Chapter 2565 - Overwhelming Battle Power

Chapter 2565 - Overwhelming Battle Power

“Trash! Apart from bullying women, you are incapable of anything else!” Ying Mingchao mocked.


“Damn it!”


Being insulted in such a manner, the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief turned red.

However, he was unable to find words to refute Ying Mingchao. The reason for that was because even though they were fighting Ying Mingchao seven to one, they were still at a disadvantage.

If he were to fight against Ying Mingchao alone, he would indeed be no match for him.

At that moment, the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief shouted, “Bloodline formation, set it up!!!”


After he said those words, a ray of light appeared from his dantian.

Right after he said those words, the dantians of the five Zhou Heavenly Clan’s True Immortals also started to emit light.

The next moment, the six rays of light flew out from their dantians and gathered together.

“That formation,” Seeing that formation, Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed.

He recognized that formation. It was the Grand Bloodline Formation. When he fought against the Kong Heavenly Clan’s True Immortals back then, they used that bloodline formation.

It was a formation capable of summoning their Lightning Marks. Merely, even though that bloodline formation was very powerful, there was an enormous cost associated with using it. That is, it would burn away the lives of its users.


Although they would be able to utilize their Lightning Marks, they would have to use their lives as the price for the continued activation of that bloodline formation.

At the moment that bloodline formation was unleashed, Chu Feng knew that the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s True Immortals were planning to place their lives on the line.

This was their final technique. They planned to have a final battle against Ying Mingchao using that technique of theirs.

Right at that moment, the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief also joined the Grand Bloodline Formation.

At that moment, Lightning Marks appeared on their foreheads. They were all ‘Mortal’ character Lightning Marks.

After their Lightning Marks appeared, their battle power also increased.

In that sort of situation, Ying Mingchao who was originally holding the upper hand in their battle was actually put at a disadvantage.

“Back then, you had your Evil God Sword in hand. Thus, even after those Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders used their Grand Bloodline Formation, they did not appear to be very powerful.”


“However, seeing it today, it would appear that the might of the Grand Bloodline Formation cannot be looked down upon.”

“I wonder, will Ying Mingchao really be able to withstand them?” Her Lady Queen said.

“After reaching the True Immortal realm, both the power of Heavenly Bloodlines and Divine Bodies will be restricted.”

“To put it simply, upon reaching the True Immortal realm, regardless of what sort of battle power you might have had before, regardless of what abilities you might know, it will all amount to nothing.”

“After reaching the True Immortal realm, everyone will reach an equal footing. Regardless of whether it is Heavenly Bloodline possessors, Divine Bodies or even those without any special power, they will all stand on the same starting line. As such, it will become very difficult for one to prevail over another.”

“In times like that, if one is able to even slightly utilize their restricted power, they will be able to instantly increase their battle power and pull apart the distance between them.”

“However, the price for that is truly something major.”

“They are simply unable to utilize the Bloodline Grand Formation for an extended period of time. I wonder if Senior Ying Mingchao will be able to persist.”

Chu Feng carefully observed the battle with his Heaven’s Eyes. He was able to discover that even though the Kong Heavenly Clan and Zhou Heavenly Clan were currently holding the upper hand, their lifespans were rapidly decreasing. The speed of the decrease was simply astonishing.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that as long as Ying Mingchao was able to persist in withstanding them, he would be able to win the battle.

“Even if you are to use this formation, you will all still die today.”

Although Ying Mingchao had entered a disadvantaged position, the disadvantage was not that great. Filled with overflowing fury, Ying Mingchao seemed to be able to overcome the Kong and Zhou Heavenly Clans’ True Immortals.

By relying on the anger in his heart and that overwhelming killing intent, even though Ying Mingchao was in a disadvantaged position, he was still holding the upper hand in terms of vigor and imposing might.


“Senior Ying Mingchao’s strength is truly not to be looked down upon. I wonder, how was he defeated by the Kong and Zhou Heavenly Clans back then?” Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

Although they were all rank two True Immortals, Chu Feng was able to tell that Ying Mingchao’s battle power was truly strong, and not something that others could compare with.

Perhaps it was precisely because of that that Ying Mingchao was deemed to be the person with the greatest chance of ruling over the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm after Zhan Haichuan and Grandmaster Kai Hong.

The reason for that was because Ying Mingchao was truly extraordinary.

“Judging from the current situation, even if this battle is to continue, the Kong Heavenly Clan and Zhou Heavenly Clan will undoubtedly be defeated. They will not be able to continue the activation of their Grand Bloodline Formation for long. They will also not be able to defeat Ying Mingchao in a short period of time. Even if they are to consume their lifespan, they will consume themselves before they defeat Ying Mingchao.”

“Although they have exhausted quite a bit of their stamina and strength fighting against Zi Xunyi and the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief before Ying Mingchao’s arrival, it was still not enough for them to go this far against Ying Mingchao. Ultimately, they are unable to defeat Ying Mingchao.”


“From this, it can be seen that they must’ve made ample preparations and used multiple tricks in order to defeat Ying Mingchao back then. Else, they would have simply been incapable of defeating him,” Her Lady Queen analyzed. She also began to feel increasingly optimistic regarding Ying Mingchao.

“A bunch of trash. So what if you possess the Grand Bloodline Formation? Without your despicable tricks, how could you all possibly defeat me?”

“All of you will die, all of you!!!”

Ying Mingchao grew braver the more he fought. Not only was his might earth-shattering, but his roars were also capable of shaking everything around him.

Although the Kong Heavenly Clansmen had already taken refuge, they still started to shiver in fear because of Ying Mingchao’s roars.

In that sort of situation Ying Mingchao’s disadvantage in the battle grew weaker and weaker. Once again, he managed to regain his superiority. Even the Grand Bloodline Formation was unable to stop him.

Seeing that they were doomed to lose, the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief shouted, “Senior Blue Gown, can you step forth to help us?”

“Senior Blue Gown?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed.

He clearly remembered that the person who gave Kong Doumoyuan the poison was a mysterious individual wearing a blue gown. It was that person that was trying to take care of them from the shadows.


“Could that guy really be here?”

Chu Feng started to worry. Although Ying Mingchao’s battle power was very strong and the current situation was very favorable to them, it remained that Chu Feng had no idea exactly who that mysterious blue-gowned individual was.

However, he felt that that blue-gowned individual was most likely someone from the Upper Realms.

There were a lot of people from the Upper Realms. Not all of them were very powerful. In fact, many of them were not even True Immortals, or even Martial Ancestors.

However, those capable of reaching the Ordinary Realms from the Upper Realms were most definitely all extraordinary individuals. Furthermore, to be able to obtain that sort of poison meant that that blue-gowned individual possessed some tricks up his sleeve.


Thus, Chu Feng felt that if that blue-gowned individual were to act, even Ying Mingchao would be no match for him.

Fortunately, even after the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief shouted for assistance, there was no response.

“Is that guy bluffing? How could Ying Mingchao possibly be driven away by that mere shout for assistance? He is simply underestimating Ying Mingchao too much, no?”

Her Lady Queen thought that the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was bluffing. She started to mock him.

“It might not necessarily be a bluff. It is definitely not a coincidence for them to have seen through our Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation and possess the Demon Armament Suppression Talisman to restrict my Evil God Sword. Likely, someone really is helping them from the shadows,” Chu Feng said.


“You mean to say that Blue Gown is really here right now?” Her Lady Queen started to panic slightly. After all, she also knew very well how dangerous that mysterious blue-gowned individual was.

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