Chapter 2497 - Well Hidden

Chapter 2497 - Well Hidden

“Sure enough, you’ve guessed correctly. A disparity has appeared in the speed at which they are consuming their energies.”

“Although Chu Feng is unable to slow his own consumption, he has managed to provoke Li Ming to make him consume his energy faster. That is indeed a very good method,” The Golden Crane True Immortal exclaimed.

“Although he managed to provoke Li Ming, the one that’s being beaten back right now is Chu Feng himself. What he did might not necessarily be advantageous,” The plain-clothed old monk said.

“Indeed, it doesn’t seem like he has obtained any advantages other than increasing the speed at which Li Ming consumes the energies within him,” The Golden Crane True Immortal echoed upon seeing the battle.

The reason for that was because Li Ming’s attacks were extremely ferocious. Faced with this sort of situation, Chu Feng could only defend himself, and had no way of fighting back.

When faced with such a powerful offensive, even though Chu Feng was able to block everything, he was still unable to prevent himself from being beaten back by Li Ming.

Although the speed at which he was beaten back was very slow, and the scale was not large either, it remained that he was being beaten back.

With each step back Chu Feng took, Li Ming would move a step forward, and grow one step closer to the Profound Light Pillar behind Chu Feng.

Thus, at that moment, the equilibrium of the match had already started to tilt. Furthermore, it was not slanting torward Chu Feng, but rather, toward Li Ming.

“Old Demonic Substance, look over there, look at that brat Li Ming’s mouth.”

Suddenly, the Golden Crane True Immortal’s eyes shifted. Great astonishment emerged in his eyes.

“This brat,” Seeing what was happening the plain-clothed old monk’s gaze also changed. Then, he revealed a faint smile.

Perhaps others were unable to tell, but the two of them were able to tell.

At that moment, Young Master Li Ming had a concealed smile on his face. It was a smile of confidence, a smile of one’s plot succeeding.

This most likely meant that Young Master Li MIng was not truly enraged by Chu Feng. Rather, he was deliberately pretending to have been enraged by Chu Feng.

He was using the opportunity as a pretext to push Chu Feng back so that he could approach Chu Feng’s Profound Light Pillar.

“Judging from this, even though Chu Feng knows how to use mental attacks, the person who has truly gained the advantage in this is Li Ming.”

“Golden Crane, who said that Li Ming was soft and immature? The way I see it, not only is this Li Ming not soft and immature, he is instead extremely shrewd,” The plain-clothed old monk said to the Golden Crane True Immortal.

“This match has finally become interesting,” The Golden Crane True Immortal revealed a smile.

The reason for that was because a match like this was precisely what they wanted to see.

Perhaps others might not be able to tell, but the two of them were capable of seeing the truly marvelous aspect of the match.

The reason for that was because the most marvelous aspect regarding the match was not Chu Feng or Li Ming’s sharp attacks or their techniques in both defense and offense, which greatly surpassed those of their fellow members of the younger generation.

Instead, it was the plotting that those two geniuses had toward one another; it was a battle of wits.

“Even if I only defend and not attack, you are still unable to do anything to me. Li Ming, your title of genius is only this much,” With a smile on his face, Chu Feng used a vile gaze to stare at Young Master Li Ming.

“It seems that Chu Feng still hasn’t realized that he has been plotted against.”

Seeing that Chu Feng continued to taunt Li Ming, and was so proud of himself as he did that, growing more and more pleased, the Golden Crane True Immortal sighed and revealed a disappointed expression.

He felt that Chu Feng was already at a disadvantage. If Chu Feng did not react in time, he would likely pay bitterly.


Right at that moment, a sharp sound was heard.

It was Chu Feng’s palm. Chu Feng tightly grabbed Young Master Li Ming’s fist with his own palm.

“That is?” Witnessing that scene, the Golden Crane True Immortal and the plain-clothed old monk both revealed a change in expression.

Even Young Master Li Ming, who was fiercely attacking Chu Feng, was slightly startled.


The next moment, Chu Feng shouted loudly. Then, his arm and body turned around and threw Young Master Li Ming, who had been caught off guard, into the air.

Like a sandbag, Young Master Li Ming was thrown into the air. He then firmly crashing toward the surface.

If he were to land like that, he would most definitely be seriously injured. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had thrown him with an enormous amount of force.

“As if!”

However, Young Master Li Ming was no ordinary character himself. He had managed to see through Chu Feng’s intention. Even though he was being affected by the power of Chu Feng’s throw, he still managed to reverse his body in midair. He planned to land on his feet.

Like that, he would be able to transfer the power of his landing onto the surface, preventing injuries to himself.


Right at that moment, the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth lifted. He suddenly let go of Young Master Li Ming’s fist.

After being let go of, Young Master Li Ming did not land on the ground. Instead, like an arrow, he was shot out by Chu Feng.

As for the direction that he was thrown toward, it was a corner of the formation they were in.


In the same moment he threw Li Ming out, Chu Feng started running immediately.

However, Chu Feng was not running toward Young Master Li Ming. Rather, there was only one goal in Chu Feng’s mind right now. He was going after Young Master Li Ming’s Profound Light Pillar.

In merely that one instant, the advantage that Li Ming had held earlier was destroyed by Chu Feng.

At that moment, the person who held absolute superiority was Chu Feng!!!

“Chu Feng, he actually hid such a trick!!!”

At that moment, both the Golden Crane True Immortal and the plain-clothed old monk revealed startled expressions. Then, pleasantly surprised expressions emerged in their aged eyes.

It was only at that moment that they realized that Chu Feng had done everything deliberately.

Chu Feng’s provocation of Li Ming and then being beaten back by Li Ming, all of that merely served to pave the way for that one trick.

Chu Feng had wanted Li Ming to feel that he held the advantage over him so that he would relax his guard. Then, Chu Feng seized the opportunity to use his trick.

Chu Feng had used enormous strength to toss Li Ming away. Unless Li Ming were to descend onto the ground, it would be impossible for him to slow himself down. He could only allow himself to continue flying in the direction Chu Feng had thrown him, all the way till he smashed into the edge of the formation.

Thus, at that moment, Young Master Li Ming could only look on helplessly as his body continued to fly.

He could only look on helplessly as Chu Feng moved toward his Profound Light Pillar.

He was unable to do anything.

“The outcome had been determined.”

At that moment, the plain-clothed old monk finally revealed a gratified smile on his face.

The Golden Crane True Immortal also nodded his head.

A match between experts could be decided in an instant.

Li Ming had made a mistake in judgement and fell into Chu Feng’s plot. That mistake had caused Li Ming’s defeat.


Finally, Li Ming crashed ruthlessly into the wall of the formation.

“It’s done.”

At that moment, Chu Feng was less than ten meters away from Li Ming’s Profound Light Pillar. A relaxed smile emerged on his face.

His palm was already open. He was planning to grab the Profound Light Pillar.

As long as he grabbed the Profound Light Pillar, he would win the match.


However, right when Chu Feng was only a meter away from the Profound Light Pillar, a figure appeared before the Profound Light Pillar like a phantom.


Seeing that individual, Chu Feng revealed an astonished expression.

It was actually Young Master Li Ming. Young Master Li Ming, who had been thrown into the wall by Chu Feng, who was at a distance of at least a hundred meters from the Profound Light Pillar, had actually appeared before the Profound Light Pillar.

It all happened too quickly. Chu Feng was simply unable to pull back his palm in time. Thus, his palm landed firmly onto Li Ming’s chest.

“This feeling?”

The moment Chu Feng’s palm came into contact with Young Master Li Ming’s chest, he was immediately startled. Then, his heartbeat started to rapidly accelerate.

The reason for that was because the sensation he felt the instant he came into contact with Li Ming’s chest was not a sensation of a man’s flat-chestedness.

Instead, it was the softness of a woman.


Chu Feng raised his head and looked to Li Ming. He discovered that Li Ming was standing there stunned.

Subconsciously, Chu Feng felt that Li Ming’s current reaction was caused by what he had just done.

Seemingly trying to verify his guess, Chu Feng grabbed lightly twice more with his hand.

The softness was still present. It meant that Chu Feng’s previous sensation was not a misconception. This Li Ming was truly hiding something.

“Shameless bastard!”

Suddenly, a furious voice was heard. Following that, a ‘paa’ was heard, and a slap landed on Chu Feng’s face.

It was Young Master Li Ming.

At that moment, Chu Feng was able to see that Young Master Li Ming’s face had turned deep red. There was also fury in his eyes.

That gaze was one of someone itching to kill Chu Feng.

However, apart from the anger, there was also a special look that belonged to women. It was a shy expression.

This Young Master Li Ming was very charming to begin with. Upon revealing that expression, he simply looked like a cute little belle.

Seeing that expression, Chu Feng did not reveal any anger after being slapped by Young Master Li Ming. Instead, he rubbed his cheek that was slapped and smiled mischievously. “Lil’ Sis Li Ming, you’ve hidden yourself quite well. If I didn’t touch it by accident, I truly would’ve never considered you to be this well-hidden.”

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