Chapter 2493 - Merely One Move

Chapter 2493 - Merely One Move

“He is, after all, someone that I’ve chosen. It is only natural for him to not disappoint me.”

Hearing the plain-clothed old monk praising Young Master Li Ming, the Golden Crane True Immortal’s form started to change. In the blink of an eye, he turned from a golden crane into a human. Furthermore, he had a pleasant smile on his face.

“However, I am still optimistic regarding Chu Feng,” The plain-clothed old monk said.

“Chu Feng’s speed of progress is truly astonishing. As matters stand, I must admit that no aspect regarding that child can be picked on; he is indeed an exceptional genius.”

“However, if you insist on comparing the two of them, I am still optimistic of my Li Ming.”

“Let’s take my Profound Light Pillar as an example. The amount of energy one can draw from it is not only related to one’s talent. It is also related to the composition of one’s body, the strength of one’s willpower, and even one’s way of thinking.”

“To be able to accomplish what Li Ming has accomplished means that he could be said to be perfect all around.”

“I believe that he will be capable of shrinking the pillar of light to the size of a pinky finger. As for that, it is the limit of martial cultivators.”

“He is truly a genius among geniuses. His potential is extremely frightening.”

“They all say that countless geniuses will gradually lose their strength as geniuses, and come to a premature end as time passes.”

“However, a genius like Li Ming will definitely not come to a premature end. He will only continue to grow until he becomes a grand character that can look down on an entire Starfield,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.

“No wonder you wanted to take him as your disciple this much. So it’s actually because you are very optimistic about his future prospects, and wanted to hug his thigh in the future,” The plain-clothed old monk said.

“Humph,” The Golden Crane True Immortal snorted eccentrically. It was as if he was feeling slightly displeased from his plot being seen through.

However, upon looking back toward the current Young Master Li Ming, a joyous smile soon appeared on his face again.

At that moment, that so-called Profound Light Pillar was still shrinking in Young Master Li Ming’s hand. It had already shrunk to the size of a pinkie finger.

However, that Young Master Li Ming still hadn’t stopped yet. His Profound Light Pillar was still shrinking.

Furthermore, as he continued to persist, the energy within the Profound Light Pillar was still being continuously extracted by him, and the pillar itself was still continuously shrinking.

In the end, that Profound Light Pillar actually ended up shrinking to a size of only two centimeters.

“It’s actually even smaller than I had anticipated. This Li Ming is truly worthy of being the person that I’ve chosen. His talent is truly too astonishing. He actually managed to refine the Profound Light Pillar to such a state. He has already surpassed the extreme of the extreme.”

The Golden Crane True Immortal was wild with joy. It was as if Young Master Li Ming was his own child; he was feeling extremely proud of him.

“Is this the extreme of the extreme? I’ve heard that a person from the Chu Heavenly Clan has also used this Profound Light Pillar to test his potential before. As for his result, he refined the Profound Light Pillar to a state of disappearance,” The plain-clothed old monk said.

“You’re talking about Chu Xuanyuan?” At that moment, the Golden Crane True Immortal revealed a displeased expression. In fact, when he mentioned Chu Xuanyuan, he revealed a very ugly expression.

“Naturally, it would be him. I met that child once before. The him from back then was already an overbearing individual, someone who possessed the airs of a ruler. Even today, his presence is still vivid in my mind.”

“I determined at that time that he was most definitely not an ordinary individual, that he would obtain inestimable achievements in the future.”

“Thus, I wanted to take him as my disciple just like how you wanted to take Li Ming as your disciple. However, I ended up being refused by him, and was even mocked by him, saying that I was not qualified to be his master.”

“Haha. Recalling it, although Li Ming was arrogant, he is still much inferior when compared to Chu Xuanyuan back then.”

“The Chu Xuanyuan from that time was like someone who was certain that he would become a peak expert in the future. He was truly someone who considered everyone else to be beneath him.”

“Even we were not placed in his eyes. Later on, what he managed to accomplish indeed made it so that others had no choice but to accept his arrogance.”

There was not the slightest trace of displeasure on his face when the plain-clothed old monk said those words. Instead, it was filled with smiles.

From this, it could be seen that even though he was refused and even insulted by Chu Xuanyuan, he did not feel the slightest bit of resentment. On the contrary… he instead seemed to feel somewhat proud of it.

“Very few people saw Chu Xuanyuan’s test with the Profound Light Pillar. Thus, who knows whether or not he really managed to refine the Profound Light Pillar till it disappeared?” The Golden Crane True Immortal spoke with a tart tone.

“While others might not know, how could you not know? After all, you have personally seen his strength after he matured,” The plain-clothed old monk said.

“So what? Wasn’t that Chu Xuanyuan still killed by his own clan? So what if he was a genius? All the geniuses that are unable to really mature are nothing more than jokes.”

“That Chu Xuanyuan is included among those geniuses that came to a premature end,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said. There was actually strong anger in the tone of his voice.

“Say, Golden Crane, you shouldn’t detest Chu Xuanyuan like that just because he defeated your master. After all, it was your Dao Imperial Palace that incited that match,” The plain-clothed old monk said with a smile.


Suddenly, the Golden Crane True Immortal turned around and looked at the plain-clothed old monk. His gaze was exceptionally sharp. If an ordinary individual were to see that gaze, they would be scared to death.

It was not a gaze filled with killing intent. However, it contained absolute cowering force. Seeing that gaze, one would feel fear and terror from the bottom of one’s heart.

However, even though he was faced with that sort of gaze, the plain-clothed old monk remained smiling. He was not frightened in the slightest.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Your Dao Imperial Palace was able to take defeat with grace.”

“Yet now, you, the current Palace Master of the grand Dao Imperial Palace, actually reacts in such a manner when mentioning an opponent from long ago. Could it be that there was something more to how you all took your defeat back then?” The plain-clothed old monk asked.

Hearing those words, the Golden Crane True Immortal’s gaze started to dwindle. However, he did not answer the plain-clothed old monk.

“C’mon, tell me about it. This is actually also something that I am very curious about. Back then, only you were present in the battle between Chu Xuanyuan and your master.”

“After that battle, Chu Xuanyuan did not declare the result of the battle. He acted as if nothing had happened.”

“It was your master who declared to the world that he was defeated by Chu Xuanyuan.”

“Furthermore, he grew extremely depressed after that battle, and died soon afterwards.”

“All of this is extremely strange. After all, your Dao Imperial Palace has always been able to accept your losses with exceptional grace.”

“I wish to know exactly what happened. Could it be that Chu Xuanyuan used some sort of despicable method to make your master feel extremely unreconciled with the defeat? Was that why he started to have a knot in his heart, and died of depression?” The plain-clothed old monk asked in succession.

“Enough!” The Golden Crane True Immortal shouted. However, only the plain-clothed old monk was able to hear his voice.

That said, the Golden Crane True Immortal did not continue to become angry. Instead, he forcibly curbed his anger and said, “Indeed, our Dao Imperial Palace has been able to accept our losses. Our Dao Imperial palace will never make retaliations against those that have defeated our people. We have always been respectful toward our opponents, always admired them.”

“But, who was my master? He was the strongest Palace Master to have ever appeared in our Dao Imperial Palace’s many generations of Palace Masters. He had made countless glorious accomplishments throughout his life. Back in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, very few people dared to disrespect him.”

“Yet, he was defeated by a member of the younger generation, one that was not even thirty years old. Let me ask, how could he be willing to accept that defeat?” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.

“In that case, your master was truly defeated then. It was because he wholly accepted his defeat that he grew that depressed?” The plain-clothed old monk asked.

The Golden Crane True Immortal heaved a long sigh. Then, he looked to the sky and slowly closed his eyes. He said, “Merely one move. Oh, it was merely one move.”

“That Chu Xuanyuan defeated my master with merely one move. Before him, my master did not even have the opportunity to fight back. How could my master not be unwilling to accept his defeat?”

“But, even if he had wholly accepted his defeat, it was still too miserable of a defeat. It was so miserable that no one would believe it.”

“As such, it was inevitable for my master to feel unable to endure being defeated like that.”

“If my master was an arrogant and overbearing individual before that match, then all of his drive and spirit was polished off completely after that match.”

“With that one match, his entire life was destroyed.”

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