Chapter 2531 - Fighting Li Ming Again

Chapter 2531 - Fighting Li Ming Again

Chu Feng finally realized why Young Master Li Ming would be known as the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm’s number one genius.

She was not only a peak Martial Ancestor, but she was actually also a Heavenly Bloodline possessor.

“Why are you running? Fight her.”

“Chu Feng, let me tell you, a girl like Li Ming will only be susceptible to force, but not persuasion. You must subdue her with strength,” Seeing that Chu Feng had turned to escape, Her Lady Queen spoke disappointedly.

“My Eggy, do you really want me to fight against her? I keep having a feeling that this girl Li Ming is not like Kong Doumoyuan and the others.”

“Although her cultivation is the same as Kong Doumoyuan’s, I keep feeling that it will be difficult for me to win against her, that it will be dangerous to fight her,” Chu Feng said.

“Do what you want. This Queen has no time to bother with you. After all, even if you refuse to fight with her, you will absolutely not be able to escape from her.”

Her Lady Queen folded her arms and then sat on the ground.

Not only did she have a very haughty appearance, but she also had a mischievous smile on her exceptionally beautiful face.

Her Lady Queen was simply not worried about Chu Feng at all. Instead, she appeared to be planning on enjoying a show.

“Chu Feng, you won’t be able to escape.”

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Young Master Li Ming was extremely fast. She was growing closer and closer to Chu Feng. Furthermore, following her shout, countless arrows were shot toward Chu Feng from behind.

Those were no ordinary arrows. Each and every one of them were several tens of meters long and dazzling with golden light. They were incomparably sharp.

There were actually an innumerable amount of such arrows. They were like a rainstorm as they chased after Chu Feng.

That was not an ordinary martial skill. Rather, it was a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill. It was extremely mighty.

Seeing that he was unable to escape, Chu Feng suddenly stopped. With a thought, an enormous axe appeared in the sky.


The enormous axe appeared before Chu Feng. Like the ruler of weapons, it let out a dazzling golden light.

Before the arrows could approach Chu Feng, they were all swallowed by the golden light and shattered in the process.

In an instant, countless golden lights dispersed before Chu Feng. Those were the shattered golden arrows.

“Secret skill?”

“You’re from the Ancient Era’s War Clan?”

“No, if you were from the Ancient Era’s War Clan, how could you possess a Heavenly Bloodline?”

“Could it be that you’re Zhan Haichuan’s successor?”

Upon seeing the Ancient Era’s War Axe, Young Master Li Ming’s expression changed. She was shocked.

It was evident that this girl was very knowledgeable about the things of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. She actually managed to recognize that Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe was related to Zhan Haichuan instantly.

“That’s right, I am a person who has received the teachings of the Ancient Era’s War Clan. This secret skill is called the Ancient Era’s War Axe. It’s as equally famous as Senior Zhan Haichuan’s Ancient Era’s War Spear. It is one of the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Three Great Secret Skills.”

“Girl, you should be able to sense the might of my Ancient Era’s War Axe, no?”

“Although my own battle power is a level below yours, with my Ancient Era’s War Axe here, you can forget about defeating me,” Chu Feng said proudly.

Chu Feng was not saying these words with the intention to show off. The reason for that was because he had spoken with a joking tone. It was more mocking than showing off. 

Even though he had unleashed the Ancient Era’s War Axe, Chu Feng did not really plan to harm Young Master Li Ming.

Thus, even if they were to truly fight, Chu Feng would not kill Young Master Li Ming.

The reason for that was because he did not possess any hostility toward her.

“What arrogance,” Young Master Li Ming snorted coldly. Then, she streaked her hands across her Cosmos Sack. The next moment, light began to soar on her palms.

At the moment when the light dispersed, Chu Feng was able to clearly see two long whips in Young Master Li Ming’s hands.

Those two whips were exactly the same. However, wind was lingering around one whip, whereas lightning was lingering around the other whip. 

The wind on the whip was so violent that it could affect the weather. The lightning on the whip was exceptionally dazzling. The auras of the two whips were extremely dreadful. 

They were two Ancestral Armaments. Furthermore, they were extremely high quality Ancestral Armaments. They were not at all inferior to Chu Feng’s Stormwind Edge and Flame Dragon Greatsword.

“Paa, paa, paa~~~”

Right at that moment, the two whips in Young Master Li Ming’s hand started to move about simultaneously.

She possessed superlative whip skills. In her hands, those two whips simply did not resemble two weapons. Rather, they resembled two huge dragons. 

Ear-piercing sounds began to explode in the sky nonstop. Lightning and wind started to wreak havoc through the sky. An army of wind and lightning began to move toward Chu Feng to oppress him.

Not only had Young Master Li Ming used the strength of the Ancestral Armaments, but she had also used Taboo Martial Skills with matching properties to her Ancestral Armaments.

Furthermore, her Taboo Martial Skills were no small matter either. They were Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills. Otherwise… it would be impossible for her attacks to be this mighty.

Lightning flashed as the violent winds rushed forth. Ear-piercing explosions filled the entire sky. It was as if countless cracks had been ripped apart in the sky. 

Before the bombardment of the lightning and wind army, even Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe started to let out buzzing noises nonstop. Gradually, it was being beaten back. Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe was actually unable to withstand the bombardment.

Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe that was able to completely suppress Kong Doumoyuan was actually being suppressed by Young Master Li Ming.

“This girl, I really cannot afford to underestimate her.”

Seeing that the situation was discouraging, Chu Feng did not dare to hold back anymore. He immediately took out his Stormwind Edge and Flame Dragon Greatsword.

Blazing flames soared into the sky as violent winds moved about. After his two Ancestral Armaments appeared, Chu Feng’s battle power also increased.

At that moment, the power of the Ancient Era’s War Axe also grew stronger.

Soon, the Ancient Era’s War Axe that was being bombarded by wind and lightning no longer let out buzzing noises, and was no longer being beaten back. 

At that moment, the Ancient Era’s War Axe was like a fierce tiger that had eaten its fill. It possessed overwhelming power. 

Not only was it no longer being beaten back, but it was also moving forward, and dispersing the lightning and wind bombarding it.

In merely an instant, Chu Feng had turned the situation of the battle around and gained the upper hand.

“Damn it!”

Seeing that she was unable to defeat the Ancient Era’s War Axe even after attacking with both Ancestral Armaments and Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills, Young Master Li MIng revealed an unreconciled expression.

Judging from her reactions, her attacks using her Ancestral Armaments and Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills should be one of her most powerful attacks.

 Otherwise, she would not have such a reaction to it being beaten back.

“Girl, I merely touched your chest by accident. It’s not like there’s an enormous hatred between us. Must you insist on killing me like this?”

“How about the two of us sit down and have a proper chat? Perhaps we might even become friends. After all, I have quite a high opinion of you.”

Seeing that he held the upper hand, Chu Feng revealed a relaxed smile, and actually started to mock Li Ming again. 

Speaking of it, it was quite strange. Although this Li Ming was a very haughty individual and was even trying to kill Chu Feng now, Chu Feng did not dislike her.

Instead, he felt her to be very amusing.

“Enough of your nonsense. Today, you will definitely die.”

However, what Chu Feng said only served to further ignite Young Master Li Ming’s anger.

Not only were the nine-colored lightnings in Young Master Li Ming’s eyes growing more and more intense, but her eyes were actually also emitting a golden glow.


Suddenly, a golden light flew out from her body. It was flying straight toward the Ancient Era’s War Axe in the sky.


A loud explosion was heard. The Ancient Era’s War Axe was actually knocked back.

“This girl!!!”

After Chu Feng was able to get a good look at the golden radiance, a surprised expression appeared in his eyes.

That golden radiance was actually a giant beast reaching a hundred meters tall.

That giant beast was a lion. However, it didn’t completely resemble a lion. The reason for that was because it possessed a pair of enormous wings.

Although that golden lion was not an actual living being, it was composed of golden light; it appeared to be living, and emitted a very powerful aura.

It was a sort of ruler’s aura, a ruler’s aura that could cause all beasts to cower before it.

If the Ancient Era’s War Axe could be said to be a ruler of weapons.

Then this golden lion would be a ruler of beasts.

As for that lion, it was not a treasure, nor was it a Taboo Martial Skill. It was a… secret skill.

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