Chapter 2552 - Who Dares Touch Him?!

Chapter 2552 - Who Dares Touch Him?!


“Who is it?”

The words that were suddenly spoken caused the Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen to all cast their alerted gazes toward the direction of the sound.

They all subconsciously felt that it was very possible that Li Yue’er’s accomplice had arrived.


“Where is the person who spoke?”

However, when the Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen all turned their gazes toward the direction of the sound, they all revealed stunned and bewildered expressions.

The reason for that was because they were looking in Chu Feng’s direction, but were unable to see Chu Feng at all.

At that moment, they all came to suspect whether or not they might have misheard things.


They began to look everywhere. It was only then that they discovered that everyone else was doing the same sort of thing.


At that moment, they grew even more bewildered.


After all, while it was possible for a single person to mishear things, it would be impossible for all of them to mishear things.



At that moment, Chu Feng removed the effect of the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation of his own accord and revealed himself to the crowd.


At that moment, the Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen all revealed stunned expressions. Evidently, they had not expected Chu Feng to reveal himself.


Furthermore, they did not expect that the person who had the courage to reveal themself at such a time would be a member of the younger generation.

Right at the moment when the crowd was stunned, Chu Feng leapt past the crowd before him and landed at the center of the plaza before Li Yue’er.



At the same time, a crimson sword also appeared in Chu Feng’s hand.


Chu Feng was unable to be certain as to whether or not Zi Xunyi would help him. If Zi Xunyi were to not help him at a time like this, he could only rely on the Evil God Sword’s power for protection.

After all, what he was facing at that moment, were two rank one True Immortals and a rank two True Immortal.


As for the Evil God Sword, it seemed to have sensed the fact that Chu Feng needed its strength and was trembling nonstop.


It was not trembling from fear. Rather, it was trembling from excitement. It was excited that it was finally able to unleash its power again, that it was finally able to rule over the world again, finally able to have the people of the world realize how frightening it was again.

That said, although the Evil God Sword was very powerful, only Chu Feng was able to sense its surging powers before its power was actually released.


Thus, at that moment, not a single person from the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan realized that the Incomplete Imperial Armament Chu Feng held in his hand would be the greatest threat to them.

They were all looking at Chu Feng with confused expressions on their faces. It was as if they were looking at a clown.


The reason for that was because they did not understand why the fellow before their eyes would take out an Incomplete Imperial Armament in such an aggressive and overbearing manner.


Logically, to have the cultivation of a rank nine Martial Ancestor at such a young age was already something very frightening. He could be said to be an absolute genius. As such, there shouldn’t be a reason for him to be so poor that he could not even afford an Ancestral Armament, no?

Even if he didn’t have an Ancestral Armament, he should most definitely possess an Incomplete Ancestral Armament or an Imperial Armament.


The crowd were truly confused by Chu Feng’s sudden reveal of an Incomplete Imperial Armament and arrogant display.

At that moment, many people felt that the brat before them might be suffering from some mental deficiency.

“Chu Feng, seems like you’re being underestimated again. Look at the expressions of those people, they must all be thinking that you’re mentally retarded, no?”


“If possible, I truly hope for you to use that Evil God Sword and show them exactly what sort of weapon that Incomplete Imperial Armament is,” Her Lady Queen said with a beaming smile.


She felt the Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen to be too ignorant.


Of course, she was merely joking with her words. As Her Lady Queen knew very well how powerful the Evil God Sword was, she naturally did not wish for Chu Feng to use it.


As for Chu Feng, he did not start attacking right away either. He also did not bother to pay attention to the crowd. Instead, he turned his gaze to the viewing platform and looked to Zi Xunyi.


He asked, “Do you know Ying Mingchao?”


The Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen were all confused by Chu Feng’s words.


However, the expressions of the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief and Zi Xunyi changed enormously. They both revealed very complicated expressions.

This was especially true for the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief. He turned his complicated gaze to Zi Xunyi.


“There’s hope, seems like they know one another.”

Her Lady Queen was delighted to see this reaction. The reason for that was because their reaction most likely meant that Zi Xunyi knew Ying Mingchao.


“It is Ying Mingchao who asked me to come here. He is currently trapped somewhere, and wanted to request that you go and save him,” Chu Feng added.


Right after Chu Feng said those words, the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief shouted, “Kill them!”


At the moment he shouted that order, the two True Immortals standing to either side of Li Yue’er immediately unleashed overwhelming killing intent.


It was not only those two that let out overwhelming killing intent; even the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief himself let out overwhelming killing intent.


During that moment of crisis, how could Chu Feng dare hesitate anymore? He tightly held the Evil God Sword and unleashed his martial power. He was planning to unleash the power of the Evil God Sword.

“I shall see who dares touch him!!!”


Right at that moment, a shout was heard.


At the moment that voice was heard, a powerful oppressive might also swept forth.


Not only did that oppressive might block the oppressive might unleashed by the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief, but it also knocked the two True Immortals holding Li Yue’er down several meters away and into the crowd.


It was Zi Xunyi. That shout was also let out by Zi Xunyi.

Zi Xunyi was actually also a rank two True Immortal.


“Rank two True Immortal, this Zi Xunyi is actually a rank two True Immortal. We’re saved. She most definitely knows Ying Mingchao.”

At that moment, Her Lady Queen was wild with joy.


Even Chu Feng finally heaved a sigh of relief.


He had nearly unleashed his Evil God Sword.

Even he himself had no idea what would happen if he were to unleash the Evil God Sword this time around.


However, it would appear now that he did not have to use the Evil God Sword. Evidently, Zi Xunyi knew Ying Mingchao.


“Xunyi, don’t trust him. I’ve already ordered my men to investigate, Ying Mingchao has really died,” Seeing that, the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief hurriedly explained to Zi Xunyi.

However, Zi Xunyi completely ignored the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief. Instead, her body shifted, and she flew down from the viewing platform, slowly descending beside Chu Feng.


At that moment, Zi Xunyi revealed an extremely sharp gaze from her aged eyes.


It was like two sharp blades that pierced into Chu Feng’s life.

“You said Ying Mingchao told you to come here?” Zi Xunyi asked coldly.


“It is precisely Senior Ying Mingchao who requested for me to come here,” Faced with this sort of situation, Chu Feng was neither servile nor overbearing.


“He’s still alive?” Zi Xunyi asked again.

“He needs your help right now,” Chu Feng said.


“If you dare deceive me, I will definitely make you suffer a life more miserable than death,” When Zi Xunyi said those words, Chu Feng was able to clearly feel her killing intent.

She was not joking around. If Chu Feng really deceived her, she would definitely not spare Chu Feng.


“There is no reason for me to come into the Demon Elimination Cave and brave its dangers to find you only to deceive you,” Chu Feng said.


“Then tell me, where is he right now?” Zi Xunyi asked.


“He was plotted against by the Kong Heavenly Clan and the Zhou Heavenly Clan. At that time, he had no choice but to escape into the Kong Heavenly Clan’s forbidden area, the Grief Calamity Mountain Range.”

“The Grief Calamity Mountain Range is filled with slaughtering formations. Senior Ying Mingchao ended up falling into one of the slaughtering formations. For the sake of self-preservation, he ended up using his taboo technique. Although he managed to escape death with his taboo technique, he ended up being trapped in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range. Even now, he is unable to escape.”

“That said, the Kong Heavenly Clan has no idea that he is still alive.”


“Merely, as he was trapped by his taboo technique, he has been trapped in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range for the past thousand plus years, unable to move in the slightest.”

“He said that only you can save him,” Chu Feng informed Zi Xunyi of what'd happened.


After hearing what Chu Feng said, Zi Xunyi’s expression changed. Earlier, she was filled with suspicion toward Chu Feng and did not trust him.


However, the suspicion in Zi Xunyi’s eyes had now decreased by over half. At least… she now trusted Chu Feng a lot more.

Evidently, something Chu Feng said had changed her attitude.

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