Chapter 2441 - Be Lenient

Chapter 2441 - Be Lenient

Chu Feng opened his mouth, and an enormous suction power soon enveloped the entire vast mine.

The very next moment, the mine started to tremble. Like an earthquake, no one was able to remain standing firm. One by one, they started to soar into the sky.

“My god! What… what is happening?”

The crowd all revealed dumbfounded expressions as they saw the changes to the mine.

Many streams of Natural Energies visible to the naked eye were flowing out from all over the mine like reverse waterfalls. They were all gathering toward Chu Feng.

“Big brother, he… he… he is actually refining the Natural Energies in the mine.”

“How is he managing to accomplish that? This… this is simply unimaginable.”

Zhan Lingtong was also stunned. After all, the mine used to be part of their Ancient Era’s War Clan’s territory.

Thus, he knew fully how amazing the mine was. The ores gathered there truly did contain an extremely strong amount of Natural Energies. That was also the reason why it was so troublesome to mine the ores.

It was why mining the ores required special tools, and the miners needed to have a cultivation of at least Martial Emperor.

However, most importantly, the mined ores had to be specially refined to extract the Natural Energies contained within them.

Yet, Chu Feng was actually directly devouring the Natural Energy. To Zhan Lingtong, that was simply something impossible.

Soon, the Natural Energies visible to the naked eye stopped rushing out from the mine.

With that, the vast mine lost the radiance it had emitted before. Not only did it not appear to be special at all, but it actually appeared to be inferior to even ordinary mountain ranges.

“He… actually managed to completely devour all of the Natural Energies contained in the mine?” At that moment, the crowd was looking at Chu Feng with gazes of fear.

They felt that what Chu Feng had done was most definitely not something that a human could accomplish.

As for Chu Feng, he wiped his mouth in a very satisfied manner. To him, it was like he had just enjoyed a very delicious meal. Furthermore, that meal could be said to be the best of the best.

Although he was unable to estimate how much Natural Energy he had devoured, he felt that the Natural Energies contained in his dantian would be sufficient for him to break through to at least the True Immortal level of cultivation.

Back when Chu Feng was in the Holy Land of Martialism, he had exhausted enormous effort for the sake of finding Natural Energies.

At that time, he most definitely would have never thought that he would one day gather so much Natural Energy in his dantian.

Suddenly, Chu Feng noticed that none of the crowd had left. Rather, they were all standing in midair and staring at him.

“Why are you all still standing there stunned? Leave now. Or could it be that you all want to continue to be enslaved?” Standing high in the sky, Chu Feng’s voice was like thunder as it shook the surroundings.

“Milord, m-might you be someone from the Ancient Era’s War Clan?” The humans asked Chu Feng.

However, none of them fled. It was not that they did not wish to flee, but rather that they did not dare to flee. After all, this place was now the territory of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan.

“You dared come to our Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan to cause trouble, exactly who are you?”

Right at that moment, a furious shout sounded from outside the mine. Following that, a figure rapidly flew into the mine.

It was that rank six Half Martial Ancestor-level monstrous beast from the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan, the strongest individual tasked with guarding the place.

Upon seeing that monstrous beast, the crowd all turned pale. One by one, they started to shiver in fear.

As they had been enslaved for a long time, the crowd knew very well how frightening that person was. He was truly an individual that murdered without blinking an eye.

However, Chu Feng showed absolutely no fear upon seeing that person. Rather, he let out a single word, “Scram.”

“Arrogant little thief, you dare speak to me in such a manner?! Today, I will definitely dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!” That rank six Half Martial Ancestor took out his Incomplete Ancestral Armament and rushed to attack Chu Feng.

Furthermore, he attacked with overwhelming killing intent. He was planning to kill Chu Feng.

In response, Chu Feng shot forth a punch. “Bang,” that rank six Half Martial Ancestor’s body exploded.

“Heavens! He actually managed to kill him with only a single strike!” The crowd was dumbfounded and disbelief filled their eyes.

“He… he is actually really that powerful?” Zhan Lingtong did not dare to believe his eyes.

He had personally witnessed Chu Feng taking a beating yesterday.

Yet, the Chu Feng before him, when compared to the Chu Feng of the past, was simply a day and night difference; they were simply two different people.

This was especially true for Chu Feng’s arrogant and completely confident attitude of absolutely not placing any of his opponents in his eyes. Even in his Ancient Era’s War Clan, that sort of attitude was rarely seen.

Furthermore, it was the first time that Zhan Lingtong had met someone so powerful at such a young age.

“Why are you all still not fleeing? Could it be that you wish to be slaves your entire life?” Chu Feng said to the humans again.

At that moment, all of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clansmen were taken care of by him. Yet, those humans were actually not escaping. Chu Feng was very puzzled by it.

“Milord, we beg of you, please lead us away from here. Else… we fear that the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan will retaliate against us.”

“At that time… we will definitely meet even more miserable ends.”

“Milord, please lead us away.”


The humans actually started to kneel in front of Chu Feng.

They had already endured the bullying and humiliation from the monstrous beasts for a long time now. As such, they were extremely fearful of the monstrous beasts.

To them, Chu Feng’s appearance was simply akin to the appearance of a savior. As such, how could they escape by themselves? Naturally, they would want to tightly cling to this savior of theirs.

“Chu Feng, although you have recovered your cultivation, you will still not be able to match the true experts of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan if you are to encounter them. These people will be an enormous burden. You absolutely cannot take them along with you,” Her Lady Queen urged.

“But… I cannot disregard their lives. After all, I am the one that has caused this calamity. I cannot have them shoulder the consequences meant for me,” Chu Feng said.

“What do you plan to do then? Do you really plan to bring these burdens along with you?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“It will not be difficult for me to bring them with me. Merely, before that, I have something that I must do first,” Chu Feng said.

“What is it?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“Help Zhan Lingtong find his lover,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re planning to involve yourself in something like that?” Her Lady Queen was astonished. She was very unwilling to help.

“I feel that Zhan Lingtong is very courageous. Furthermore, I know very well how it feels to lose one’s lover.”

“Thus, I cannot watch with folded arms.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he waved his sleeve repeatedly at the space before him.

The next moment, the screams from the monstrous beasts grew more and more ear-piercing. Soon, the screams completely disappeared.

Chu Feng did not unleash a massacre. He had only killed the rank six Half Martial Ancestor and the rank five Half Martial Ancestor, the two strongest monstrous beasts there.

As for the remaining monstrous beasts, Chu Feng only left them seriously injured.

He had made it so that they became powerless to bully the people there, and powerless to run away. They were no longer a threat to the humans.

“Why not directly kill them?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“With the strength that Senior Zhan Haichuan possessed, he was completely capable of eliminating the so-called Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan. Yet, he did not do so. I believe there is a reason for that.”

“Before knowing what that reason is, I cannot exterminate the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan,” Chu Feng said.

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