Chapter 2183 - All Shall Be Killed

Chapter 2183 - All Shall Be Killed

The two Incomplete Ancestral Armaments fought busily in the sky.

As for Chu Feng and Elder Yuan Zhen, they started to observe the battle like spectators.

The two of them both had the intention to have their Incomplete Ancestral Armaments fight by themselves to determine which among them was stronger.

After all, the strength of one’s weapon would also represent the strength of the weapon’s master.

“It’s useless, water is the antithesis of fire to begin with. Furthermore, Elder Yuan Zhen’s Wave-calling Heaven-piercing Ruler is a very high quality Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Thus, it is impossible for ordinary Incomplete Ancestral Armaments to contend against it.”

“That’s right. After all, Elder Yuan Zhen is a trusted aide to Lord Pavilion Master. That Wave-calling Heaven-piercing Ruler was personally bestowed to Elder Yuan Zhen by Lord Pavilion Master. That weapon is definitely not something ordinary Incomplete Ancestral Armaments could compare to.”

“That Chu Feng actually dares to fight against Elder Yuan Zhen? He is most definitely one who does not know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

At this moment, although the other experts from Luyang’s Pavilion did not join Elder Yuan Zhen in fighting against Chu Feng, their tongues were wagging. At the same time, they revealed confident gazes.

They were confident in Elder Yuan Zhen. Even though Chu Feng had managed to easily kill the two Family Heads who possessed the same level of cultivation as Elder Yuan Zhen, they knew very well that even though Elder Yuan Zhen was also a rank seven Half Martial Emperor, his strength was not something that Tang Haichuan and Cao Kuofeng could compare with.

According to what they knew, Elder Yuan Zhen was practically unparalleled among those with the same battle power.

Thus, they felt that even though Chu Feng was powerful, he would absolutely be no match for Elder Yuan Zhen.

Furthermore, Elder Yuan Zhen was an actual rank seven Half Martial Ancestor, whereas Chu Feng was only someone who had increased his battle power to that of a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor after using his various abilities and adding his heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. They felt that it would be impossible for Chu Feng to be a match for their Elder Yuan Zhen.


However, right at this moment, roars, screams and anguished wailing suddenly sounded from the sky.

When they looked up, not to mention the people from Luyang’s Pavilion, even the people from the Tang and Cao Families were stunned.

In the sky, the battle between the two huge monsters had come to an end. The outcome of the battle had been determined.

Merely, the outcome was something that people found difficult to accept. The reason for that was because the Magma Emperor was currently violently beating up that enormous water beast. Its beating was causing that enormous water beast to howl in grief nonstop. Waves of water were spraying from its body like blood.

“It would appear that your Incomplete Ancestral Armament is the same as you, completely useless,” Chu Feng mocked.

“Humph, a comparison of weapons cannot be regarded as one’s true ability. Since you’re a martial cultivator, if you wish to compete, you should naturally use your own strength to do so,” Elder Yuan Zhen snorted coldly. Then, he extended his hand and made a grabbing motion. The enormous water beast immediately turned back into that enormous ruler and returned to his hand.

“Heeaahh!!!” Then, he shouted loudly and unleashed a slashing attack at the Magma Emperor.

That attack was no ordinary attack. The power of that attack was much more powerful than that of the Incomplete Ancestral Armament itself. The speed of that slash was so fast that the Magma Emperor was simply unable to dodge it.

“Boom!” A loud explosion. With that slash, that Elder Yuan Zhen actually managed to hack the Magma Emperor back to its original form, back to that enormous fiery sword.

Seeing this scene, the people from Luyang’s Pavilion were immediately overjoyed. However, before they could cheer for their Elder Yuan Zhen, they were shocked to discover that a figure had appeared before that Magma Emperor Sword and grabbed it.

The very next moment, that figure turned into a flash of light and rapidly charged toward Elder Yuan Zhen.

“You’ve finished your slash. It’s my turn now.”

Chu Feng held the Magma Emperor Sword and raised it up high. Then, coldness flashed through his eyes as he unleashed the overhead slash at Elder Yuan Zhen.


A flame strike was unleashed. Like the Tang Family’s Family Head and the Cao Family’s Family Head, that Elder Yuan Zhen was hacked into two.

The only difference was that those two Family Heads were separated at the waist, whereas Elder Yuan Zhen was separated from head to groin.

“How could this be?!?!”

Seeing this scene, the people present were all terrified. None of them expected that Chu Feng would be this powerful. After all, Elder Yuan Zhen was no ordinary rank seven Half Martial Ancestor.

“Damn it!” Even though his physical body was destroyed, Elder Yuan Zhen had yet to die. Instead, he had escaped to a distance as a spirit body.

His current appearance was simply exactly the same as that of the Tang and Cao Family’s Family Heads. As for his end, it would naturally also be the same.


Chu Feng opened his hand. Immediately, a frantic attractive force was shot forth. Then, Elder Yuan Zhen’s spirit body, like the two Family Heads before him, was sucked into Chu Feng’s grasp.

However, his spirit body did not shrink. Instead, he was captured by Chu Feng in his normal state. Thus, Chu Feng’s hand was grabbing him by the neck.

At this moment, Elder Yuan Zhen was struggling violently and attacking Chu Feng’s hand.

However, as his physical body was already destroyed, and his dantian alongside it, even though his cultivation and soul had fused together to form this spirit body, he was much weaker than before.

Thus, not to mention struggling free from Chu Feng, even his attacks at Chu Feng were unable to cause any harm.

“Chu Feng, release me! I am the trusted aide to the Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master! If you release me right now, I can let bygones be bygones!”

“However, if you do not release me right now, I’ll definitely make you suffer the consequences of your actions! I will make you wish you were dead! I’ll make you regret all that you’ve done today!” Although Elder Yuan Zhen was captured by Chu Feng, he did not admit defeat. Instead, he began to fiercely threaten Chu Feng.

In response, Chu Feng lifted his other hand and gave Elder Yuan Zhen’s spirit body two resounding slaps.

The two slaps left Elder Yuan Zhen’s head completely distorted. Even though he was already a spirit body, he still grimaced in pain from the slaps.

“What makes you think that you’re qualified to threaten me now?” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, if you dare, then go ahead and kill me! You damned son of a bitch! You bastard child of the Heavenly Clans!”

“If you dare, then go on, kill me! I will make you know what the consequences of killing me are!” Elder Yuan Zhen snarled angrily.

“I have already heard those words from Cao Yuxuan.”

“As for you, your end will the same as his. You will also be killed by me, like that Cao Yuxuan.”

After Chu Feng finished those words, a surge of boundless martial power was emitted from his palm. “Bang!” Elder Yuan Zhen’s spirit body exploded.

After killing Elder Yuan Zhen, Chu Feng retrieved Elder Yuan Zhen and the two Family Heads’ Incomplete Ancestral Armaments and Cosmos Sacks. Then, he turned his murderous gaze toward the people present.

“Run away!” Regardless of whether they were people from the Luyang’s Pavilion, the Cao Family or the Tang Family, they all immediately turned around and began to escape.

The person that they were relying on had been killed. At this moment, if they did not escape, what awaits them would only be death. They… did not want to die.

“I have declared that I will massacre this city. Did you all think that I was joking?”

As he looked to the fleeing people, the killing intent in Chu Feng’s eyes grew more and more concentrated. Then, he began to swing with the Magma Emperor Sword in nonstop succession. Fiery slashes began to drop from the sky in all directions.

Although the slashes were formed with flames, they were extremely sharp, and simply unstoppable. Not only were the people sliced through by them, many buildings were also sliced apart.

At this moment, as if it was raining, blood was sprinkling down all over the Cao Family. The buildings were all destroyed and collapsing.

Miserable screams resounded nonstop. A tragic sight filled one’s line of sight.

However, to Chu Feng, he felt that all these people deserved to die.

Chu Feng had already presented them the opportunity to escape earlier. However, they had not escaped. The reason for that was because they felt that Chu Feng would not be able to win. In other words, they were looking down on Chu Feng.

Yet now, after Elder Yuan Zhen was killed, they actually turned around and started fleeing right away. This meant that they simply did not have any moral backbone or spirit of loyalty at all. Their so-called declarations for revenge were nothing more than empty words.

If there were people that dared to stand and fight Chu Feng without escaping at such a time, Chu Feng might actually have spared those people out of consideration for their loyalty.

Unfortunately, there was no such person in the enormous Cao Family. This was equally true for all the guards from the Tang Family. Even the grand and powerful Luyang’s Pavilion did not have one such individual.

They all say that birds of a feather flock together. In this place ruled by Luyang’s Pavilion, what Chu Feng saw was lamentable.

At the very least, the people following Luyang’s Pavilion that Chu Feng had encountered thus far were nothing more than scum.

The way Chu Feng saw it, powers like them were no different from demon sects. It would be better to kill them than to leave them alive.

As he thought of it, Chu Feng grew more and more ruthless in his killing. It was as if the people that he was killing were scum rather than people.

He felt as if he was not massacring, but rather helping the world eliminate evil.

Chu Feng had kept his word, and ended up killing a lot of people.

Not a single person from Luyang’s Pavilion was spared. The elites from the Tang and Cao Families were also all killed.

However, the old, weak, young and disabled were all kept alive. The way Chu Feng saw it, this battle was simply unrelated to them. Although they were part of the Cao Family, Chu Feng felt that they were no different from the group of weak people left behind in the Tang Family; he felt that they were all innocent.

Chu Feng was not afraid that the people from the Cao and Tang Families that he spared might come to retaliate against him in the future.

If these people were capable of retaliation against him, it would only mean that he was too weak. In that case, he would deserve the retaliation.

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