Chapter 2473 - Current Situation

Chapter 2473 - Current Situation


Once the name ‘Red Butterfly Society’ was said, the expressions of Liu Xiaoli and the others changed enormously.

They had expressions of horror on their faces. After all, there was a reason why they had changed their name. Furthermore, as the Red Butterfly Society was only a tier three power, there shouldn’t be a lot of people who knew of them.

While they were horrified, Liu Xiaoli did not dare to express any rudeness toward that unknown yet incomparably powerful individual before her.

Instead, in a very respectful manner, she asked, “Senior, who exactly might you be? How did you know about the Red Butterfly Society?”

“You ask how I know about the Red Butterfly Society?” As Chu Feng spoke, he removed his conical bamboo hat and revealed his appearance.

“Chu Feng?!” Upon seeing Chu Feng, both Liu Xiaoli and the people behind her revealed stunned expressions.

First they were shocked. However, their shocked expressions were immediately followed with expressions of ecstasy. They were simply in even greater joy than finding treasures.

“Chu Feng, it’s you? You’re not dead?!!!”

Liu Xiaoli was so excited that her body started to shake. She no longer showed any of her previous cautiousness. Instead, like seeing an old friend, she arrived before Chu Feng and patted his arm.

At that moment, Chu Feng discovered that even though Liu Xiaoli had an enormous smile on her face, the corners of her eyes were already wet.

“Who said I’m dead? Aren’t I still living and active?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“But, two years ago when you fought against the Kong Heavenly Clan, no one knew what happened to you, and you disappeared. Thus, everyone felt that you were seriously injured in the battle, and died afterwards.”

“There were even people who declared that your corpse had been found,” Liu Xiaoli said.

“Found my corpse? Never would I have expected the people of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to be so proficient in spreading false rumors,” The smile on Chu Feng’s face grew even wider.

“Regardless, it is great that little friend Chu Feng is fine, great that little friend Chu Feng is fine.”

The Red Butterfly Society’s elders were all overjoyed. They were smiling so intensely that their aged faces became filled with wrinkles like a bunch of steamed stuffed buns. One could see how happy they were.

“Chu Feng, where have you gone during the past two years? Furthermore, your cultivation… isn’t the speed at which you reach breakthroughs simply too fast? How did you become a rank seven Martial Ancestor already?” Liu Xiaoli asked.

She still remembered the time when she had first met Chu Feng. Back then, Chu Feng was much weaker than her.

Yet now, Chu Feng had become much stronger than her. She felt that she no longer had the chance to overtake Chu Feng.

“Lady Society Master, this is nothing. Back then, little friend Chu Feng fought against the Kong Heavenly Clan by himself. Furthermore, it was said that little friend Chu Feng held a Demon Armament in his hand, easily killed the Kong Heavenly Clan’s True Immortals, and nearly brought about the extermination of the entire Kong Heavenly Clan,” an elder of the Red Butterfly Society said. When mentioning that matter, he had a proud expression on his face. It was as if Chu Feng was his relative, a relative that he could be immensely proud of.

“Right, right, right. That matter spread like wildfire. Furthermore, it was said that many people witnessed it. Thus, it was most definitely not an exaggeration.”

“Chu Feng, exactly how did you accomplish that, how were you able to kill True Immortals?” Liu Xiaoli asked.

At that moment, she reacted as if she had countless questions for Chu Feng that she was impatient to know the answer to.

“It is a long story. To put it simply, the me from back then possessed a cultivation much weaker than now.”

“As I was only a Half Martial Ancestor back then, it was true that I was only able to contend against the Kong Heavenly Clan by relying on a Demon Armament.”

“However, I cannot frequently make use of that Demon Armament. Thus, unless I am forced into a corner, I will rely on my own cultivation.”

“During the past two years, I have been in closed-door training. That is why I managed to obtain my current level of cultivation,” Chu Feng said to Liu Xiaoli and the others.

That said, he did not reveal everything to them, and had still concealed certain things. For example, he did not mention the fact that the Evil God Sword would cause a backlash against him, and the fact that he had been in closed-door training in the War Clan’s Ancient Domain for the past two years.

After all, it was difficult to fathom a person’s mind. While he trusted Liu Xiaoli, he was unable to trust everyone present.

This is precisely what is meant by ‘one should not have a heart to harm others, but one must have a heart to guard against others.’”

“In that case, the rumors are all true. You really managed to rely on a Demon Armament to nearly eliminate the entire Kong Heavenly Clan?”

“Chu Feng, you are simply too amazing. I knew that you were amazing, but never would I have expected you to be this amazing.”

“What sort of place is the Kong Heavenly Clan? It is one of the strongest powers in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

“Did you know that the strength of the Kong Heavenly Clan has suffered enormously because of you alone? They no longer possess the arrogance that they did back then.”

“Right now, you’ve become one of the most legendary individuals in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. If people were to find out that you’re still alive, it would definitely create a great disturbance.”

“Do you know how many powers will try to rope you in with them? How many people will try to become your disciple?”

“Those things are simply unimaginable.”

“After all, you have already become the target of admiration for countless seniors, the idol of countless juniors.”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the crowd grew even more excited. It would be one thing for someone of Liu Xiaoli’s age to act so excited. Yet, the original management elders of the Red Butterfly Society, those elderly individuals who had lived for countless years, were actually unable to contain their emotions like a bunch of kids.

Suddenly, an elder spoke, “Oh, that’s right. It is not only you who has become extremely famous, your two friends have also become extremely famous now.”

“You’re talking about Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong?” Chu Feng asked.

“Right, those two,” That elder answered.

“How are Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong doing now?” Chu Feng hurriedly asked. This was actually what he was concerned about the most.

“The two of them are also extremely amazing right now. While I do not know their exact cultivations, they have been deemed to be demon-level geniuses capable of being equally as famous as Young Master Li Ming.”

“Furthermore, since the events of two years ago, Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang have become complete enemies of the Kong Heavenly Clan. They have threatened that they will definitely eliminate the Kong Heavenly Clan to avenge you.”

“During the two years you were gone, they have also made the Kong Heavenly Clan pay dearly. Many of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s branches were attacked and destroyed by them.”

“In fact, many of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s experts that were dispatched to pursue and kill them were instead killed by them.”

“Most importantly, the two of them are absolutely unrestrained. They continue to attack the Kong Heavenly Clan nonstop, but the Kong Heavenly Clan is unable to do anything to them,” That elder said.

“Indeed, if the two of them are to engage in guerilla warfare, the Kong Heavenly Clan will not be able to do anything to them,” Chu Feng smiled. As close friends, he knew Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong quite well.

After all, the two of them were both Immortal-cloak World Spiritists. Thus, their ability to conceal themselves was not something that ordinary individuals could match.

Furthermore, both of them were smart, and possessed many techniques. It would indeed be a major headache for the Kong Heavenly Clan to encounter the two of them as enemies.

“Actually, it was also because of you having inflicted serious losses to the Kong Heavenly Clan that they have been unable to deal with Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.”

“If the Kong Heavenly Clan from two years ago was on equal footing against the other three tier one powers, and maybe even be faintly stronger than them, then the current Kong Heavenly Clan has become the publicly accepted weakest of the four tier one powers.”

“Furthermore, everyone knows that it is due to you that the Kong Heavenly Clan ended up degenerating to such a state.”

“Not only did you inflict heavy losses upon them, but you also left them with enormous infamy. Now, they are reviled by everyone,” Liu Xiaoli said.

“Haha, never would I have expected the Kong Heavenly Clan to suffer like this in the past two years. Not only did their strength decrease greatly because of you, but they also became infamous. Your two friends are also attacking them nonstop, adding hail to snow.”

“If the Kong Heavenly Clan had known that they would suffer like this, even if they were given a hundred times more courage, they would definitely not have dared to attempt to kill you.”

“Haha. Great, this is truly great. They have truly reaped what they sowed. Serves them right,” Upon hearing that, Her Lady Queen was overjoyed. She revealed an extremely pleased expression on her beautiful face.

“Oh, that’s right. Chu Feng, what we’ve told you so far is all good news. However, there is still another piece of bad news that I feel that you should know,” Suddenly, Liu Xiaoli’s expression turned serious.

“What is the bad news?” Chu Feng asked.

“Do you still remember Luyang’s Pavilion?” Liu Xiaoli asked.

“Chu Luyang, the Pavilion Master of Luyang’s Pavilion. Humph, of course I remember him,” A sneer emerged on Chu Feng’s face.

That Chu Luyang had caused Chu Feng to suffer quite a lot back then. Although he had ended up being killed by Chu Feng, many people were killed because of him. Thus, even though Chu Feng had personally killed Chu Luyang, he was still unable to neutralize the hatred in his heart.

“Chu Luyang has a younger brother by the name of Chu Luxuan.”

“I’ve heard that Chu Luxuan is completely different from Chu Luyang and the others. Even in the Chu Heavenly Clan, that Chu Luxuan is a top rated genius.”

“Right now, that Chu Luxuan has arrived in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” Liu Xiaoli said.

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