Chapter 2465 - Mentioning The Truth

Chapter 2465 - Mentioning The Truth

“Young Hero, you are truly a genius, truly a genius,” The Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Zhan Yuanmo began to praise Chu Feng nonstop. He even started to applaud Chu Feng.

The others in the Ancient Era’s War Clan also began to applaud Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng did not bother with the admiration and applause from the crowd. Rather, he turned his gaze to the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan. Then, he took a glance at the Ancient Era’s War Clan.

He said, “This War Clan’s Ancient Domain was originally created by two seniors. One was the War Clan’s senior, whereas the other was the Monstrous Clan’s senior.”

“The two of them were close friends. They should have given a rigid order to you descendants that you all must coexist peacefully.”

“I do not understand why you all do not know about this matter now, and have turned on your former union to become archenemies.”

“However, to have the Monstrous Clan and the War Clan jointly continue in the War Clan’s Ancient Domain is your seniors’ final wishes.”

“Thus, today, I will not extinguish your Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan. However, I hope that the Ancient Era’s War Clan and the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan can coexist peacefully in the future.”

“If the Monstrous Clan still doesn’t learn from this lesson, I will return here in the future. At that time… I will no longer be lenient toward you all,” Chu Feng said.

“You… you’re planning to spare us?” An Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s elder asked.

“Was I not clear enough?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“No, it’s clear, very clear. Thank you Milord, thank you Milord.”

That Monstrous Clan’s elder suddenly kneeled onto the ground and began to kowtow to Chu Feng while thanking him.

Following that, the others of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan also kneeled before Chu Feng and started to kowtow to him while thanking him.

“You all do not have to thank me. If you want to thank someone, thank your senior. However, you all must definitely learn from your lesson. Do not go against the words of your senior for the sake of your own selfish desires,” Chu Feng said.

“We understand. We will definitely keep it in mind. We will never dare go against our Lord’s desire,” The Monstrous Clansmen nodded repeatedly.

What Chu Feng said was most definitely not nonsense.

In the two years that he had been in closed door training in the Martial Comprehension Ground, Chu Feng had not only managed to attain martial comprehension, he had also managed to attain comprehension toward world spirit techniques.

The reason why Chu Feng was able to reach successive breakthroughs earlier was precisely because Chu Feng had managed to attain a certain amount of martial comprehension. In fact, Chu Feng was only a bit away from reaching rank eight Martial Ancestor. It could be said that Chu Feng had managed to obtain enormous harvest in the two years’ time.

In fact, Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques had also reached a breakthrough. He was no longer an Insect Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. Rather, he had become a Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

All those things were harvests Chu Feng had obtained from the Martial Comprehension Ground.

Apart from that, Chu Feng had also managed to learn a bit about the story of the Martial Comprehension Ground’s creator.

The creator of the Martial Comprehension Ground was someone from the Ancient Era’s War Clan. Back then, due to a certain reason, he had had no choice but to go into hiding.

That was why he had created the War Clan’s Ancient Domain. Its main purpose was for hiding .

Arriving together with him were not only a group of his Ancient Era’s War Clan’s followers, but also a group of people from the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan.

The then leader of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan was that Ancient Era’s War Clan’s expert’s close friend. The two of them possessed a very close relationship.

That was why there were two clans, the War Clan and the Monstrous Clan, in the War Clan’s Ancient Domain.

Actually, Chu Feng had no idea whether or not the creator of the Martial Comprehension Ground told his descendants that they must peacefully coexist with the Monstrous Clan.

That was only Chu Feng’s guess...

However, Chu Feng knew that the reason Zhan Haichuan had not exterminated the Monstrous Clan back then was most likely because he had also come to find out about what happened back then.

When even Zhan Haichuan, a descendant of the War Clan, did not exterminate the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan, Chu Feng would naturally not exterminate the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan.

Else, he feared that he would be going against the desire of the creator of that Martial Comprehension Ground.


Soon, the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s army withdrew from the War Clan’s headquarters. As for the Ancient Era’s War Clan, after being instructed by Chu Feng, they also did not give chase to kill the Monstrous Clansmen.

Instead, they only dispatched their army to retrieve their former territories.

As for Chu Feng, he was once again invited back to the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s headquarters.

As the battle had just ended, it should be a time to clean up the battlefield and help cure the injured instead of celebration. However, it remained that Chu Feng had saved the Ancient Era’s War Clan by himself. Thus, Zhan Yuanmo was determined to thank Chu Feng.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, this old man is called Zhan Yuanmo. I am Lingtong and Lingling’s grandfather.”

“I have already heard about you. You are truly the benefactor to our Ancient Era’s War Clan.”

“Not only did you save Lingtong and Lingling back then, you’ve also saved our entire Ancient Era’s War Clan today.”

“Today, I, on behalf of our Ancient Era’s War Clan, offer a toast to Young Hero Chu Feng,” Zhan Yuanmo raised his wine cup and spoke to Chu Feng in a very joyous manner.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, we also offer you a toast,” Following that, the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief and the various elders also raised their wine cups to express thanks to Chu Feng.

At that moment, those people all had eagerly attentive expressions on their faces. Merely, their smiles were very uncomfortable. After all, they were feeling guilty.

That said, they did not mention anything regarding what had happened in the past. It was as if nothing had happened. It caused Chu Feng to feel very displeased.

Chu Feng understood what those people were thinking; they were afraid that Zhan Yuanmo would know of the truth and punish them.

“They are truly a bunch of shameless bastards. They actually do not even have the courage to shoulder the consequences of their actions. Are they not planning to bring up what happened back then at all? Are they planning to pretend that nothing happened? They are truly too shameless!” Her Lady Queen cursed out in rage. She had also managed to see through the thoughts of those Ancient Era’s War Clan's men.

“Chu Feng, we absolutely cannot drop this subject. We must teach them a lesson. Else… they will truly think that you can be easily bullied,” Her Lady Queen said angrily.

“Rest assured. Milady Queen, you don’t need to be angry. With me here, I will not allow them to try to pass things by like this.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words to Her Lady Queen, he did not immediately turn hostile toward the Ancient Era’s War Clansmen. Rather, he started to smile.

Of course, Chu Feng did not stand up to receive the toasts of wine from those people. In fact, he did not even bother to drink the wine off the wine cup that he slowly raised.

Instead, he watched as Zhan Yuanmo and the others of the War Clan drank their respective cups of wine.

Then, he said, “Everyone from the Ancient Era’s War Clan, it seems that you are truly eminent individuals with short memories. You’re thanking me for saving you all now, why did you not mention the time when you imprisoned me?”

“Imprisoned?” Hearing those words, Zhan Yuanmo’s expression changed. The smile on his face instantly froze.

As for the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief and those elders, their expressions also turned extremely ugly instantly.

One by one, they started to speak, yet hesitated. It was as if they wanted to explain themselves, yet did not know how to.

Zhan Yuanmo discovered that the situation was amiss. Immediately, his sword-like eyebrows rose. With a cold voice, he asked his son, “What is going on?!”

“Lord Father, regarding this, it’s actually… actually… actually…”

“I… this…”

The Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief started to stammer. He didn’t know how to respond to that question.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, exactly what is going on? Have our Ancient Era’s War Clan shown negligence toward you before?”

“Or could it be that this is a misunderstanding?” Seeing that his clansmen refused to answer, Zhan Yuanmo turned to Chu Feng. He wanted to obtain an answer from Chu Feng directly.

“Misunderstanding?” Chu Feng chuckled. Then, he said to Zhan Yuanmo, “Senior, if this is truly a misunderstanding, then this would be an enormous misunderstanding.”

“Senior, please help this junior analyze whether or not this misunderstanding should happen.”

“Young Hero Chu Feng, please go ahead and tell me what happened. If they were truly excessive in what they’ve done, this old man will uphold justice for you today,” Zhan Yuanmo guaranteed as he patted his chest.

“Since senior says it like this, I will no longer conceal the truth, and tell you what happened.”

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng informed Zhan Yuanmo about everything that happened back then.

As he heard what Chu Feng said, Zhan Yuanmo’s expression started to turn ugly. From time to time, he started to glare fiercely at his clansmen behind him.

However, he continued to endure his anger, and did not say anything or flare up. Just like that, he quietly listened to what Chu Feng had to say.

It was only when Chu Feng finished that he erupted like a long-brewing volcano.

“Ingrates! Truly a bunch of ingrates!!!”

Zhan Yuanmo’s furious voice resonated through heaven and earth. It was more ear-piercing than thunder. It shook the earth and caused the palace to tremble violently.

“Milord, we were wrong.”

At that moment, the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief, those Ancient Era’s War Clan’s elders and the others present all hurriedly knelt onto the ground. They did not even dare to raise their heads.

One by one, they were all dripping with sweat and shivering in fear.

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