Chapter 2489 - Why Are You Surnamed Chu?

Chapter 2489 - Why Are You Surnamed Chu?

“Come on in,” Zhao Hong turned around and entered the house as Chu Feng followed after her.

The house was very small. With merely a single turn, they entered the guest room.

There was a special bed in the guest room. That bed was a treasure, and emitted a seven-colored radiance. The seven-colored radiance was currently spiraling around the person lying on the bed.

As for that person, he was none other than Wang Qiang.

Merely, the current Wang Qiang had a black complexion, and was unconscious.

Instinctively, Chu Feng arrived before Wang Qiang and grabbed his arm. He began to pour spirit power into Wang Qiang to determine the situation he was in.

He was able to tell that Wang Qiang’s current level of cultivation was not weak either. He was actually the same as Zhao Hong, a rank eight Martial Ancestor, a level above his own.

However, Wang Qiang’s aura was extremely chaotic. Not only was he seriously injured, but he was also suffering from a special sort of poison. Most importantly, even Chu Feng was unable to cure that poison.

“Who did this?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s the people from the Kong Heavenly Clan,” Zhao Hong answered.

Afterwards, Zhao Hong began to narrate to Chu Feng what had happened.

During those two years he'd been gone, both Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang thought that Chu Feng had died. Thus, they made a firm resolution to avenge Chu Feng.

During the past two years, they had been striving their hardest to increase their cultivation and attack the Kong Heavenly Clan nonstop.

Originally, they were only mounting small-scale attacks. However, they later discovered an Ancient Era’s Remnant in a certain place in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

The two of them obtained enormous harvests from that Ancient Era’s Remnant. That was how they managed to obtain their current level of cultivation.

Supported by their powerful cultivations, the two of them became increasingly unrestrained in their attacks, and began to focus more on their retaliations against the Kong Heavenly Clan.

With the planning the two of them made, they began to destroy the Kong Heavenly Clan’s branches in succession. Countless Kong Heavenly Clansmen ended up dying by Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong’s hands.

Thus, in the past year, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong had battered the Kong Heavenly Clan quite seriously.

However, not long ago, they were ambushed during one of their attacks against the Kong Heavenly Clan.

While their opponent was not a True Immortal, he was very powerful. Not only did that individual injure Wang Qiang, he also poisoned him.

Fortunately, Chu Xuanlang just so happened to be passing by, and saved the two of them. Otherwise, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong would likely be gone from the world of the living.

“In that case, Chu Xuanlang is your benefactor. Merely, why did he not heal Wang Qiang’s injury?” Chu Feng asked.

The condition of Wang Qiang’s injury was very strange. Even Chu Feng was unable to do anything about it. However, Chu Xuanlang was different. He was an expert from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, a true expert from the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Chu Feng felt that Chu Xuanlang would most likely be able to resolve what they were powerless against.

Zhan Hong sighed. She revealed an even greater expression of worry.

“Could it be that even he was unable to help Wang Qiang?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mn, although he does not care about the grudges that we have with the Kong Heavenly Clan, since he acted to save us, he actually wanted to save us all the way. But he… he was unable to treat my husband’s injury. Furthermore, he declared that there is only a single person in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm that is capable of curing my husband’s injury,” Zhao Hong said.

“Who?” Chu Feng asked.

“The Golden Crane True Immortal,” Zhao Hong said.

“Golden Crane True Immortal? Have you all gone to request his assistance?” Chu Feng asked.

“We did. However, we were locked outside the gates by him, and he refused to even see us. The Golden Crane True Immortal is truly unwilling to help.”

When mentioning that matter, deep grievances emerged in Zhao Hong’s eyes. Evidently, Zhao Hong held a grudge against the Golden Crane True Immortal’s refusal to save Wang Qiang.

“Let me go and have a try,” As Chu Feng spoke, he turned around and began walking out.

Wang Qiang’s injury was extremely strange. Although he was still able to persevere at the moment, Chu Feng had no idea how much longer he could continue persevering with no cure.

As this matter concerned Wang Qiang’s life and death, Chu Feng naturally did not wish to delay.

“Chu Feng, you must definitely be careful on your way there,” Zhao Hong warned.

“Although I do not possess a deep relationship with the Golden Crane True Immortal, it remains that I have been acquainted with him once before. I believe that even if he is to refuse to see me, he would not make things difficult for me,” Chu Feng said.

“No, it’s not the Golden Crane True Immortal. Right now, it is not only the Golden Crane True Immortal that’s at Mount Cloud Crane. Young Master Li Ming is also there,” Zhao Hong said.

“Him? I don’t think he possesses any hatred or grievance against us, no?” Chu Feng said.

“Although there are no grievances between us, he is an extremely arrogant individual. Originally… he was deemed to be the strongest genius in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

“However, in the past two years, the three of us were being compared to that Young Master Li Ming constantly. That Young Master Li Ming kept a very low profile, whereas Wang Qiang and I kept very high profiles during the past two years. Thus, some people felt that our strength surpassed his.”

“While Young Master Li Ming has never tried to make trouble for us, he is in fact feeling very unreconciled.”

“Thus, when I ran into him at Mount Cloud Crane, he attacked me,” Zhao Hong said.

“And the result was?” Chu Feng asked.

“I lost,” Zhao Hong said.

“Not even you were a match for him?” Chu Feng felty very astonished.

Chu Feng had met that Young Master Li Ming before. Back then, his cultivation had been much superior to Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.

However, during the past two years, the three of them had made extraordinary progress. Thus, Chu Feng was very surprised to find out that Young Master Li Ming was still able to defeat Zhao Hong.

After all, Zhao Hong was not an ordinary foe.

“I simply did not even possess the ability to fight back. In fact… I was unable to even sense his cultivation,” Zhao Hong said.

“Did he injure you?” After hearing what Zhao Hong said, Chu Feng felt that Young Master Li Ming to be even more extraordinary. He was either hiding his cultivation back then, or he had also obtained some fortuitous encounter in the past two years. Else, it would be impossible for him to reach breakthroughs this quickly.

However, Chu Feng was more worried about Zhao Hong’s well-being.

“No, he stopped the moment the outcome was determined. Furthermore, he declared that he would not spread word of the matter. Although he is proud and arrogant, he seems to have a pretty decent character. He merely wanted to prove himself.”

“However, Chu Feng, if the two of you are to encounter one another, I do not wish for you to lose,” Zhao Hong said to Chu Feng. Her gaze changed slightly as she said those words.

It was a special sort of emotion, the emotion of placing one’s hope onto another. Zhao Hong hoped for Chu Feng to be able to defeat that Young Master Li Ming.

“If I am to encounter him, I will battle against him with my all. Furthermore, I will definitely successfully request the Golden Crane True Immortal’s assistance.” After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he began to walk toward the exit.

Seemingly sensing Chu Feng’s return, the exit opened before him.

After walking out, Che Feng saw that Chu Xuanlang was still present.

“Senior, thank you.”

When Chu Feng saw Chu Xuanlang again, he had a completely different opinion of him.

After all, Chu Xuanlang had saved Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.

“It is merely a trivial matter. Furthermore, I actually saved them with a purpose in mind,” Chu Xuanlang said with a slight smile.

Chu Feng’s gaze changed slightly. Then, he asked, “Senior, could it be that you saved them because of me?”

“Clever. However, I know that you’re worried about your brother’s safety. Thus, let’s talk about this on the way. I will bring you to find the Golden Crane True Immortal first,” Chu Xuanlang already knew what Chu Feng planned to do next. Thus, as he spoke, Chu Feng’s surroundings grew indistinct.

Chu Feng knew that Chu Xuanlang was bringing him along and rapidly journeying toward Mount Cloud Crane.

On the way, Chu Luxuan said, “Chu Feng, I actually have a question.”

“Senior, please ask away,” Chu Feng said.

“Why are you surnamed Chu?” Chu Xuanlang asked.

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