Chapter 2524 - Said Kill, Will Kill

Chapter 2524 - Said Kill, Will Kill


Right at that moment, Chu Feng extended his hand and made a grabbing motion. Kong Doumoyuan, who was lying in the distance with blood covering his entire body, was caught in Chu Feng’s hand.

“If there’s nothing else, I will take my leave now.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he soared into the sky with Zhao Hong and began to fly into the distance.

However, before they flew far, Chu Feng suddenly stopped, turned his gaze to the people present and said, “You all have witnessed what happened here today. Thus, I will offer you a word of advice. It’s best that you consider carefully before touching people related to me, Chu Feng.”

“Else, I, Chu Feng, dare to guarantee that your consequences will be even more miserable than theirs today.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he left without paying attention to the current expressions of the crowd.

As for the people present, their expressions all turned ashen.

Although Chu Feng’s words were spoken very arrogantly, he possessed the strength to be arrogant.

When even Zhou Yuluo, a True Immortal, could only swallow his anger, what could they, Martial Ancestors, possibly do to Chu Feng?

Although they were feeling lingering fear, they were also rejoicing, rejoicing at the fact that they managed to witness all of this.

What they'd witnessed would become something that they could brag about in the future.

After all, a Martial Ancestor scaring away a True Immortal was something that had never happened before in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Once word of this matter spread, it would definitely shock the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

After feeling their joy, the crowd subconsciously turned their gazes to Zhou Yuluo. After all, Zhou Yuluo was the other leading character in this matter apart from Chu Feng.

“The hell are you all looking at?! Scram!” Zhou Yuluo shouted furiously.

Not only did his shout shake heaven and earth, but his oppressive might was also swept forth.

His oppressive might was extremely powerful. Even though the great majority of the people present were peak Martial Ancestors, they were unable to withstand his oppressive might at all.

At that moment, those reputed experts of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm were all blown away like fallen leaves.

At that moment, Zhou Yuluo was venting his anger on the bystanders.

Seeing that Zhou Yuluo was furious, how could the bystanders possibly dare to continue lingering there?

After stabilizing themselves, they began to frantically escape without even turning their heads. They were fleeing with their lives on the line.

They were deeply afraid that Zhou Yuluo would continue to vent his anger and actually kill them.

In the blink of an eye, only Zhou Yuluo and Zhuge Mingren remained there.

Of course, in addition to the two of them were three corpses. Those were the corpses of Dugu Jianxu, the Wine-Meat Monk and Zhou Fukong, who Zhou Yuluo was holding.

“It’s all your fault. You’ve made me lose all face today. I am going to become the object of ridicule for everyone in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” Zhou Yuluo looked at Zhuge Mingren. His gaze was filled with complaint.

Faced with such a Zhou Yuluo, Zhuge Mingren sighed helplessly. Then, he said, “No matter how you see me, only I know that my advice today has saved your life.”

“Furthermore, I urge you to not incite your Zhou Heavenly Clan to wage war against Chu Feng after your return.”

“I clearly witnessed the scene from that day. If it wasn’t for Chu Feng stopping himself, the Kong Heavenly Clan would already be exterminated by now. I do not wish for your Zhou Heavenly Clan to become the second Kong Heavenly Clan.”

After he finished saying those words, Zhuge Mingren soared into the sky and left.

At that moment, only Zhou Yuluo remained. He was still holding onto Zhou Yukong with a very gloomy expression on his face.

After a very long time passed, he suddenly opened his mouth and let out an ear-piercing roar.

That voice was extremely ear-piercing. It resonated for several miles and continued to echo in the sky.

Even Chu Feng and Zhao Hong who left first were able to hear that furious roar.

“It’s Zhou Yuluo’s voice. It would appear that he is truly enraged by you,” Zhao Hong said to Chu Feng.

At that moment, Zhao Hong’s face was brimming with joy. She did not feel the slightest bit of lingering fear or regret from killing Dugu Jianxu, the Wine-Meat Monk and Zhou Fukong. On the contrary, she had a very carefree and excited expression.

“His reputation will be completely ruined after today. Naturally, he will be furious,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, that Demon Armament of yours is really capable of killing True Immortals?” Zhao Hong asked curiously.

“Indeed,” Chu Feng said.

“Since your Demon Armament is that powerful, why didn’t you go and directly extinguish the Kong Heavenly Clan using it?” Zhao Hong asked.

Regarding that, Chu Feng shook his head with a smile.

Although the Evil God Sword was very powerful, its power was so uncontrollable that even Chu Feng was afraid of it.

To use the Evil God Sword would be akin to walking through the gates of hell. It would be difficult for one to determine whether or not one would live or die. It was simply no different from gambling with one’s life.

Furthermore, after using the Evil God Sword the last time, Chu Feng had experienced how frightening it was. If he had not forcibly taken control of his body back from the Evil God Sword, it would likely not only be the Kong Heavenly Clan that would be destroyed, but rather the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm that would suffer.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had promised the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Ancestor that regardless of what wrong the Kong Heavenly Clan might’ve done, he must still leave them a way to survive. At the very least, he couldn’t exterminate them all.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and Zhao Hong continued to travel for a very long time. It was only after he determined that they were safe that they stopped.

Chu Feng removed Kong Doumoyuan’s Cosmos Sack from his waist and began to search it. When he managed to retrieve a green medicinal pellet, Chu Feng revealed a relaxed smile.

The reason for that was because that medicinal pellet was the antidote to Wang Qiang’s poison.

“You’ve found the antidote, it’s time to kill him now,” As Zhao Hong spoke, she planned to kill Kong Doumoyuan.

“Wait,” However, Chu Feng stopped Zhao Hong. He said, “With how powerful that poison is, it is most definitely not something from the Ordinary Realms. We must find out about its origins.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng began to heal Kong Doumoyuan’s injuries. Although his internal injuries were not cured, his external injuries were soon healed.

At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan appeared to be completely fine. However, his aura was still extremely weak. The reason for that was because his internal injuries were still extremely serious.

Chu Feng had only healed Kong Doumoyuan’s injuries so that he could make it easier for him to speak. The reason for that was because he had questions that he wanted to ask Kong Doumoyuan.

“Tell me, where did you obtain this medicinal pellet?” Chu Feng asked.

“I can tell you. However, you must let me go,” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“You dare haggle with us still?” Zhao Hong revealed a furious expression. As she spoke, she planned to attack and teach Kong Doumoyuan a lesson.

“Go ahead and kill me. Kill me if you can. If you are to kill me, you all can forget about finding out who gave me this poison,” Kong Doumoyuan closed his eyes. He had the appearance of being unafraid of death.

At that moment, Chu Feng didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked at Zhao Hong.

He wanted to know the answer. However, he had also promised Zhao Hong that he would kill this Kong Doumoyuan.

Thus, he had decided to have Zhao Hong personally determine what to do.

At that moment, Zhao Hong’s face turned deep red out of anger. However, she did not attack Kong Doumoyuan, and instead said to him with a threatening tone, “If you dare lie to us, I will definitely make you wish you were dead.”

“In that case, you’ve agreed to it? You really won’t kill me?” Hearing those words, Kong Doumoyuan opened his eyes and revealed a joyous expression.

After personally witnessing Dugu Jianxu, the Wine-Meat Monk and Zhou Fukong being killed, Kong Doumoyuan felt that he would also undoubtedly be killed.

After all, Zhou Fukong had the protection of Zhou Yuluo, but was still killed. As such, how could he possibly escape death?

He truly never expected that he, the person that Chu Feng and Zhao Hong would want to kill the most, was actually able to see a trace of hope to live. With this, how could he not feel overjoyed?

This Kong Doumoyuan was quite a quick-witted individual. He realized that Chu Feng and Zhao Hong were interested in the origin of his poison.

Thus, he decided to take advantage of it and said to Chu Feng, “Zhao Hong has agreed to not kill me. What about you?”

“As long as you tell the truth, we will spare your life today,” Chu Feng said.

“Really?” Kong Doumoyuan was a bit skeptical.

“I, Chu Feng, am always one to keep my word. It is best that you tell me what I want to know. Else… don’t blame me for being ruthless,” As Chu Feng spoke, a flash of coldness shone across his eyes.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. I’ll tell, I’ll tell,” Kong Doumoyuan started to shiver in fear because he saw killing intent from Chu Feng’s eyes.

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