Chapter 2469 - Obtaining The War Axe

Chapter 2469 - Obtaining The War Axe

“Senior, is this Emperor Taboo: Golden Lightning Shield satisfactory?” With the Golden Lightning Shield around his body, Chu Feng turned to ask Zhan Yuanmo.

“It is. To be able to utilize the Golden Lightning Shield to such a degree, Young Hero Chu Feng has completely grasped the profoundness of the martial skill,” Zhan Yuanmo nodded repeatedly. Admiration and astonishment filled his eyes.

While the Emperor Taboo: Golden Lightning Shield was one of the relatively easier-to-learn martial skills among the thirteen martial skills, it was still truly unimaginable for Chu Feng to be able to grasp it in merely a short moment.

“Senior War Axe, what do you think?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mn, indeed, you have mastered this martial skill,” The Ancient Era’s War Axe spoke in praise.

“Since both seniors have acknowledged it, I will continue then,” After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he deactivated the Emperor Taboo: Golden Lightning Shield. Then, he unleashed another Emperor Taboo Martial Skill. This was also one of the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Emperor Taboo Martial Skills.

After unleashing the second Emperor Taboo Martial Skill, Chu Feng continued to unleash more martial skills. In merely a short moment, Chu Feng had unleashed all thirteen martial skills.

“I’m… I’m not dreaming, right? This is for real?”

“Big sister, give me a slap on the face so that I can see if this is a dream or not,” Zhan Lingtong was so astonished that his mouth dropped wide open.

“It’s real. Merely… this is simply too unimaginable. Exactly how did benefactor manage to accomplish that?”

“Could it be that he is simply not a human, but is instead a god?” Zhan Lingling was also extremely astonished. Complicated emotions filled her beautiful eyes as she looked at Chu Feng.

At that moment, the great majority of the people present had the same sort of expression as Zhan Lingling. After all, they knew that all those martial skills were extremely difficult to learn.

Even the simplest Emperor Taboo: Golden Lightning Shield should not be able to be successfully mastered in such a short period of time.

Yet, Chu Feng had actually managed to completely grasp all thirteen martial skills. He was able to even skillfully unleash the three Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills.

Thus, they felt that … it was definitely not something that an ordinary person could accomplish.

Chu Feng was naturally not a god. There were mainly two aspects as to why he was able to grasp those martial skills so quickly.

Firstly, Chu Feng’s current cultivation was that of a rank seven Martial Ancestor. For the current Chu Feng, regardless of whether it might be his body’s tolerance toward martial skills or his control over martial power, they had both reached a state where he could easily handle those martial skills.

As for the reason why Chu Feng was able to unleash those martial skills after knowing the method of training and attaining even greater mastery than those who had spent hundreds of years learning those martial skills, it would be because… of the second aspect.

This was also the most important aspect. That is, within Chu Feng’s dantian was a bamboo slip that emitted the aura of the Ancient Era.

That bamboo slip had allowed Chu Feng to have a whole new level of understanding toward martial skills. It led to Chu Feng’s martial skills being stronger than others of the same level.

Most importantly, after Chu Feng experienced the backlash from the Evil God Sword, that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip became even more powerful, and allowed Chu Feng to have a more incisive understanding of martial skills.

As long as Chu Feng reached a cultivation where he could control a certain martial skill, he would be able to immediately learn that martial skill should he see it.

At that moment, not only had Chu Feng grasped the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s thirteen martial skills, he had also managed to completely grasp the Kong Heavenly Clan’s martial skills, including that Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement!!!

“Never would I have expected that you would be able to grasp everything so quickly.”

“No wonder Lord War Sword chose you. After all, your accomplishments are truly astonishing.”

At that moment, not only were the crowd exclaiming in admiration, even that high, remote and majestic Ancient Era’s War Axe was praising Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, for you to be able to grasp all those martial skills in such a short period of time, it is most definitely not because of your innate comprehension ability. You must have encountered an enormous chance opportunity, right?” The Ancient Era’s War Axe asked.

“Enormous chance opportunity?” Chu Feng’s heart moved. Indeed, when he had obtained the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip, he knew that it was a chance opportunity.

However, back then, Chu Feng was only concerned about obtaining cultivation resources so that he could quickly increase his cultivation. Back then, the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip could not be considered to be an enormous chance opportunity.

However, things were completely different now. Before the current Chu Feng, the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip was brimming with mysteriousness and inestimable power.

Furthermore, what the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip had bestowed him were indeed not things that cultivation resources could ever bestow him. Perhaps it was as the Ancient Era’s War Axe had said, and the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip was indeed an enormous chance opportunity that Chu Feng had encountered.

“I do not care what sort of chance opportunity you’ve encountered. However, those that have encountered an enormous chance opportunity possess great fortune.”

“Since ancient times, experts might all have different experiences. However, one thing was identical about them. That is, they all possessed great fortune.”

“And you, you already possess this most important aspect to becoming a grand expert. That is, fortune,” The Ancient Era’s War Axe said to Chu Feng.

“Great fortune? No wonder Young Hero Chu Feng is so powerful,” At that moment, the Ancient Era’s War Clan's men felt more and more admiration and envy toward Chu Feng.

While their talent might be inferior to Chu Feng’s, it turned out now that even their fortune was inferior to Chu Feng’s. As such, how could they not feel envious, not feel admiration, for Chu Feng?

Suddenly, the Ancient Era’s War Axe asked Chu Feng, “I am unwilling to guard this place and live the rest of my life all holed up. Chu Feng, can you bring me out of here to fight in the vast starry sky, in the boundless Outer World?”

“Milord, what are you...?!!!”

The Ancient Era’s War Clansmen were all astonished upon hearing those words. They had expressions as if they had been fed feces. They truly never expected that the Ancient Era’s War Axe would want to follow Chu Feng and leave this place.

“Senior, you?” Not to mention the others, even Chu Feng was feeling extremely surprised.

“I’m going to consider that you’ve agreed to it,” However, before Chu Feng could finish his words, the Ancient Era’s War Axe turned into a golden ray and entered Chu Feng’s forehead.


The next moment, Chu Feng felt the power of the Ancient Era’s War Axe. That power was now under his control.

“Wow! Chu Feng, you’ve truly profited enormously today! You actually obtained another Ancient Era’s secret skill.”

“Didn’t you say that it was still very difficult for you to control the Ancient Era’s War Sword with your current power? What about this Ancient Era’s War Axe?”

“This Ancient Era’s War Axe shouldn’t be that hard to control, right? After all, even that old man was capable of using it. You should also be able to use it at will, right?” Her Lady Queen was endlessly excited.

As for Chu Feng, even though he was extremely surprised, he was also feeling very delighted.

It was as Her Lady Queen had said, although the Ancient Era’s War Sword was very strong, it was too powerful. Even if Chu Feng could force himself to use the Ancient Era’s War Sword, he would not be able to unleash its true power.

However, this Ancient Era’s War Axe was different. Although it was much weaker than the Ancient Era’s War Sword, it did not have an extremely high requirement for its user. At the very least, Chu Feng would be able to use the Ancient Era’s War Axe right now.

Thus, to Chu Feng, obtaining the Ancient Era’s War Axe was a great thing.

Merely, Chu Feng still felt hesitant. He did not know whether or not the Ancient Era’s War Clan would agree to him bringing the Ancient Era’s War Axe away.

After all, the Ancient Era’s War Spear had already been taken away by Zhan Haichuan.

Right now, only two secret skills remained in the Ancient Era’s War Clan.

Now that Chu Feng had come, he was going to bring both of them away. To the Ancient Era’s War Clan, this would be an enormous loss.


“What do we do about this?”

“Milord, say… what should we do?”

“Lord War Axe is truly…”

Sure enough, the Ancient Era’s War Clan was in utter chaos.

This was especially true for the elders; they all had depressed expressions on their faces. Evidently, they were unable to accept it.

“This is Lord War Axe’s decision. What can we possibly do? Are we to demand Lord War Axe from Young Hero Chu Feng?”

“If we were to do that, we would’ve gone against Lord War Axe’s desires. We absolutely cannot do such a thing,” Zhan Yuanmo said.

“But, Milord, if we are to do that, our Ancient Era’s War Clan will not have a single secret skill remaining. We will become the same as the Monstrous Clan. What are we supposed to pass on to our future generations?” An elder said.

“Indeed. What you all say is very correct. Without the secret skills, we will have lost a type of inheritance.”

“However, you all should understand this. At the very least, our Ancient Era’s War Clan still exists right now. Don’t you all know why our Ancient Era’s War Clan is still able to exist?”

“When all is said and done, is it our lives that are more important, or the secret skills that are more important?!” Zhan Yuanmo asked with a cold tone.

Hearing those words, the elders grew silent. They would naturally not have forgotten that if it wasn’t for Chu Feng, they would’ve already been exterminated by the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan. At that time, they wouldn’t have been able to pass on anything to future generations.

By remembering that Chu Feng had saved them, they also remembered that Chu Feng was no longer comparable to back then. If Chu Feng was to refuse to hand over the secret skills to them, what could they possibly do about it?

Thus, since the Ancient Era’s War Axe had decided to follow Chu Feng, it was already Chu Feng’s possession. There was no way for them to retrieve it.

Right at the moment when everyone was silent, Zhan Yuanmo walked over to Chu Feng. With an apologetic expression on his face, he clasped his fist at Chu Feng, “Young Hero Chu Feng, this old man understands very well why Lord War Axe has chosen you.”

“Merely, this old man has a presumptuous request. I wonder if Young Hero Chu Feng might be willing to agree to it?”

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