Chapter 2575 - Zhou Heavenly Clan Exterminated

Chapter 2575 - Zhou Heavenly Clan Exterminated

“Lil’ Ball, do not be rude toward Brother Chu Feng,” A voice containing slight anger sounded. It was Ying Mingchao.

“Big brother, I am also grateful toward Chu Feng for saving you. However, it is one thing to be grateful, and another thing to question his strength.”

After saying those words, Lil’ Ball looked around and said, “I believe I am not the only one present that questions Chu Feng’s strength.”

“We do not.”

“That’s right, you are the one who’s calling brother Chu Feng’s strength into question. Do not involve us in this matter.”

Hearing Lil’ Ball’s question, the crowd all waved their hands to voice their disapproval.

“Humph, you all know fully well in your hearts whether or not you actually question his strength,” Lil’ Ball sneered.

“This junior is a new member to Hero City. As such, I do not know whether or not I should say this,” Right at that moment, Li Haoyang suddenly spoke.

“If there’s something that you want to say, go ahead and say it. Why bother trying to be secretive?” Lil’ Ball felt that Li Haoyang was not going to say anything good about him. Thus, he revealed a displeased expression on his face.

“Brother Chu Feng, before your return, Lord City Master discussed with us that he wanted to make you Hero City’s Vice City Master,” Li Haoyang said to Chu Feng.

“Make me the Vice City Master?” Chu Feng’s expression changed upon hearing those words.

Firstly, with his strength, he felt that it was unsuitable for him to be the Vice City Master.

Secondly, he had never joined Hero City, since he had vowed to never join another power again.

Because of that, he had refused invitations from many powers. Thus, even though he was helping Hero City, Chu Feng was doing so out of friendship, and never with the intention of joining Hero City.

“As for Senior Ball, he was Hero City’s Vice City Master back then. As Lord Clan Chief is planning to hand the position of Vice City Master to brother Chu Feng, Senior Ball is likely feeling unreconciled. That is why he has decided to deliberately make things difficult for brother Chu Feng,” Li Haoyang continued.

“Ehh…” At that moment, the crowd all grew silent. Actually, even without Li Haoyang mentioning it, they too knew very well what was happening.

“It is not that I am feeling unreconciled. Merely, I remain unconvinced by him,” Lil’ Ball said.

“I, Ying Mingchao, have always been one to convince the masses with virtue. It is I who recommended Brother Chu Feng to be Hero City’s Vice City Master. However, it is also something that everyone has agreed upon. As such, why are you unconvinced?” Ying Mingchao asked.

“Big brother, I am not unconvinced with you. I am unconvinced with that Chu Feng. If he were stronger than me, I would not say anything. However, he is but a mere Martial Ancestor. Exactly what qualifies him to be the Vice City Master?” Lil’ Ball said.

Hearing those words, the expression of anger on Ying Mingchao’s face increased. He opened his mouth and planned to lash out at Lil’ Ball.

“Lord City Master, this subordinate has an important matter to report to you!”

Right at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded from outside the palace.

“Come in,” As Ying Mingchao spoke, he waved his sleeve, and the entrance to the palace that was sealed with spirit power opened.

After the entrance to the palace was opened, an old man could be seen half kneeling outside the entrance.

That old man possessed a cultivation of peak Martial Ancestor. Chu Feng recognized him. His name was Mo Xuwen. He was an old subordinate of Hero City.

Not long after Hero City was resconstructed, he returned to Hero City. He could be said to be among the first group of old subordinates to return.

“Xuwen, have you managed to scout out anything at the Zhou Heavenly Clan?” Ying Mingchao asked.

No wonder Ying Mingchao allowed Mo Xuwen to enter so frankly. It turned out that he had dispatched Mo Xuwen to scout out the Zhou Heavenly Clan.

“Lord City Master…” Mo Xuwen entered the palace hall. He was planning on speaking. However, when he saw that Chu Feng was within the palace hall, he immediately revealed a delighted expression. He said, “Brother Chu Feng, so you’ve already returned.”

“Since brother Chu Feng is here, I presume that Lord Clan Chief and everyone else already knows about this matter?”

“What is it?” Not only were the people inside the palace hall confused by Mo Xuwen’s words, but even Chu Feng was confused.

“Brother Chu Feng, you still haven’t mentioned this matter to Lord Clan Chief?” Mo Xuwen turned to ask Chu Feng.

“Xuwen, exactly what happened? Just speak directly,” Ying Mingchao said.

“Lord Clan Chief, this subordinate left for the Zhou Heavenly Clan to scout whether or not the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had returned to the Zhou Heavenly Clan.”

“However, when this subordinate was journeying to the Zhou Heavenly Clan, I discovered that… the Zhou Heavenly Clan had already been extinguished by someone. The entire clan, apart from the old, weak and disabled, were all killed,” Mo Xuwen said.

“What? The Zhou Heavenly Clan has been entirely exterminated by someone?” The crowd were all greatly alarmed upon hearing those words.

“Do you know who did it?” Ying Mingchao asked.

Mo Xuwen did not answer immediately. Instead, he took a glance at Chu Feng.

“Tell me,” Ying Mingchao urged.

“I do not know who did it. However, there is a grand formation floating in the sky. That formation was set up with the blood of the Zhou Heavenly Clansmen. It took the form of nine large characters that hid the sky and covered the earth. Everyone in the surrounding hundred miles would be able to clearly see the characters,” Mo Xuwen said.

“What did it say?” Ying Mingchao asked.

“This is the consequence of provoking Chu Feng,” Mo Xuwen said.

[1. This is nine characters in chinese… eight words in english.]

“Chu Feng?” At that moment, it was not only Mo Xuwen. Practically everyone present turned their gazes toward Chu Feng.

“Brother Chu Feng, you did that?” Ying Mingchao asked.

“It’s not me. You also know where I left to this time,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s right, it’s impossible for it to be you. The timing doesn’t match either. Exactly who did it?”

“Could someone be trying to protect you from the shadows, or could it be that someone is trying to frame you?” Ying Mingchao started to guess.

“Lord City Master, it is most definitely not to frame brother Chu Feng. Although the entire Zhou Heavenly Clan was massacred, the old, weak and disabled were all left alive.”

“If they wanted to frame brother Chu Feng, they would not have been so lenient as to leave those survivors behind. Instead, they should’ve been as cruel as possible. Furthermore, they would not leave behind those words. Instead, they should be leaving behind words that it was done by Chu Feng,” Mo Xuwen said.

“What you’ve said is indeed reasonable,” Ying Mingchao nodded. Then, he asked Chu Feng, “Brother Chu Feng, can you guess who did that?”

“I do have a person in mind. Merely, I am not certain,” Chu Feng said.

“Who?” Ying Mingchao asked.

“If the person who did that is a friend of mine, then I would only have a single person in mind -- Zhao Hong,” Chu Feng said. The only person he could think of was Zhao Hong.

“Zhao hong? Heh…” At that moment, that Lil Ball started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Chu Feng asked in a slightly annoyed manner. The reason for that was because he was able to sense mockery in Lil Ball’s laughter.

“That friend of yours is truly capable. Knowing that the Supreme Elders from the Zhou Heavenly Clan had all left their clan, she decided to seize the opportunity to slaughter their entire clan, and even left behind those sort of words to threaten others. That is truly the doing of a vile and lowly character,” Lil’ Ball said.

Right at that moment, Mo Xuwen said, “Lord Ball, what you’ve said is incorrect.”

“Although the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had not returned to the Zhou Heavenly Clan, the Zhou Heavenly Clan was still guarded by a True Immortal. Even that True Immortal was killed,”

“That True Immortal was killed?” Hearing those words, the expression of the crowd all changed.

At that moment, Lil’ Ball’s previously disdainful expression turned into one of awkwardness.

After all, in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, True Immortals were grand characters possessing enormous strength. Those capable of killing True Immortals should definitely not be trifled with.

That massacre was not one of taking advantage of another. Rather, it was truly done with one’s actual strength.

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