Chapter 2457 - Martial Comprehension Ground

Chapter 2457 - Martial Comprehension Ground

“Is there a problem?” Chu Feng asked.

“No, not at all. That is a simple task. Actually, the Martial Comprehension Ground is composed of three levels.”

“The first level is the easiest. The great majority of our clan’s younger generation are training there. However, after one reaches the Half Martial Ancestor realm, it will not be very effective. As such, all those training in the first level are Martial Emperors.”

“From the second level, things start to become difficult. It is the place where Half Martial Ancestor-level experts train. However, due to the fact that it is so difficult, the majority of the people who go there are unable to attain any comprehension. As such, very few Half Martial Ancestor-level experts will actually go there to train.”

“As for Martial Ancestor-level experts, there would be even less of a reason for them to go there. This leads the second level to be empty all the time.”

“As for the third level, it is even harder. Not only is it very difficult to comprehend things there, it also possesses an enormous pressure. Those with insufficient talent are simply unable to enter the third level.”

“Other than Lord Zhan Haichuan, there has never been anyone else in our clan’s history that has managed to set foot into the third level.”

“Thus, the situation in the Martial Comprehension Ground is like so. The first level is filled with Martial Emperors, the second level is practically empty, and the third level has been empty all the time, as no one has ever dared to set foot into it.”

“Looking at things like that, it would instead appear the Martial Comprehension Ground is the safest place in our Ancient Era’s War Clan.”

“Big brother Chu Feng, you are simply too smart. You actually thought of this,” Zhan Lingtong said.

“Very well. In that case, this matter should not be delayed. Let’s set off right away,” Chu Feng said.

Then, the siblings Zhan Lingtong and Zhan Lingling brought Chu Feng to the Martial Comprehension Ground.

Chu Feng had once again concealed himself through his concealment formation.

Furthermore, as the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief and the upper echelons were all in an emergency meeting on how to calm their clansmen’s state of mind, no one discovered Chu Feng.

Without a hitch, Chu Feng, Zhan Lingling and Zhan Lingtong entered the Martial Comprehension Ground.

“This is the Martial Comprehension Ground?”

At that moment, Chu Feng finally managed to see the place where Zhan Haichuan had trained in the past.

It was a place that resembled a mountain peak. There were a total of three levels. That place was enveloped by a special sort of power that made it impossible for one to fly. The only way to move upward would be by using the flight of steps that spiraled around the mountain.

There were countless complicated writings and symbols on the mountain. Having arrived here, even without seeing those countless complicated writings and symbols, Chu Feng was able to sense the existence of dense martial comprehension.

After arriving here, Chu Feng did not stop. Rather, he directly walked to the steps that spiraled around the mountain. He did not wish to waste time there, and began to proceed directly toward the Martial Comprehension Ground’s second level.

Compared to the first level, the second level was not as expansive. Furthermore, it also covered a much smaller area. However, the martial comprehension contained in that area was much denser.

That said, Chu Feng did not stop there either. Instead, he cast his gaze toward the steps leading to the third level.

Chu Feng had a feeling that the place where Zhan Haichuan trained at was the third level.

“Big brother Chu Feng, people only come to the second level very rarely. It would be fine to just train here.”

“That’s right. Benefactor, the pressure in the third level is extremely powerful. It is very difficult for one to withstand it. Many people have attempted to enter the third level, and were instantly injured the moment they set foot into it.”

Zhan Lingtong and Zhan Lingling simultaneously urged Chu Feng to stay in the second level after discovering that Chu Feng wanted to continue upward. They urged Chu Feng against it because they were afraid that he would be injured.

“While people only come here rarely, it remains that people do come here. It is impossible for me to maintain my concealed state forever while training here.”

“If your father or your grandfather were to come here one day and discover me, I would end up suffering greatly.”

“Furthermore, the martial comprehension contained here does not contain enormous benefits for me. Thus, no matter how one looks at it, the third level would suit me better,” Chu Feng said.

“But, big brother Chu Feng, the pressure is truly no small matter. The further up you climb, the greater the pressure will be.”

“Truth be told, my father could be considered to be the most talented individual in our Ancient Era’s War Clan in the past thirty thousand years.”

“However, back then, he was only able to climb one third of the steps toward the third level before he started bleeding from his seven facial orifices due to the pressure he had to sustain. He ended up being seriously injured, and even nearly lost his life,” Zhan Lingtong said to Chu Feng.

“Rest assured, I am confident,” Chu Feng smiled, and then proceeded to walk toward the steps to the third level.

“Big brother Chu Feng,” At that moment, Zhan Lingtong suddenly called out for Chu Feng again.

Chu Feng turned around and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Big brother Chu Feng, I wish to see how you’re going to climb to the third level. Thus… could you undo your concealment formation?” Zhan Lingtong asked.

“As we’re the only ones here, that’s of course not an issue,” Chu Feng smiled, and his body emerged as he spoke.

Then, Chu Feng continued toward the steps to the third level.

At that moment, Zhan Lingtong and Zhan Lingling were both staring at Chu Feng.

Their eyes were filled with worry. However, there was also an unconcealable anticipation.

After all, the place Chu Feng wanted to reach was the place where only Zhan Haichuan had ever managed to reach.

As for Chu Feng, he was obviously not an ordinary individual. Not only did he possess a powerful cultivation, but his world spirit techniques also shocked the two siblings.

Thus, they were thinking...

Chu Feng, would he truly be able to climb to the third level? If he really managed to do so, wouldn’t it mean that he possessed talent on par with Zhan Haichuan?

If that was the case, the two of them would have witnessed a miracle.

Thus, at that moment, the siblings were very hopeful for Chu Feng to succeed.

As he was being watched by the siblings, Chu Feng stepped onto the steps to the third level.


Sure enough, the moment Chu Feng stepped onto the steps, he felt a burst of pressure. However, to Chu Feng, this pressure was not enough to affect him.

Chu Feng began to steadily and slowly walk up the steps.

The journey upward was very easy. Soon, Chu Feng arrived at the location where Zhan Lingling and Zhan Lingtong’s father was seriously injured.

“Big brother Chu Feng is amazing.”

When the siblings recalled how their father started to bleed from his seven facial orifices and was seriously injured when he reached that far, and then seeing how Chu Feng had managed to step past the limit their father had reached without any change in expression, they realized that Chu Feng was truly amazing.

Soon, Chu Feng had managed to reach the halfway point.

Even though the pressure Chu Feng felt was gradually increasing, it was still insufficient to stop Chu Feng.

However, the journey upward was no longer smooth. When he was about to reach the two-thirds point, Chu Feng’s footsteps became heavy, and sweat appeared on his body.

When Chu Feng reached the two-third point, he was sweating profusely. His clothes were already drenched. In fact, even his footsteps started to shiver. Each and every step of his became extremely challenging to take.

“It would seem that the third level is truly not that easily reached,” At that moment, Chu Feng revealed a bitter smile.

At that moment, Chu Feng had realized that it was not an easy task to reach the third level.

The reason for that was because the pressure was rapidly increasing. With each step upward, the pressure would increase by a lot. Such pressure had truly surpassed Chu Feng’s expectations.

At that moment, not even Chu Feng possessed absolute confidence in being able to reach the third level.

However, Chu Feng did not give up. He clenched his jaw and continued to climb the steps.

However, soon, not only were Chu Feng’s legs trembling, but his entire body started to tremble.

In fact, he even felt somewhat dizzy; his line of sight grew fuzzy, and buzzing began to fill his ears.

It… had become very difficult for Chu Feng to continue onward, for Chu Feng was unable to even stabilize himself.

“Big brother Chu Feng, quickly, come back down. Don’t persist on going up anymore.”

Suddenly, Zhan Lingtong’s voice transmission entered Chu Feng’s ear.

As for Zhan Lingling, she was tightly grabbing onto her skirt with her hands. She was extremely worried for Chu Feng.

Although the mountain peak was very tall, they were still able to see that Chu Feng’s eyes, nose and ears were all bleeding.

This meant that the same sort of condition that their father experienced back then had started to appear on Chu Feng.

Furthermore, Chu Feng’s body was swaying back and forth.

It was evident that Chu Feng was no longer capable of withstanding the pressure.

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