Chapter 2454 - Repay Kindness With Malice

Chapter 2454 - Repay Kindness With Malice

“Big brother Chu Feng, you’re actually fine!!!”

“This is great, this is truly great!”

Suddenly, an incomparably joyous voice sounded beside Chu Feng’s ear.

It was Zhan Lingtong. Not only was Zhan Lingtong standing beside Chu Feng, but Zhan Lingling was also standing beside Chu Feng.

The two of them were unable to conceal their happiness, and were grinning from ear to ear upon seeing that Chu Feng had returned completely unscathed.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, you… could it be that you’ve obtained Lord War Sword’s acknowledgement?” The Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief had also arrived beside Chu Feng.

At that moment, everyone from the Ancient Era’s War Clan were looking at Chu Feng with complicated gazes. They all wanted to obtain definite answers from Chu Feng’s mouth.

“Seniors, truth be told, Lord War Sword is indeed in my body now. I have obtained Lord War Sword’s acknowledgement.”

“Merely, Lord War Sword is truly too powerful. I am still unable to completely grasp it for the time being. I reckon that it will still take a long while before I can grasp its power,” Chu Feng did not conceal anything, and told the truth.

The reason for that was because even if he wanted to conceal the truth, he would not be able to do so. After all, all of the people present had heard what the Ancient Era’s War Sword had said earlier.

Furthermore, they had all seen what had happened earlier. Earlier, the Ancient Era’s War Sword had covered his body. And now, it had assimilated into his body.

Actually, everyone knew that Chu Feng had obtained the Ancient Era’s War Sword, that great secret skill that none of their Ancient Era’s War Clansmen were capable of subduing.

“Young Hero Chu Feng is truly an extraordinary genius. You actually managed to obtain Lord War Sword’s acknowledgement.”

“Merely, Young Hero Chu Feng, Lord War Sword is the possession of our Ancient Era’s War Clan. I’m afraid that we cannot allow you to take Lord War Sword away,” The Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“This bunch of shameless bastards. You saved them earlier, yet now they actually want to demand the Ancient Era’s War Sword from you?”

“If it wasn’t for you, they would all be dead already. How could they be so shameless?” Hearing those words, Her Lady Queen immediately voiced her resentment.

Actually, Chu Feng also felt a bit displeased. However, he still only showed a calm expression on his face as he said, “Lord Clan Chief, what happened earlier was actually a trial, a trial that Lord War Sword had for me.”

“I managed to pass the trial. That is how I managed to obtain Lord War Sword’s acknowledgement. Since Lord War Sword has chosen me, I find it unsuitable to let him down. Thus… I’m afraid that I cannot hand over Lord War Sword.”

“Young Hero Chu Feng, we have treated you as an honored guest. How could you treat us like this? You clearly know that Lord War Sword is our Ancient Era’s War Clan’s supreme treasure. Thus, how could you insist on snatching it away?” An elder began to point at Chu Feng as he spoke angrily.

Seeing that, Chu Feng’s expression grew gloomy. He said, “Do not forget, your Lord War Sword was planning to kill you all earlier.”

“If it wasn’t for me, you all would’ve already been dead by now. Is this how you treat your benefactor?”


Once Chu Feng said those words, the Ancient Era’s War Clansmen grew a lot more quiet.

After a moment of silence, that elder said, “Return Lord War Sword to us. We would rather be killed by Lord War Sword than have you bring it away. Else… we would have let down our ancestor.”

“Heh…” Hearing those words, Chu Feng laughed. It was an extremely mocking laughter.

“Lord War Sword chose me of its own accord. Else, with its power, I would not be able to force it to submit to me either.”

“Yet now, you all want to go against the desire of Lord War Sword. Is this what you mean by not letting down your ancestor?”

“What a joke. Allow me to be frank: it is not that I cannot return Lord War Sword to you all. Merely, if I am to return Lord War Sword to you, you might meet even more miserable ends,” Chu Feng said.

“You!!!” That elder’s face turned deep red with fury. However, he was unable to refute Chu Feng.

What happened earlier was still fresh in their memories. They knew very well that what Chu Feng said could very well happen.

Thus, at that moment, they all turned their gazes to their Lord Clan Chief. They wanted to have their Lord Clan Chief make the decision.

Of course, if their Lord Clan Chief wanted to allow Chu Feng to bring away the Ancient Era’s War Sword, they would definitely be against it.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, if you really want to return Lord War Sword to us, there is actually a way.”

“Back then, our Lord Ancestor was afraid that the Three Great Secret Skills would go out of control. Thus, he specially left behind a grand formation. That grand formation was capable of suppressing the power of the Three Great Secret Skills.”

“Back then, out of respect for Lord War Sword, we never sealed it in the grand formation. Never did we expect that it would really end up going out of control wanting to kill us.”

“Judging from how things are now, it seems that we must place it in the grand formation,” The Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“That’s right. How did we forgot about the grand formation Lord Clan Chief left behind?” At that moment, the elders all echoed in succession.

“Your intention is to have me place Lord War Sword into that formation so that you can seal it?” Chu Feng frowned and asked with a cold voice.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, I know that you are a man of virtue. You most definitely would not want us to die by Lord War Sword’s hands. And this… would be the best method to handle this,” The Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Indeed, I do not want you all to die. Otherwise, I would not have offered to die on your behalf. However, I’ve also stated that since Lord War Sword has already chosen me, I cannot fail to live up to its expectations, and definitely cannot place it in the so-called grand formation.”

“Thus, my apologies, but I’m afraid that I cannot agree to this matter,” Chu Feng said resolutely.


Right at that moment, the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief suddenly pulled out a golden spear and pointed it at Chu Feng.

Once the spear appeared, a boundless oppressive might enveloped Chu Feng, causing him to be unable to move a single step.

That spear was an Ancestral Armament. As for that Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief, he was, at the very least, a rank four Martial Ancestor. As he possessed a battle power one level above Chu Feng, Chu Feng would naturally not be able to move once he used his Ancestral Armament to suppress Chu Feng.

“Lord Father, what are you doing? Big brother Chu Feng is the benefactor who saved my life and big sister’s life,” Zhan Lingtong hurriedly rushed over.

“Lord Father, I beg of you, please stop immediately. Chu Feng has shown grace toward us. We cannot repay kindness with malice,” Immediately afterward, Zhan Lingling actually kneeled before the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Scram!” The Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief waved his sleeve, and a strong wind lifted Zhan Lingling and Zhan Lingtong and blew them away.

At that moment, the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief was still pointing at Chu Feng with the golden spear. A complicated expression filled his eyes.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, Lord War Sword belongs to our Ancient Era’s War Clan. Are you really not planning to return it?” The Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“Unless you are to kill me… I will definitely not return the Ancient Era’s War Sword to you,” Chu Feng said.

“I will not kill you, because you have shown grace to our Ancient Era’s War Clan. If I am to kill you, I will have repaid kindness with malice, I will have become an unjust and heartless fellow.”

“However, Lord War Sword is simply too important to our Ancient Era’s War Clan. As such, I cannot allow you to bring it away.”

“Thus, I can only inconvenience Young Hero Chu Feng to stay in our Ancient Era’s War Clan for a bit longer.”


After he finished saying those words, the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief instantly arrived before Chu Feng and grabbed his shoulder.

The next moment, the scene before Chu Feng started to rapidly change. When everything was over, Chu Feng had left where he previously stood and arrived in an underground prison.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, I hope you will properly consider the matter. As long as you are willing to cooperate with us in sealing Lord War Sword in the grand formation, I will immediately release you. Furthermore… I will also apologize for my actions today.”

After he finished saying those words, the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief clasped his fist toward Chu Feng in a very apologetic manner.

Then, a ‘clank’ was heard, and the prison cell was closed shut. Only Chu Feng remained in the prison cell.

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