Chapter 2423 - Origin Life Treasure

 Chapter 2423 - Origin Life Treasure

“Who is it?!”

The sudden voice surprised Kong Moyu and the other two Supreme Elders. They hurriedly turned their heads.

Right at that moment, the space behind them started to distort. Soon, a figure appeared.

That person had the appearance of a middle-aged man. Not only was he wearing the outfit of the Kong Heavenly Clan, but he also had a Kong Heavenly Clan’s title plate on his waist.

As for his cultivation, it was peak Martial Ancestor.

Not to mention Kong Moyu and the other two Supreme Elders, even Kong Shunlian knew that man.

However, when they looked at that man, their eyes were filled with alertness.

If that man were truly only a peak Martial Ancestor, it would be impossible for him to have kept up with their speed. Thus, they were certain that the man before them was not the same man that they knew. Most likely, he was someone disguised as their Kong Heavenly Clansman.

“Exactly who are you?” Kong Moyu asked coldly. The way he saw it, since his clansman was disguised, it meant that his clansman was most likely already dead.

“Who I am is not important,” As that mysterious man spoke, he removed his clothes and the title plate on his waist and tossed them far away.

At that moment, his appearance started to change. He had turned into a man with a face filled with scars and indeterminable facial features. That mysterious man was still hiding his identity.

“Then why are you here? Why are you pretending to be someone from our Kong Heavenly Clan?” One of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders asked.

“Why I am here is also not important. What is important is that I have infiltrated your Kong Heavenly Clan for many days.”

“Furthermore, it just so happened that I was also present when you all conducted that secret meeting.”

“Thus, I also know about your Kong Heavenly Clan’s decision to eliminate Chu Feng merely from a single prophecy from Grandmaster Prophet.”


Right after that mysterious individual finished saying those words, the Ancestral Armament Kong Moyu held in his hand was swept forth.

In an instant, a sword ray flashed through the air as martial power roared. Space was shattered and the earth caved in. That frightening power proceeded to bombard that mysterious individual.

That Kong Moyu… was planning to silence the mysterious man.


That mysterious individual waved his sleeve. Then, a long sword appeared in his hand.

Following that, a powerful radiance swept through space and the void. It forcibly blocked Kong Moyu; that True Immortal’s, attack.

That long sword was an Ancestral Armament.

Most importantly, the fact that the mysterious individual was capable of blocking Kong Moyu’s attack meant that… he was at least a rank one True Immortal.

“You’re trying to silence me? It’s useless. Unless you are to kill all of the guests here, otherwise… the matter of what has happened here today is destined to spread,” That mysterious individual laughed a strange laughter.

Sure enough, a large group of people were approaching from far away. Those were the people who had received the mysterious man’s voice transmission. They were people who did not know about the truth, but decided to check things out.

“Quickly, look, there’s a battle over there.”

“It seems like a major event is indeed happening. That person who sent us the voice transmission did not deceive us.”

“Those attacks were so powerful. They don’t resemble something that Martial Ancestors could accomplish. Could it be… True Immortals?”

“True Immortal? Isn’t that the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder Kong Shunlian then?”

“Even legendary True Immortals are fighting. Exactly what is happening?”

“Could it be that little friends Chu Feng and Wang Qiang are in danger?”

The devastation brought forth by a battle between True Immortals was simply too powerful. Even though the approaching crowd was still very far away, they still managed to discover it.

Upon seeing that frightening devastations, a small portion of those people became afraid. They hurriedly turned around to leave. After all, True Immortals were too powerful. They were afraid that they would be implicated in the battle, and meet miserable deaths.

However, the great majority of the crowd decided to stay. They all wished to see exactly what was happening.

Thus, not only did they not turn around, they instead began to use their various abilities to increase their speed, so as to rapidly reach the place where Chu Feng and the others were.


“You’ve already made this matter public?” Kong Moyu narrowed his eyebrows. A faint ominous glint was flashing in his scheming eyes.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared? Since you dared do something like this, you shouldn’t be scared,” That mysterious individual said with a light laugh. Faced with Kong Moyu, who was already intent on killing him, this mysterious man did not show the slightest bit of fear.

“Exactly who are you?!” The other two Supreme Elders of the Kong Heavenly Clan asked in unison. Like Kong Moyu, their eyes were also brimming with killing intent.

“Who I am doesn’t matter. All you have to know is that I will be ensuring Chu Feng’s safety today,” That mysterious man said.


After he finished saying those words, that mysterious man clenched the Ancestral Armament in his hand and took the initiative to rush toward Kong Moyu and the two Supreme Elders.

“You wish to protect Chu Feng? I fear that you’ll be powerless to protect even yourself,” Kong Moyu sneered. Then, he collided with that mysterious man.

That direct confrontation between the two True Immortals wreaked havoc throughout the entire region. Their oppressive might caused heaven and earth to tremble nonstop.

Their attacks brought forth violent energy ripples that caused the winds to rise, blew away the clouds and formed lightning in the sky. It was as if a doomsday storm was engulfing that region.

That place could no longer be considered the mortal world. Rather, it was more akin to hell itself, a hell filled with the power of death.

“I’ll stop him, the two of you go and kill that traitor Kong Shunlian,” Kong Moyu shouted to the two other Supreme Elders as he fought the mysterious man.

Those two Supreme Elders did not hesitate. They hurriedly surrounded Kong Shunlian. However, they did not attack him directly. Instead, they asked, “Brother Shunlian, are you still going to be this set on doing things this way? Betraying our clan?”

“I will not kill you all. However… you all can forget about killing little friends Chu Feng and Wang Qiang today.”

After Kong Shunlian finished saying those words, he took out a copper bowl. Once he raised the copper bowl, it turned into a ray of golden light that enveloped Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

Although that golden light was transparent in nature, it still maintained the shape and veined patterns of the copper bowl.

Most importantly, as they were basked in the golden light, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang, these two Immortal-cloak World Spiritists, felt an incredible sense of safety.

This copper bowl was a protective treasure. It would only allow the people inside to leave, and not others from outside to enter.

Most importantly, the defense of that copper bowl was extremely powerful. It was as if even True Immortal-level experts would not be able to breach it.

As for what surprised Chu Feng and Wang Qiang the most, it was that the copper bowl was filled with a familiar aura; it was Kong Shunlian’s aura.

It was as if this copper bowl was Kong Shunlian.

“B-Brother, c-could it be, t-this bowl?” Wang Qiang sensed the abnormality too, and looked to Chu Feng.

“Senior Kong Shunlian has decided to protect us even if he must sacrifice himself,” At that moment, Chu Feng looked to Kong Shunlian. Admiration and the feeling of being emotionally moved filled his hearts.

Both Chu Feng and Wang Qiang had noticed the special aspect of the bowl.

Without a doubt, this bowl was a treasure. However, if that were all it was, the bowl would not really be able to withstand the attacks of True Immortals.

The reason the bowl possessed such strong defensive power was deeply related to Kong Shunlian.

Kong Shunlian had used his life as the price to link with the treasure.

In other words, unless Kong Shunlian was killed… the strength of this bowl would not decrease.

To put it simply, Kong Shunlian’s action of placing the copper bowl over Chu Feng and Wang Qiang meant that he was going to protect them with his life.

However, Kong Shunlian had only known Chu Feng and Wang Qiang for a short period of time.

Yet, he actually, for the sake of not letting down his own conscience, decided to go against his clan, making them enemies, and putting his life on the line to protect Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

As such, how could Chu Feng not be moved? In fact, even Wang Qiang was looking at Kong Shunlian with a complicated gaze now.

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