Chapter 2433 - Seizing Body

 Chapter 2433 - Seizing Body

“Insolent fool! I am helping you. Yet you dare scold me?”

“If it wasn’t for this Evil God lending my power to you, you would’ve already been dead. How could you possibly be able to act so mighty now?”

A voice entered Chu Feng’s ears. This voice was something that only Chu Feng could hear; it was the Evil God Sword’s voice.

The Evil God Sword did not have any hint of anger as it said those words. Rather, its tone was filled with mockery.

“I said scram so you should just scram. I am the one who will determine my own affairs. How could I allow you to control my body?” Chu Feng said.

“Boy, don’t be incapable of differentiating good from bad. If I am to retrieve my power from you right now, do you think you’ll be able to leave here alive?”

“You do not want to eliminate the Kong Heavenly Clan. However, if my power is not protecting you, do you think they’ll let you get away?” The Evil God Sword asked.

“Enough of your nonsense. From this point on, I refuse to allow you to use my body to kill another person,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well, I’ll retrieve my power and let you meet a tragic death,” After the Evil God Sword finished saying those words, it planned to actually retrieve its power.

However, it soon let out a surprised voice, “You… you’re actually stopping me?”

The Evil God Sword was very surprised to discover that it was unable to retrieve the power that it had given to Chu Feng.

“You’re my weapon. Thus, you should be used by me. Don’t forget that I am your master,” Chu Feng said.

At this moment, the Evil God Sword had invaded Chu Feng’s body and indirectly gained control over Chu Feng’s body with its overwhelming killing intent. This had caused Chu Feng’s heart to be affected, which in turn led him to unleash a massacre.

Earlier, Kong Zheng had stood before Chu Feng. Kong Zheng was someone that Chu Feng knew. Although they had conflicted with one another, Chu Feng really did not wish to kill Kong Zheng.

This allowed Chu Feng to regain his rationality. The reason why the Evil God Sword was violently trembling earlier was because Chu Feng was putting forth a great effort to break away from the killing intent the Evil God Sword had instilled into him.

Chu Feng did not wish to continue with his massacre. Even if the Kong Heavenly Clan had been unjust toward him, he felt that he should not massacre and exterminate the entire Kong Heavenly Clan. After all, there were a lot of Kong Heavenly Clansmen who did not know anything at all, and did not harbor any malice toward Chu Feng. In fact, there were even many people from the younger generation who adored Chu Feng and viewed him as their idol.

If Chu Feng hadn’t been affected by the Evil God Sword’s killing intent, he would definitely not have killed this many innocent Kong Heavenly Clansmen.

And now, Chu Feng no longer wanted to continue with the massacre. However, he also knew that if the Evil God Sword was to retrieve its power, he would end up dying here.

While he might have spared the Kong Heavenly Clan, the Kong Heavenly Clan would definitely not spare him.

Thus, Chu Feng controlled the Evil God Sword’s power with his own willpower. He made it so that he could continue to use the Evil God Sword’s power.


Suddenly, Chu Feng soared into the sky and began to fly toward the distance. In the blink of an eye, he had completely disappeared.

“He… he really left?!!!”

Seeing that Chu Feng had left, the people of the Kong Heavenly Clan heaved sighs of relief. However, the fear in their hearts was unable to be pacified.

Although Chu Feng had left, the crimson clouds that covered the sky were still present. It was like a sharp blade placed right above their heads, making them feeling extremely uneasy, and think that they could be killed by Chu Feng at any moment.

However, after Chu Feng left, the crimson clouds also began to gradually vanish. The overwhelming killing intent that filled the area also started to dissipate.

It was only then that they were able to believe that Chu Feng had really left.

Merely, the current Kong Heavenly Clan was an utter mess. In merely a short moment, close to half of all of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s buildings were destroyed, and a third of the Kong Heavenly Clansmen were killed by Chu Feng.

Fortunately, many of the Kong Heavenly Clansmen were away from the Kong Heavenly Clan. Else… their losses would have been even more disastrous.

“Lord Clan Chief!!!”

At this moment, the Kong Heavenly Clan’s various elders soared into the sky and supported the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, who was kneeling in the sky.

“Lord Clan Chief, that Chu Feng… how could he possess such power?”

“Fortunately, he left. Else, our Kong Heavenly Clan might really have ended up being extinguished by him.”

“Lord Clan Chief, it would appear that our Kong Heavenly Clan’s five Supreme Elders have all died by Chu Feng’s hand. Today, we have truly suffered extremely disastrous losses.”

At this moment, the aged elders, those peak Martial Ancestors, were all crying.

They were feeling very pained. After all, this was their clan that had suffered this disaster. Just a moment ago, their clan had nearly been wiped out.

“Chu Feng, he is too vicious! I will definitely obtain revenge for what has happened today!”

As they grieved, there were also elders that let out furious snarls.

“Do not cause trouble for Chu Feng again,” However, right at this moment, the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief spoke with a weak voice.

Hearing those words, the Kong Heavenly Clansmen were all startled. They looked to their Clan Chief with surprise.

Their Clan Chief had always been someone who would definitely take revenge. What he just said did not fit his character at all.

Seemingly knowing what his clansmen were thinking, the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief continued, “I have made a wrong decision. I should not have ordered Chu Feng killed.”

“Even if Chu Feng wanted to destroy our Kong Heavenly Clan, it was only brought about through our own actions.”

“I am the one who was in the wrong. If you all want to hate someone, hate me. If you need to blame someone, blame me,” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“But, Lord Clan Chief, this cannot be blamed on you. After all, that was the result of Grandmaster Prophet’s prophecy. Even if we should blame someone, it should be Grandmaster Prophet that we should be blaming,” An elder said.

“Grandmaster Prophet was not mistaken. His prophecy came true. Today… our Kong Heavenly Clan was nearly exterminated by Chu Feng.”

“Merely, I never anticipated that the reason Chu Feng would attack our Kong Heavenly Clan was actually us. Hah…”

The Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief laughed bitterly. Guilt filled his face.

Seeing their Clan Chief acting like this, the Kong Heavenly Clansmen did not blame him. Instead, they started to feel very sorry for him.

After all, this person was their Lord Clan Chief, the person who had always been very imposing and domineering. But at this moment, he had lost the imposingness that he should have.

They knew that it was all because of a single person that their Lord Clan Chief had become like this. As for that person, it was Chu Feng.

“However, it remains that Chu Feng has nearly extinguished our Kong Heavenly Clan. How can we not take revenge for this?” There were still elders who were unwilling to let it go.

“Chu Feng was already lenient toward us. If we are to provoke him again, do you know what sort of consequence we’ll suffer? Must I explain it to you?”

“Could it be that us bringing about harm to ourselves once is not enough, that we must do so a second time?”

“If we are to provoke Chu Feng again, we might not be this fortunate the next time around. At that time, the prophecy will really come true,” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief declared.

Hearing those words, the unreconciled elders all grew silent.

Indeed, although Chu Feng was only a member of the younger generation, although he was only a peak Half Martial Ancestor, they had seen Chu Feng’s abilities for themselves just now.

Even their Lord Clan Chief was unable to contend against Chu Feng. As such, how could any of them possibly contend against Chu Feng?

Merely a single crimson sword had allowed Chu Feng to become unparalleled.

With the power Chu Feng had displayed earlier, not to mention them, it was likely not a single person in the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm could contend against Chu Feng.

Indeed, Chu Feng could not be provoked again.

This was what countless Kong Heavenly Clansmen were thinking right now.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was rapidly flying in the sky. Crimson clouds appeared in all the places he passed through.

Overwhelming killing intent covered the region. That killing intent caused all living things to hide in fear.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…” Suddenly, a strange laughter entered Chu Feng’s ears. It was the Evil God Sword.

“What are you laughing about? I will no longer be engulfed by your killing intent,” Chu Feng said.

Although Chu Feng was saying that, Chu Feng was not confident in his heart. The reason for that was because the killing intent the Evil God Sword had instilled in him was truly too frightening.

The reason why Chu Feng had left the Kong Heavenly Clan and was proceeding toward an uninhabited region was because he feared that he would be controlled by the Evil God Sword’s killing intent and willfully slaughter the innocent again.

“Boy, I’ve already told you before. You will not be able to subdue me, and will only be used by me,” The Evil God Sword said.

“What do you mean?” Chu Feng sensed that the situation was amiss.

“Since you are so disobedient, I can only seize control of your body and turn you into my puppet.”

After the Evil God Sword finished saying those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed immediately. He felt that an indescribable aura was charging into his body from the Evil God Sword.

That aura was truly too strange and frightening.

It was as if the aura was devouring his skin, devouring his meridians, devouring his bones, devouring his brain, devouring his wisdom… it was trying to devour his everything.

Most importantly, that aura wanted to seal Chu Feng off from his own body. It was actually trying to replace him and gain complete control over his body.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng hurriedly tried to let go of the sword. He wanted to toss the Evil God Sword away.

However, Chu Feng did not even have the strength to open his hand.

At this moment, his body was no longer under his control!!!

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