Chapter 2185 - Treasure

Chapter 2185 - Treasure

“Loss?” Hearing that word, the expressions of the people present changed.

“Lord Elder, is that Chu Feng really that powerful?” A yellow-haired man asked in a very astonished manner.

“There’s no mistake. That child will continue to mature. His future accomplishments will be immeasurable,” Elder Liu Chengkun said.

Hearing those words, the rest of the crowd all revealed astonished expressions. The reason for that was because Elder Liu Chengkun rarely praised someone in such a manner. However, since he praised Chu Feng like that, it meant that Chu Feng was definitely extraordinary.

“Lord Elder, are you not overestimating that Chu Feng? Why is it that I am unable to see anything exceptional about him?” Zhao Xiao said with an unreconciled expression.

Elder Liu Chengkun smiled lightly. Then, he said to Zhao Xiao, “Without mentioning cultivation, in terms of one’s temperament, you are much inferior to that Chu Feng.” After he finished saying those words, Elder Liu Chengkun waved his sleeve, entered the void and left.

Seeing that, the expressions of the crowd all turned sluggish. They were all able to tell that their Lord Elder was truly angered.

“Zhao Xiao, although we were unable to personally kill Yuan Zhen and the others because of that Chu Feng, it remains that Yuan Zhen and the others have died. Thus, it could be said that we have accomplished our mission.”

“I will give you a month of vacation. Go and properly rest yourself,” The yellow-haired man said to Zhao Xiao.

After he finished saying those words, he also entered into the void. Following after him, the others also began to enter the void and leave.

After everyone left, Zhao Xiao revealed an incomparably furious expression. He looked to the direction that Chu Feng had left in and started to gnash his teeth with a murderous gaze.


Cao Family. At this moment, a large group of people had arrived.

They were not only limited to the experts from Luyang’s Pavilion, they were actually being led by the Pavilion Master of Luyang’s Pavilion, Chu Luyang.

Chu Luyang was wearing golden armor with a black cloak. He appeared extremely domineering and gave off extraordinary airs.

However, Chu Luyang had an extremely ugly expression on his face.

Rolling black clouds and flickering lightning filled the dark sky. It was a frightening doomsday-like sight. It was caused by the influence of Chu Luyang’s mood.

It turned out that Chu Luyang had just so happened to pass by this area today. He recalled that Yuan Zhen was here, and decided to come to this city to have a look while also demonstrating his might to the Tang Family, the Cao Family and the others present.

Unfortunately, he had come a step too late. He had arrived right after Chu Feng massacred the people of the Cao Family.

As for Chu Feng, he had just left not long ago. It was precisely because of that moment of difference that caused Chu Luyang to feel enormous fury.

One must know that Yuan Zhen was able to become his trusted aide even though his cultivation was weak was because the two of them possessed a special relationship.

Thus, Chu Luyang possessed special sentiments for Yuan Zhen. Else, it would have been impossible for Yuan Zhen to have such a high status in Luyang’s Pavilion.

Yet, someone as important as Yuan Zhen was actually killed by Chu Feng. How could Chu Luyang possibly accept this?

“Lord Pavilion Master, our Family Head has died miserably. Please, you must uphold justice for us.”

The people from the Cao Family that survived the massacre were all kneeling all around Chu Luyang and lamenting nonstop.

Suddenly, Chu Luyang shouted, “All of you, shut up!”


The people from the Cao Family that surrounded him were all knocked flying. Those that suffered light injuries ended up vomiting blood, whereas those that suffered heavy injuries died on the spot.

“A bunch of useless trash. If it wasn’t for you all, how could Elder Yuan Zhen have died?”

After Chu Luyang said those words, he waved his sleeve. Immediately, his oppressive might surged forth and engulfed his surroundings. “Bang, bang,” sounds of firecracker-like explosions began to be heard in succession.

When the explosions ended, all of the people from the Cao Family, regardless of age or gender, were killed.

It turned out that those explosions were the sounds of people from the Cao Family exploding.

Vicious. Compared to Chu Feng, Chu Luyang was truly ruthless. He was someone who viewed human lives like grass, someone who would kill whoever he wanted to kill. Even if they were his subordinates, he would still show no mercy.

However, when faced with this scene, the experts from Luyang’s Pavilion did not show any change in expression.

They had already seen too many of such scenes. It was already a common occurrence to them.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, several figures flew over from all directions. They all landed onto the ground and then kneeled around Chu Luyang.

All of those people were experts from Luyang’s Pavilion. Among them, the person with the lowest cultivation was a rank six Half Martial Ancestor.

“Lord Pavilion Master, we are incompetent; we were unable to find traces of that Chu Feng,” An old man that lead the group of experts said while trembling with fear.

“Trash!!!” Hearing those words, Chu Luyang was immediately furious. His gaze shone, and his oppressive might was unleashed once again. Before his oppressive might, the Half Martial Ancestor-level experts were blown away like leaves. When they crashed into the ground, they were all seriously injured.

“Lord Pavilion Master, the dead cannot be revived, please restrain your grief and accept what has happened,” A fair-skinned man sporting a head of long, blazing hair stepped forward and tried to console Chu Luyang.

“Hong Xi, do you know why I am this furious?” Chu Luyang turned to that man called Hong Xi.

“Elder Yuan Zhen was your competent subordinate. For him to be killed, you should naturally be furious,” Hong Xi said.

“That is only part of the reason, but not all. In addition to that, it is because everyone in this world knows that I regard Yuan Zhen highly. Yet, that Chu Feng still killed him. He simply does not place me in his eyes at all.”

“I am not furious only because Yuan Zhen was killed. More than that, it was because someone dared to not place me in their eyes in my territory,” Chu Luyang spoke in an extremely furious manner.

“That man indeed deserves to die. If he is to end up in my hands, I will definitely make him wish he was dead,” Hong Xi said.

“Hong Xi, I will hand that Chu Feng to you. Even if you have to dig three feet underground, you must still find him.”

“Remember, I want him alive. I will make him personally kneel before me. Then, I shall personally pull out the tendons of his hands and feet before crippling his cultivation. I will torture him and make him wish he was dead,” Chu Luyang spoke with fuming rage between gritted teeth.

“Lord Pavilion Master, please rest assured, this Hong Xi will definitely capture that Chu Feng alive for you,” That man by the name of Hong Xi spoke very confidently.

“You have never disappointed me,” Chu Luyang nodded. He knew Hong Xi’s abilities very well.

“Oh, that’s right, eliminate that Tang Family for me too. After all, Yuan Zhen’s death is also related to them,” After Chu Luyang finished saying those words, his body shifted, and he soared into the sky.

Following closely behind him, the rest of the experts from Luyang’s Pavilion all soared into the sky in succession. In the rolling black clouds were many enormous palace-like war chariots of Luyang’s Pavilion.

Leading his peak experts, Chu Luyang left. However, that man by the name of Hong Xi and his subordinates remained in the Cao Family. They were still kneeling on the ground.

It was only after Chu Luyang left far away with his subordinates that they stood back up.

“Milord, what should we do?” An old man walked forward to ask Hong Xi for instructions. Even though he was a rank eight Half Martial Ancestor, he was extremely respectful toward Hong Xi.

“Go to the Tang Family first. There are definitely clues there,” Hong Xi said.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Once he said those words, wind immediately appeared under his feet. Then, he disappeared. Following closely behind him, those subordinates of his also disappeared.


As for Chu Feng, he did not know about what had happened in the Cao Family.

After he left the Cao Family, he returned to the Darknight Ghost Forest.

He had not forgotten about Wang Qiang. He was determined to avenge him.

As he did not know the demonic woman’s whereabouts, Chu Feng felt that guarding and waiting in the Darknight Ghost Forest for her appearance would be his best option.

Unfortunately, after Chu Feng had painstakingly waited for several days, there was still no fruit.

At the same time, Chu Feng did not make any headway in terms of his martial cultivation either.

Even though he was racking his brains to comprehend the way of martial cultivation day and night, he was unable to break through to rank three Half Martial Ancestor.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng felt increasingly vexed, and even a bit at a loss.

At this moment, the sky had already darkened. He was standing on the peak of a black tree as he looked to the night sky.

As he looked to the many stars in the sky and the beautiful scenery, Chu Feng revealed an increasingly worried expression.

“Eggy, if you were here, then perhaps I would not be this distressed,” Chu Feng took a deep sigh. His longing for Eggy was growing more and more.

“Mn?” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed. Standing high up, he looked downward and discovered a trace of strange motion.

There was no sign of that motion. However, Chu Feng was able to sense it with his intuition as a world spiritist. Sensing that something was amiss, Chu Feng unleashed his Heaven’s Eyes.

Once he unleashed his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng’s expression revealed deep shock.

A faintly visible abnormal sign was forming in the direction in which Chu Feng had noticed the motion. That place was most definitely extraordinary. Chu Feng felt that even if there wasn’t a Natural Oddity there, there would definitely be some sort of treasure present.

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