Chapter 2536 - Scram Immediately

Chapter 2536 - Scram Immediately

“Brother, we are friends, whereas she is our mutual enemy. Why are you helping her?” The leader of the group of Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen asked.

“Who said that she and I are enemies?” Chu Feng asked.

“Ehh…” Hearing that, the Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen were all speechless.

They had all witnessed the battle between Chu Feng and Young Master Li Ming. With the abilities that they were using to fight one another, they were clearly fighting with their lives on the line.

Yet now, Chu Feng actually declared that he and Young Master Li Ming were not enemies. Naturally, the Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen would find this incomprehensible.

“Brother, you don’t know about this, but that fellow has stolen two of our Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s possessions. We must bring him back so that our Lord Clan Chief can punish him.” [1. Chinese him/her/it all sounds the same ‘ta.’ Thus, although Chu Feng was referring to Li Ming as her, that is only true for the written text, and not true for the spoken text. Thus, the Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen have no idea Li Ming is a she.]

“Brother, if you insist on protecting him, I would urge you to reconsider. If you are to do that, you will only make an enemy of our Bloodscale Monstrous Clan,” The leader of the group of Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen said.

However, upon hearing that, Chu Feng’s expression sunk. Without the slightest bit of politeness, he said, “I’ve said it already. I don’t care what sort of grudges and grievances you all might have. However, today, you can forget about bringing her away.”

“Brother, it seems that you do not understand the situation at hand.”

“Although I do not know what sort of relationship you and that fellow might have, I can tell you with certainty that the entrance of the Demon Elimination Cave is currently sealed. Furthermore, our Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief has already come to know about this matter.”

“If you are to hand that fellow over to us right now, our Bloodscale Monstrous Clan will be grateful toward you, and treat you as our honored guest.”

“However, if you insist on being stubborn about it and insist on protecting that fellow, then our Bloodscale Monstrous Clan will consider you as that fellow’s accomplice, and capture you together with him,” The leader of the group of Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen said.


Right at that moment, lightning emerged in Chu Feng’s eyes, covered his body and gathered on his forehead to form the character ‘Divine.’ 

The next moment, lightning filled the entire region. Lightning serpents began to flicker nonstop. It was a very oppressive sight.

At that moment, it was as if that region was simply not the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan’s territory. It was as if Chu Feng was the true ruler of that place.

“It would seem that I have not been clear enough with you. Since that’s the case, I will speak my intentions more clearly. You all, scram immediately. Else, do not blame me for being impolite,” Chu Feng spoke one word at a time.

The gaze that he had was many times sharper than before.

“Good, very good.”

At that moment, the Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen all felt the overwhelming power of Chu Feng’s oppressive might.

Even though they were all rank nine Martial Ancestors, all peak Martial Ancestors, they knew very well that they would be no match for Chu Feng even if they were to join hands against him.

This fellow before them was simply a monster, an actual monster.

Unless one was a True Immortal, it was likely no one would be able to contend against Chu Feng.

“You will regret this.”

After leaving behind this sentence, the Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen turned around and left.

After the Bloodscale Monstrous Clansmen left, Chu Feng arrived before Young Master Li Ming and said to her, “Although I have no idea exactly what you stole from the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan, it would seem that I must send you out of here right away.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he turned around and planned to bring Young Master Li Ming out of the Demon Elimination Cave.

Grimacing at the pain of her backlash, Young Master Li Ming asked Chu Feng, “Why did you help me?” 

At that moment, she was looking at Chu Feng with a very complicated gaze.

If one had to describe it, it was a perplexed expression. She was unable to understand Chu Feng, unable to understand his actions.

“I’ve said it already, there isn’t any enormous hatred or grievance between us. There is simply no need for us to confront one another with weapons, much less fight to the death.”

“What I did on Mount Cloud Crane was merely an accident. If I had known that you were a woman to begin with, I would never have done such a thing.”

“If you feel that I owe you an apology, I can give one to you right now.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng put his Ancestral Armaments away, turned around, clasped his hand and bowed toward Young Master Li Ming. “I was wrong. Although I didn’t do it intentionally, it remains that I was wrong.”

“As long as you do not take my life, I am willing to accept any punishment.”

“Go ahead and tell me what you want. I will definitely do it.”

Young Master Li Ming was startled upon seeing Chu Feng react like this. She was able to see the sincerity in Chu Feng’s gaze. Chu Feng was actually sincerely apologizing to her.

After being startled for a moment, Young Master Li Ming said, “Very well, chop off the hand that you touched me with. Do that, and I’ll consider that nothing happened.”

“No problem.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he gathered martial power onto his palm and turned his palm into a sharp blade. Then, he prepared to hack off his other hand with that blade hand.

He was actually really planning to cut off his hand.

“Stop,” Seeing Chu Feng actually doing it, Young Master Li Ming immediately called for him to stop.

However, even though Chu Feng clearly heard her calling for him to stop, he did not stop. With a ‘puu,’ Chu Feng personally sliced off his hand.

“How was it? Is your anger satisfied?” 

“If it’s not, I can cut it off again,” Chu Feng said to Young Master Li Ming with a smile on his face.

At that moment, Young Master Li Ming grew silent. 

Although the pain of having one’s hand chopped off was simply nothing for a person of Chu Feng’s cultivation and, as a Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, he was not only able to restore his lost hand, but even his entire body were it to be destroyed, it remained that Chu Feng, although stronger than her, was willing to do this sort of thing.

From this, Young Master Li Ming was certain that Chu Feng was sincere in his apology, and not putting on an act.

At that moment, even though Young Master Li Ming was a hard-hearted individual, she was still moved by Chu Feng’s apology.

“Seems like you are still angry. That’s fine, let me do it again. After all, my hand was vile.”

Chu Feng smiled carefreely. As he spoke, he retrieved his severed hand and reconnected it. Then, he raised his blade hand and prepared to hack off his reconnected hand again.

Seeing this, Young Master Li Ming hurriedly said, “It’s enough.” 

This time around, Chu Feng stopped his movement. With a smile on his face, he said, “Seems like your anger has been quelled.”

Young Master Li Ming cast a side-eye at Chu Feng. She had a helpless expression in her eyes.

Evidently, she did not wish to continue to be entangled on this subject. 

Thus, she said, “We will not be able to leave this place. This Demon Elimination Cave is indeed under the control of the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan. They are able to activate a grand defensive formation to seal off the entrance of the Demon Elimination Cave.”

“Since they said that they’ve already sealed off the entrance, it means that they have already sealed off the entrance.”

“Are we to be trapped in here like this forever?” Chu Feng asked.

“No, that’s not the case. Based on what I know, while the entrance can be sealed, it cannot be sealed forever. There is a limit as to how long it can be sealed.”

“Thus, rather than proceeding for the entrance, it is better that we find an isolated place to hide and wait for the grand formation sealing off the entrance to wear off. We can then leave,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Since they’ve already discovered the problem, they will definitely send people to block up the Demon Elimination Cave’s entrance. Even if the spirit formation sealing off the entrance cannot be maintained forever, their troops will definitely be waiting at the Demon Elimination Cave’s entrance,” Chu Feng said.

“You do not have to worry about that. When my injuries are healed, I will have a way to leave this place. Merely… right now, we must hide,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“If this place is truly their territory, where are we to hide?” Chu Feng asked.

“Precisely because this is their territory, there are places that even they do not dare enter,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“I got it now, you’re saying that the more dangerous a place is, the safer it will be, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“Precisely,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Then it’s decided,” After saying those words, Chu Feng turned around and no longer proceeded toward the entrance. Instead, he brought Young Master Li Ming with him and began to travel into the depths of the Demon Elimination Cave.

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