Chapter 2439 - Recovering Cultivation

Chapter 2439 - Recovering Cultivation

“Back in the Asura Spirit World, I met a senior whose cultivation was also sealed. Later on, his cultivation was restored. I asked him how he accomplished that, and he was able to do it by practicing the martial skill that he had trained in in reverse.”

“Right now, you are training in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique. Why don’t you try doing so with it?”

“Of course, that senior explicitly stated that training in one’s martial skill in reverse is a very dangerous thing to do.”

“It is very possible for one to lose one’s mind and even die in the process. If you are to discover anything amiss, you must immediately stop,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Indeed. Ordinary methods will most definitely not be able to unseal one’s sealed cultivation. Perhaps by doing things in reverse, one will be able to break through the hurdle. This method is worthy of trying,” Chu Feng closed his eyes and began to train in his Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique. Merely… he was training in reverse this time around.


Chu Feng immediately let out a miserable scream right after he started.

To train a martial skill in reverse was a very dangerous thing to do. By doing it, Chu Feng felt a pain akin to his body and soul being torn apart.

Such pain was something that ordinary people would find unbearable. Even Chu Feng was unable to keep himself from screaming in pain.

Seeing that, Zhan Lingtong hurriedly moved toward Chu Feng and asked nervously, “Big brother, what’s wrong?”

“I’m alright. Perhaps it might be the effect of the medicine. Don’t bother with me. Perhaps my injuries will be completely healed by tomorrow morning,” At that moment, Chu Feng’s complexion had turned pale and his face was covered in sweat. However, he still forced a smile at Zhan Lingtong.

“You said it’s the effect of the medicine that caused you to react in this manner?”

“But, that’s a medicinal pellet for healing injuries. It should be bringing relief to pain, why would you be in greater pain?” Zhan Lingtong evidently did not believe Chu Feng.

“That’s why you’re inexperienced. For some healing medicines, their effects are very fast. However, the process is very painful. This is what it means by experiencing a shorter moment of greater pain than a prolonged journey of lesser pain. Don’t worry about me. I will be fine.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he sat cross-legged and closed his eyes. The next moment, he let out another painful scream.

Chu Feng did not stop. The reason for that was because he had discovered that this method… was effective.

Chu Feng’s cultivation began to gradually recover. Not only that, but the unbearable pain was actually also gradually fading.

In that situation, everything grew more and more smooth. Chu Feng’s cultivation also started to rapidly recover.

Seeing that Chu Feng no longer screamed in pain, Zhan Lingtong also grew relieved.

When the sky was still dark, two monstrous beasts from the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan arrived outside of the stone house that Chu Feng was in.

Those two were familiar faces. They were the ones who had ruthlessly beaten up Chu Feng earlier.

Merely, this time around, the two of them were both holding long whips. It could be seen that they had come with ill intentions.


One of the two lashed his whip at the roof of the stone house, creating a split on the roof.

Many crushed stones started to fall from the top of the stone house, startling the sleeping Zhan Lingtong awake.

Upon seeing the monstrous beasts, Zhan Lingtong hurriedly asked, “Milords, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? It’s time now! Why are you still sleeping?! Quickly, get up and start working!” The two monstrous beasts said with a malicious tone.

It turned out that the two of them had come to urge Chu Feng and Zhan Lingtong to work.

“Milords, weren’t we told to properly rest ourselves for the night? The sky is still dark right now,” Zhan Lingtong spoke in grievance.

“Look carefully. There’s all those people over there… other than the ones that have lost consciousness from overworking, who else is resting lazily like you two?”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that we have badly beaten that trash over there, causing him to need time to recover his injuries, how could we allow you two to rest?”

“And now, that trash is already fine. Yet you two still want to continue resting? Hell the fuck no!!!”

“Get the hell up and start working immediately! Otherwise, this whip of mine will not show any mercy!”

That monstrous beast spoke fiendishly as he fiddled with the whip in his hand. His tone was filled with impatience.

They had simply not considered Chu Feng and Zhan Lingtong to be human beings. Rather, they were treating them as domesticated animals, whose only purpose was to work for them. In fact, they felt Chu Feng and Zhan Lingtong to be inferior to even animals.

Zhan Lingtong sighed helplessly. Then, he started to walk toward Chu Feng.

Earlier, Chu Feng had been screaming in pain. However, he was now pretty much no longer screaming. Furthermore, his complexion had become much better. Zhan Lingtong felt that Chu Feng should be alright now.

“Big brother, stop sleeping. Quickly, wake up. We have to go work now,” Zhan Lingtong hurriedly walked over to Chu Feng and called out for him to wake up.

“Wait a moment,” Chu Feng said.

At that moment, Chu Feng had reached the final junction in recovering his cultivation. Thus, he would naturally not give up so easily.

“What did you say?!” It just so happened that what Chu Feng said was heard by the two monstrous beasts.

The two of them harbored hatred toward Chu Feng to begin with. And now, Chu Feng actually dared to act arrogant before them again. Immediately, the two of them grew furious.

“Shut your mouths! If you dare interrupt me again, I’ll cripple you,” Chu Feng opened his eyes and glared at the two monstrous beasts standing in the sky. Then, he closed his eyes again.

“Big brother, you…”

Zhan Lingtong was stunned. He felt that what Chu Feng was doing was simply akin to courting death.

The two monstrous beasts were also stunned. They had truly never expected that Chu Feng would dare to act so arrogantly even after they’d beaten him up so ruthlessly yesterday.

“You are truly courting death!”

Suddenly, one of the two monstrous beasts swung his arm and lashed his whip toward Chu Feng.


Chu Feng raised his arm and actually grabbed the whip.


Then, Chu Feng suddenly exerted strength and pulled the whip back. An enormous power forcibly pulled that monstrous beast into the cave, smashing him onto the ground.


Rocks scattered about everywhere. That monstrous beast was thrown deep into the cave and lost consciousness.

“This guy!!!” Seeing that scene, the other monstrous beast revealed an expression of astonishment and fury.

“If you dare disturb me again, I’ll take away your dog lives,” This time around, Chu Feng did not even bother to open his eyes when he spoke. His attitude was filled with contempt.

“You damned bastard, I, I, I’ll beat you to de…” The other monstrous beast turned red with fury. He raised the whip in his hand and planned to attack Chu Feng.

However, when he saw the appearance of to the other monstrous beast who had attacked Chu Feng earlier, he stopped his movements.

After hesitating for a moment, he left, saying, “Just you wait!” turned around and rushed to leave.

At that moment, other than the unconscious monstrous beast, only Chu Feng and Zhan Lingtong remained there.

At that moment, Zhan Lingtong was both astonished and frightened. He was astonished by how Chu Feng was able to easily defeat that Half Martial Ancestor.

However, more than that, he was panic-stricken. After all, this was the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s territory. For Chu Feng to cause trouble there was truly akin to courting death.

“Big brother, y-you’ve b-brought about a great calamity! Quickly, run away! They will not let you get away with this!” Frightened, Zhan Lingtong said to Chu Feng.

“Don’t panic. Give me a moment longer, and I’ll bring you away from here,” Chu Feng said.

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