Chapter 2577 - Reconciliation

Chapter 2577 - Reconciliation

While that person was indeed a familiar face, that person was a not a friend, but rather an enemy.

That person was the mother of the Four World Spiritist Emperors, the World Spiritist Saintess.

The World Spiritist Saintess was standing behind Liu Xiaoli and the others. As for the reason why she had appeared there, it was naturally because she also wanted to become allies with Hero City or join Hero City.

“Even if you want to find a backer, you should first look at your own strength. For ants to try to have an elephant as a backer, they will only be stomped to death.”

Not only had the World Spiritist Saintess thrown Liu Xiaoli and the others to the ground, but she even started mocking them.

As for the surrounding people, they all started to laugh loudly.

No matter what, the World Spiritist Saintess was a famous individual in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. Thus, with her before them, many people started to subconsciously support her.

Being ridiculed in such a manner, Liu Xiaoli and the others felt completely humiliated. They got up and planned to leave.

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice suddenly sounded.

“World Spiritist Saintess, you’re acting quite impressively, eh?”

After Chu Feng’s voice sounded, Chu Feng appeared before the crowd.

“Chu Feng! Everyone, look, it’s Chu Feng!!!”

At that moment, the expressions of the crowd all changed. They did not dare believe that they actually managed to see Chu Feng.

The next moment, the crowd burst into an uproar. Many people that were far away started to rush over upon hearing that Chu Feng had appeared.

At that moment, the outside of Hero City that was originally quite orderly had become completely chaotic with the appearance of Chu Feng.

Regardless of whether they were people from the younger generation or experts from the older generation, those people all reacted as if they'd managed to see their idol, and became extremely excited.

The older generation was relatively better, and managed to keep themselves a lot more calm. However, the people from the younger generation were reacting frantically. They were shouting with their loudest voices to express their admiration and adoration for Chu Feng.

Witnessing that scene, the expression of the World Spiritist Saintess changed. Chu Feng was able to notice a definite expression of remorse on her face. 

However, her remorseful expression was evidently not because she attacked Liu Xiaoli and the others earlier. Rather, she regretted making Chu Feng an enemy back then.

With the status and fame that Chu Feng currently possessed in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, it was understandable that she would feel regret.

“Little friend Chu Feng, it has been a while.”

Different from before, the World Spiritist Saintess revealed an amiable smile on her face as she spoke to greet Chu Feng. Her appearance was as if she were greeting a friend.

“Little friend Chu Feng is truly the number one genius in our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. The speed at which your cultivation increases is truly astonishing.”

“Back then, when I first met little friend Chu Feng, little friend Chu Feng was still only a Half Martial Ancestor. And now, you’re already a rank nine Martial Ancestor, your strength has already greatly surpassed my own.”

“Thinking back to it now, I truly feel moved. It could be said that I have witnessed little friend Chu Feng’s growth. I am truly honored.”

The World Spiritist Saintess actually began to praise Chu Feng nonstop. It was as if she had completely forgotten how she had opposed Chu Feng and even wanted to take his life back then.

“Honored? It should be I who am honored to not have died by your hands,” Chu Feng said with a cold smile.

“Eh…” Hearing those words, the World Spiritist Saintess’s face turned stiff. She felt very awkward.

However, soon, she smiled again. She said, “Little friend Chu Feng, I might as well mention it directly. I have not only come here today with the intention of becoming a Guest Elder to Hero City, my main purpose is to apologize to you.”

After she finished saying those words, the World Spiritist Saintess took out a Cosmos Sack. After opening the Cosmos Sack, countless treasures flew out. In an orderly manner, they floated before Chu Feng.

There were countless treasures. The majority of them were treasures for world spiritists. There were those used for concocting medicines, those for refining weapons and those to increase spirit power.

However, most eye-catching were the two Ancestral Armaments among the treasures.

These two Ancestral Armaments were a blade and a sword. Their appearances were completely different. However, they matched one another very well.

The same character was carved on the blade and the sword, the character ‘hatred.’

Chu Feng noticed that those two Ancestral Armaments were very high quality. As for the source of their powers, it was their characters ‘hatred.’

“It’s actually the Dual Hatred, those are Ancestral Armaments that have been lost for a long time.”

“Where did the World Spiritist Saintess obtain those treasures?”

Many of the older generation from the crowd cried out in surprise upon seeing the Ancestral Armaments. From their conversations, Chu Feng came to know that those Dual Hatred Ancestral Armaments were renowned treasures in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

In terms of quality, the Dual Hatred possessed quality on par with the Flame Dragon Greatsword. They were all top quality Ancestral Armaments.

However, in terms of fame, the Dual Hatred were even more famous. In terms of value, the Dual Hatred were also more valuable.

For the World Spiritist Saintess to take out these treasures to reconcile with Chu Feng, it could be seen that she had spent a great amount of effort and placed a great amount of thought into it.

“Little friend Chu Feng, these are my slight regards. I hope you’ll accept them.”

“I know that compared to what I have done, these treasures are simply unable to make up for it.”

“However, I am truly repenting with sincerity. These treasures represent my good faith,” The World Spiritist Saintess said to Chu Feng.

After the World Spiritist Saintess said those words, the crowd all started nodding their heads. Many among them knew what sort of character the World Spiritist Saintess was.

She was someone with actual ability. As one of the few Immortal-cloak World Spiritists in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, she was someone with a great ability to accumulate wealth. 

That said, she was also an utter cheapskate.

If it were others that took out treasures to reconcile with Chu Feng, it would be understandable.

However, with the temperament of the World Spiritist Saintess, the crowd were truly shocked at how she was willing to take out all those treasures to reconcile with Chu Feng.

“Truly repenting with sincerity?” Chu Feng chuckled coldly.

He took a glance at Liu Xiaoli and the others. Then, he said to the World Spiritist Saintess, “Is harming others what you mean by sincerely repent?”

“I… I didn’t do anything serious to them. Merely… how could a power like Hero City possibly accept people like them?” 

“What I’ve done was merely a warning to others, a warning to tell them that they should conduct themselves properly, act within their competence and not overestimate their capabilities,” The World Spiritist Saintess explained.

“Then did you know that they are my friends and have saved my life before?” Chu Feng said.


Hearing those words, the crowd all revealed surprised expressions. 

As for the World Spiritist Saintess, she had an enormous change in expression. She never ever expected that Liu Xiaoli and the others would be Chu Feng’s friends.

At that moment, the World Spiritist Saintess finally realized that her minor action earlier had courted a major disaster. 

At that moment, the World Spiritist Sainted wanted to explain.

“Woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng waved his sleeve. All of the treasures before him were put back into the Cosmos Sack.

Seeing that, the expression of the World Spiritist Saintess improved.

She thought in her heart, ‘So what if I’ve touched your friend? Aren’t you still attracted by my treasures?’

As the saying goes, receive another’s possession, accept another’s fault. Since Chu Feng had accepted those treasures, then a reconciliation would be hopeful today. At the very most, he would only reprimand the World Spiritist Saintess.


However, right at the moment when the World Spiritist Saintess was secretly delighted, Chu Feng pushed with his palm, and the Cosmos Sack with all the treasures was pushed toward the World Spiritist Saintess. 

“I am unable to have a say in you entering Hero City.”

“I am also able to forget about the past. However, you and I will most definitely not become friends.”

“While I can ignore what you’ve done to me, I will never forget what you’ve done to my friends.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he suddenly shot forth his palm. A strong wind swept past and landed on the World Spiritist Saintess.

Although the strong wind did not actually cause any injury to the World Spiritist Saintess, the powerful wind directly blew the World Spiritist Saintess tens of thousands of miles away, disappearing from the crowd’s field of view.

Looking at the direction where the World Spiritist Saintess disappeared in, Chu Feng said dully, “That’s for my friends.” 

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