Chapter 2522 - That Is A Demon Armament

 Chapter 2522 - That Is A Demon Armament

“Today, I am determined to take Zhou Fukong’s life.”

Chu Feng’s words came like a sudden clap of thunder to the crowd’s ears. The people present were all greatly shocked.

Not to mention the others, even Zhou Yuluo himself was startled.

What was this?

A mere Martial Ancestor actually dared to talk back to a True Immortal? This was simply too arrogant, simply too ignorant to the immensity of heaven and earth.

“Chu Feng, I do not care about what’s up with that Lightning Mark on your forehead, nor do I care about where the secret skill floating above you came from.”

“In the end, you remain a Martial Ancestor. You are simply no match for me, much less qualified to be my opponent.”

“Right now, I am asking you questions, and you’d best answer them obediently.”

“Else, don’t blame me for taking your lowly life.”

Zhou Yuluo was very aggressive and filled with confidence.

At that moment, the surrounding crowd started to reveal mocking smiles.

They naturally knew that Chu Feng was very powerful. In fact, after today, they felt that Chu Feng was unparalleled beneath True Immortal realm.

They had recognized Chu Feng’s strength.

However, if Chu Feng were to talk back to Zhou Yuluo, they felt that Chu Feng would only be inviting disaster upon himself.

“Chu Feng, let’s…” At that moment, even the fearless Zhao Hong started to urge Chu Feng against it.

Zhao Hong was naturally not afraid of death. Merely, she did not wish to implicate Chu Feng in her own grudges.

However, Chu Feng seemed to know what Zhao Hong wanted to tell him.

Thus, before she could finish her words, Chu Feng interrupted, “Zhao Hong, don’t say anymore. I am definitely going to take this Zhou Fukong’s life for you today.”

“What arrogance! What makes you think you can?!” Zhou Fukong asked furiously.

Before Zhou Yuluo had arrived, he did not dare to speak like this toward Chu Feng. However, now that Zhou Yuluo had arrived, he felt that Chu Feng had no means to talk to him like this.

He felt that Chu Feng should be scared, should be apologizing, should be kneeling and begging him for forgiveness.



Right after Zhou Fukong’s words left his mouth, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

The Ancient Era’s War Axe had pierced even deeper into him. That sort of oppression was something that Zhou Fukong was unable to endure.


Seeing that Chu Feng dared to continue to attack Zhou Fukong right before him, that Zhou Yuluo revealed a furious expression.

After all, Chu Feng’s actions could be said to be completely disregarding him. This caused Zhou Yuluo to feel extremely humiliated.

Thus, he decided on the spot that regardless of what sort of background Chu Feng might have, he would definitely teach Chu Feng a lesson.


Right at that moment, a sword appeared in Chu Feng’s hand.

That sword was not the Stormwind Edge, nor was it the Flame Dragon Greatsword. Rather, it was the… Evil God Sword.

“That is?”

Upon seeing the Evil God Sword, the crowd’s expressions all changed.

They were not frightened by the Evil God Sword. Rather, they were startled by the Evil God Sword.

After all, before the Evil God Sword unleashed its might, it appeared to be no different from an ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armament.

The crowd were truly confused as to why Chu Feng would take out an Incomplete Imperial Armament at such a crucial moment.

Not to mention before True Immortals, Incomplete Imperial Armaments were akin to scrap metal before Martial Ancestors and Half Martial Ancestors.

Could it be that Chu Feng was deliberately shaming Zhou Yuluo?

“Don’t say that I did not warn you. Whatever happened here today is unrelated to you. If you don’t act recklessly, I can consider it that nothing has happened.”

“However, if you refuse my advice and insist on meddling in this matter here today, then I will not spare your lowly life either,” With the Evil God Sword in hand, Chu Feng spoke as he pointed at Zhou Yuluo.

Humiliation. This was a completely undisguised humiliation.

At that moment, the crowd was convinced that Chu Feng had taken out that weapon just to insult Zhou Yuluo.

He truly did not place this grand True Immortal in his eyes. Else, how could he dare act this impudently?

“Very well, Chu Feng. It would seem that you really think that I do not dare attack you?”

“Good, good, good. Today, I will act in righteousness for the heavens and slaughter you, damned animal. Else… you truly will not know who I, Zhou Yuluo, am!”

Zhou Yuluo’s complexion turned deep red with fury. With a thought, his oppressive might swept forth. He was actually planning on killing.


Right at that moment, Zhuge Mingren who stood beside Zhou Yuluo suddenly grabbed him, stopping him.

“Brother Zhou, you must not act impulsively. You will not be a match for that Chu Feng,” Zhuge Mingren said.

“What?!” Upon hearing Zhuge Mingren’s words, the expressions of the crowd all changed.

As for that Zhou Yuluo, he was extremely startled. Soon, the shock on his face turned into raging fury.

It was one thing for Chu Feng to humiliate him. He truly never expected that his good friend of many years, Zhuge Mingren, would also look down on him.

“Brother Zhuge, move aside. Today… I must exterminate this arrogant brat.”

Zhou Yuluo refused to listen to Zhuge Mingren’s advice. He grabbed him and pushed him aside.

“Brother Zhou, what Chu Feng is holding is a Demon Armament!!!” Zhuge Mingren shouted.

“Demon Armament?”

Upon hearing those words, not only was the crowd shocked, but even Zhou Yuluo, who had raised his hand and was planning to attack Chu Feng, stopped.

Demon Armament. Merely those two words caused them to recall one matter.

An extremely significant matter!!!

In the battle two years ago, the Kong Heavenly Clan suffered disastrous losses. Their Supreme Elders were either killed or missing. Even their Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief suffered serious injuries.

One of the most powerful existences in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, the Kong Heavenly Clan, was nearly extinguished.

As for the person who did that shocking thing, it was none other than Chu Feng.

Reportedly, Chu Feng was only a Half Martial Ancestor back then. The reason why he was able to nearly extinguish the Kong Heavenly Clan was because of a Demon Armament.

Many people had witnessed that scene from two years ago. It was precisely because of the many witnesses that news of the event spread, and caused many people to firmly believe it.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that Zhuge Mingren was also present two years ago. Furthermore, over the past two years, he was insistent that that event was true.

“Demon Armament, is that the Demon Armament that you mentioned to me constantly?”

At that moment, the anger in Zhou Yuluo’s eyes instantly decreased. When he looked to Zhuge Mingren again, there was no longer anger in his eyes. Instead, it was filled with gratefulness and apology.

As Zhuge Mingren’s close friend, he had heard Zhuge Mingren mention what had happened two years ago many times.

Due to the fact that the matter was truly a mystery within a mystery, he was also skeptical of it.

However, even though he was skeptical, he still half-believed it. The reason for that was because it was Zhuge Mingren who told him about it.

He and Zhuge Mingren were close friends of many years. Furthermore, he knew Zhuge Mingren’s personality very well. Thus, he knew that Zhuge Mingren was someone who never lied.

It was precisely because he half-believed in Zhuge Mingren’s story that he suddenly felt fear. He truly did not want to die.

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