Ying Mingchao’s heart, even if he were to be given a hundred times more courage, he would not dare to do what he had done.

“Scram,” Ying Mingchao waved his sleeve, and that Xu Lian and his younger sister were blown away. They disappeared from the crowd’s field of view.

At that moment, the crowd all sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

What Ying Mingchao did was far from only discriminating in favor of Chu Feng; he was simply being completely unreasonable.

With what had happened, the crowd finally had a clear understanding of the relationship between Chu Feng and Ying Mingchao.

Their relationship was even more robust than they had imagined.

They now knew that Chu Feng was someone that they absolutely could not offend.

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