Chapter 2425 - The Reveal Of The Demon Armament

 Chapter 2425 - The Reveal Of The Demon Armament

“Those people were drawn here by you?” Kong Moyu also noticed that there were a lot of bystanders observing their battle from afar. He determined that their plot to kill Chu Feng and Wang Qiang was already exposed. As such, he became so furious that his complexion turned deathly pale.

At the same time, Kong Moyu’s killing intent grew even stronger, and his attacks fiercer. He wanted to defeat and kill that mysterious man as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, that mysterious individual was not to be trifled with.

The mysterious individual held a long sword in his hand and began to unleash all sorts of sword martial skills with utter perfection.

The sword flashed around and sword rays surged forth.

Even though Kong Moyu was very strong, he was unable to defeat that mysterious man.

“If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t do it. Since you’ve already done it, why do you fear that others will know?” That mysterious individual mocked and ridiculed.

“Even if everyone in the world is to know this, Chu Feng must still die today!” Kong Moyu shouted and actually turned to attack Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

However, before his attack could reach Chu Feng and Wang Qiang, it was neutralized by that mysterious individual.

“Your opponent is me. If you want to harm them, you must pass through me first,” That mysterious individual said.

“Damn you!” Kong Moyu gnashed his teeth in fury. However, he was unable to break free from the mysterious individual. Thus, he could only shout to the other two Supreme Elders, “What are you two still dilly-dallying for?! Quickly kill Kong Shunlian and then eliminate that Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.”

In fact, being one against two, Kong Shunlian was currently in a disadvantaged situation where he could only defend.

Merely, his opponents had yet to fight with the intent to kill. Else… Kong Shunlian would really unable to persist for much longer.

“Brother, i-it seems that t-the rumor is true,” Wang Qiang said to Chu Feng.

“What rumor?” Chu Feng asked.

“T-The r-rumor a-about possessors of Heavenly B-Bloodlines like you h-having their strength r-restricted after reaching the True Immortal realm,” Wang Qiang said.

“I don’t think that’s a rumor. Rather, it should be the truth. Else… being all True Immortal-level experts and with the Kong Heavenly Clan and Zhou Heavenly Clan possessing Heavenly Bloodlines, how could they be standing on equal footing against the Immortal Sword School and Buddha’s Heavenly Temple?” Chu Feng said.

The so-called rumor was that when Heavenly Bloodline possessors reached the True Immortal Realm of cultivation, they would lose their Heavenly Bloodline’s power.

This so-called power actually only meant the Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, as well as the Lightning Mark from the Nine Lightnings Fusion.

The Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings could be said to be the strongest abilities of Heavenly Bloodline possessors.

The reason for that was because those two abilities would directly increase one’s cultivation upon activation.

For example, right now both Kong Moyu and that mysterious individual were rank one True Immortals.

If Kong Moyu were to activate his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, he would be able to instantly increase his cultivation to rank three True Immortal. At that time, how could the mysterious individual possibly contend against him?

The reason why Kong Moyu had yet to use those abilities was not because he did not wish to use them. Rather, it was because he could not use them.

The reason for that was because his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings had already been restricted.

Thus, this was not a rumor, but rather a fact.

In fact, not only could he not use his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, he couldn’t even utilize his Lightning Mark.


Suddenly, Kong Shunlian vomited a mouthful of blood. His right leg had been pierced through.

“Brother Shunlian, it is still not too late to turn around now,” One of the Supreme Elders said.

“Ever since I made this decision, I never planned to turn back,” As Kong Shunlian spoke, the injury to his right leg was instantly healed. It was as if he had never been injured.

“In that case, don’t blame us for being ruthless,” After those two Supreme Elders said those words, they revealed killing intent for the first time.

It appeared that both of them had made their decisions -- they were really planning to kill Kong Shunlian.

This was, however, understandable. From their point of view, they had to kill Chu Feng.

Yet, Kong Shunlian was protecting Chu Feng and Wang Qiang with his Origin Life Treasure. As such, unless they were to kill Kong Shunlian, they would not be able to breach the Origin Life Treasure.

Seeing that scene, Chu Feng’s gaze grew stern. He took a step forward and planned to step out of the treasure protecting them.

“Chu Feng, you must reconsider this. Even if you are to utilize the Evil God Sword, you might not necessarily be able to contend against actual True Immortals.”

“However, it is certain that by using the Evil God Sword, you might end up dying from its backlash,” Right at that moment, Her Lady Queen’s voice sounded.

Her Lady Queen understood Chu Feng very well. She had already managed to tell that Chu Feng did not plan to watch with folded arms, that he wanted to utilize the Evil God Sword to join the battle.

However, the side effects of the Evil God Sword was truly too enormous. Back in the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng nearly died after using it.

And now, the opponents Chu Feng had to face were even stronger. If he were to really use the Evil God Sword, the backlash would definitely be even stronger too. As such, it might really pose a fatal danger to him.

“This matter was caused by me to begin with. As such, how could I look on without doing anything as someone puts their life on the line for me?” As Chu Feng spoke, he took several more steps forward and walked out of Kong Shunlian’s Origin Life Treasure.

“B-Brother, w-what are you doing?” Wang Qiang was immediately worried upon seeing that scene. As he spoke, he moved to rush out and grab Chu Feng back.


However, the two Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders also noticed that Chu Feng had walked out of the Origin Life Treasure.

The two Supreme Elders immediately unleashed attacks at Chu Feng with the intention to kill.


However right at that moment, Chu Feng raised the Evil God Sword in his hand.


At that moment, the attacks unleashed by the two Supreme Elders approached Chu Feng. The attacks exploded before Chu Feng and turned into violent energy ripples.

Those attacks were truly too powerful. Merely those energy ripples were sufficient to cause Chu Feng to die miserably.

However, the very next moment, the two Supreme Elders, Kong Shunlian, Kong Moyu and even that mysterious individual revealed astonished expressions.

Chu Feng was standing where he was completely unscathed.

“He actually blocked it?!”

“How is that possible?! Could it be… it’s that Incomplete Imperial Armament?”

After being astonished, the True Immortals present all turned their gazes to the Evil God Sword in Chu Feng’s hand.

At that moment, the Evil God Sword was no longer tranquil like before. Not only was it trembling, it was also emitting layer upon layer of crimson gaseous flames. At that moment, the crimson gaseous flames had surrounded Chu Feng.

“Heavens! This is simply unimaginable!” Far away, that Zhuge Mingren also noticed that scene through his observation with his special techniques.

“Senior Zhuge, exactly what happened over there?” The crowd asked in succession.

Merely from Zhuge Mingren’s expression, they were able to tell that something unexpected must’ve happened on the battlefield over there.

“Little friend Chu Feng, by relying on an Incomplete Imperial Armament, blocked the joint attacks of two True Immortals,” Zhuge Mingren said.

“What? An Incomplete Imperial Armament blocked attacks from two True Immortals? How can that be possible?!” The crowd were all astonished.

“Senior Zhuge, you wouldn’t be mistaken, right? Could it be that someone helped little friend Chu Feng block those attacks? How could he possibly block them himself?” Some of the crowd didn’t believe it.

“This old man is definitely not mistaken,” Zhuge Mingren said with determination.

“I got it. I’ve heard that little friend Chu Feng possesses an extraordinary Demon Armament.”

“Back in the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds, he relied on that Demon Armament to scare away a True Immortal-level expert from the Infant Soul Sect.”

“Originally, I had only thought this to be an exaggerated rumor. Never would I have expected that it was actually real. Little friend Chu Feng actually really does have a Demon Armament capable of contending against True Immortals,” Someone suddenly said.


Right at that moment, rumbles sounded from the sky.

Turning toward the sky, the crowd noticed that there were crimson clouds spreading out from the location of the battlefield. Those clouds had actually reached above their heads.

As the crimson clouds surged around, only a single aura could be felt -- a demonic aura.


At that moment, the sounds of people sucking in a mouthful of cold air could be heard nonstop.

All of the people immediately associated the crimson clouds that covered the sky with the Demon Armament.

The reason for that was because that was the first time that they had felt such a frightening demonic aura. That sensation truly felt like the arrival of doomsday.

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