Chapter 2558 - Exposed

Chapter 2558 - Exposed

Chu Feng and Zi Xunyi entered the Kong Heavenly Clan with their Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation activated.

Their target was very clear: they were planning to make a beeline for the Kong Heavenly Clan’s forbidden area, the Grief Calamity Mountain Range.

However, right after they reached the entrance of the Grief Calamity Mountain Range, Zi Xunyi’s expression took a huge change.


Suddenly, Zi Xunyi pulled Chu Feng behind her.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

The next moment, many dazzling rays of light appeared in the space right before them.

It was martial power, Immortal-level martial power.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~” In response, Zi Xunyi waved her sleeve three continuous times, and surging martial power began to fly out of her sleeve.

Her martial power gathered together and began to radiate. They formed a martial power barrier before her and Chu Feng, protecting them.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang~~~”

The next moment, the martial power that had appeared before them all collided with that martial power barrier.

The powerful martial power not only caused the surrounding rocks to shatter and scatter about, leaving behind a huge crater on the ground, but it also caused many cracks to appear in the surrounding space.

However, the martial power that collided with Zi Xunyi’s martial power barrier were unable to harm Chu Feng and Zi Xunyi in the slightest. They were all blocked by her martial power barrier.

At that moment, Zi Xunyi stood straight and moved her sleeve two more times, dispersing her martial power barrier.

At the same time, her figure also appeared. She had canceled her Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation.

Right at that at moment, Zi Xunyi’s voice entered Chu Feng’s ears.

“Chu Feng, we’ve been discovered. However, do not reveal yourself.”

Zi Xunyi’s intention was very clear. They had been ambushed.

However, as an experienced world spiritist, she felt that it was impossible for them to be detected, as they were using the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation.

It would be impossible for them to be detected… unless their opponents possessed a spirit formation capable of detecting the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation.

And now, as Zi Xunyi was actually detected with her opponents having already locked onto her, she had no choice but to reveal herself.

Merely, she was only thinking wishfully, and hoping that Chu Feng had not been discovered yet.

With that, even if her opponents were to be too powerful, and she was no match for them, Chu Feng, who was still concealed with the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation, would still have a chance of being able to escape.

“Chu Feng, don’t bother hiding anymore. We know that you’re right behind that woman.”

Right at that moment, the voice of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief sounded.

Following that, the space where the several martial power attacks collided started to tremble.

Then, a total of seven figures appeared.

They were led by the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief. Standing on either side of them were the five Supreme Elders from the Zhou Heavenly Clan.

Those people were all True Immortals. Especially the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, they were both rank two True Immortals.

Thus, they were extremely imposing as they stood there. Their auras were so strong that they were like seven divine beings overlooking the mortals beneath them.

They were truly existences high and above everything else.

“How did they discover us?”

Seeing their situation Chu Feng’s heart tightened. Evidently, the Kong Heavenly Clan was already prepared for them. Else, they would not have gathered this many experts.

“What’s this, you do not even dare show yourself? What happened to your awe-inspiring authority from two years ago?” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief mocked.


At that moment, the space behind Zi Xunyi started to wiggle. Then, Chu Feng’s figure appeared.

Since he had already been discovered, there was no reason for Chu Feng to continue concealing himself. As such, he also removed the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation on him.

“Who is helping you all from the shadows? Is it that blue-gowned individual?” Chu Feng asked.

Hearing those words, the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and the True Immortals from the Zhou Heavenly Clan all revealed a change in expression.

They never expected that Chu Feng actually knew of Blue Gown. Moreover, they never expected that Chu Feng knew Blue Gown was helping them.

“Seems like it really is him,” Chu Feng said.

At the beginning, Chu Feng was only suspecting that might be the case. The reason for that was because he knew that no one in the Kong Heavenly Clan would be able to detect the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation.

Furthermore, their ancestor had also never left behind any spirit formation capable of detecting the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation. Else… he would not have been able to successfully infiltrate the Grief Calamity Mountain Range the last time.

Thus, the first person that Chu Feng thought of was that mysterious blue-gowned individual.

That said, Chu Feng was merely questioning in an attempt to probe things previously.

However, from the reactions of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and the others, Chu Feng was now certain that the person helping them was definitely that mysterious blue-gowned individual.

“There is simply no one helping us. For a mere brat like you, why would we need the help of others?”

“With our two clans joining hands, we are able to easily eliminate you,” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

With a gloomy expression on his face, the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief added, “Chu Feng, you must pay for Zhou Fukong’s death.”

“Humph,” Chu Feng coldly snorted upon hearing those words. A sneer emerged on his face. No matter how they tried to deny it, Chu Feng was determined that the mysterious blue-gowned individual was helping them from the shadows.

Else, with merely these people from the Kong Heavenly Clan and the Zhou Heavenly Clan, it would simply be impossible for them to see through their Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation, track them and accurately ambush them.


Right at that moment, a purple dagger appeared in both of Zi Xunyi’s hands.

Once the two purple daggers appeared, Zi Xunyi’s gown immediately started to flutter, and her long hair began to drift.

At that moment, Zi Xunyi was emitting surging purple gaseous flames from her entire body.

An ice-cold expression also appeared in her eyes. It was killing intent.

With a gaze filled with killing intent, she looked to the Kong Heavenly Clan’s crowd. With an ice-cold tone, she said, “Scram.”

“Scram? By merely you?” The Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief sneered.

“You must be that person backing Chu Feng, right? It is no wonder this Chu Feng is so undisciplined and out of control. Turns out, you are as arrogant and conceited as him,” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief mocked.

Although this was the first time they had met Zi Xunyi, they were extremely hostile toward her.

The reason for that was none other than the fact that Zi Xunyi was standing on Chu Feng’s side. Thus, they were certain that Zi Xunyi was Chu Feng’s backer.

“You spout too much rubbish,” At that moment, Zi Xunyi’s gaze grew increasingly ice-cold. After saying those words, the entire region of space around them immediately grew extremely chilly. It was as if a severe winter had suddenly descended upon the area.

“What’s this, you're really planning to fight us?” The Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief laughed mockingly. Although Zi Xunyi was a rank two True Immortal, he did not place Zi Xunyi in his eyes in the slightest.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

The next moment, Zi Xunyi’s arms began to move about, and surging martial power began to gush out of her body like a flood breaking through a dam.

The martial power fused together and began to transform. Soon, it turned into countless crimson blade rays that started to fly toward the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and the Zhou Heavenly Clan’s True Immortals.

It was a martial skill. Furthermore, it was no ordinary martial skill. Rather, it was a taboo martial skill.

Zi Xunyi knew that her opponents weren’t weak. Thus, she immediately unleashed her trump card from the very start.

The Kong Heavenly Clan and Zhou Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chiefs had already revealed their Ancestral Armaments.

Seeing Zi Xunyi’s attack, the two of them also unleashed taboo martial skills with their Ancestral Armaments to counter Zi Xunyi’s attack.

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