Chapter 2402 - Strange Change

Chapter 2402 - Strange Change


Suddenly, Chu Feng tightly clenched his fists.

Even though Chu Feng had never once doubted the fact that his mother was very strong, Chu Feng would never forget the sharp gaze his father had when he had asked him about his mother.

His father’s sharp gaze revealed a piece of news for him. That was that Chu Feng’s mother was most likely trapped in a predicament right now.

However, his mother was already that powerful. In that case, how powerful must the existence capable of trapping his mother in a predicament be?

If Chu Feng did not possess sufficient strength, what could he possibly do even if he was able to find his mother?

Weak and small, the current Chu Feng was simply too weak and small. Thinking of that, Chu Feng wished to become stronger even more urgently.

“I’ll go now,” Chu Feng said.

“W-why are you in such a r-rush?” Wang Qiang was very shocked. Then, he urged, “We’ve only just finished setting up this spirit f-formation. T-thus, your body should still be v-very weak. I f-fear that it is not w-wise to go r-right away.”

“This matter should not be delayed. I fear that if we are to delay, things will change. Furthermore, my current state could still be said to be fine. I think I should be able to handle it,” Chu Feng said.

“V-very well, l-let’s set off right a-away then,” As Wang Qiang said those words, he planned to set out.

“Brother, I fear that I will have to go alone,” Chu Feng extended his hand and stopped Wang Qiang.

“Why’s t-that?” Wang Qiang revealed a confused expression.

“This spirit formation is only sufficient for me alone,” Chu Feng said as he extended the spirit formation on his palm.

“Aren’t there two? Wouldn’t this be just r-right for the two of us t-together?” Wang Qiang said.

“Brother, can’t you tell? Even though we’ve managed to set up this spirit formation, it is only able to last for a very short period of time,” Chu Feng said.

“Eh… r-regarding that, I r-really didn’t pay attention,” As Wang Qiang spoke, he used his special means to inspect the spirit formation. Upon inspecting it, he discovered that it was as Chu Feng had said. Even though their spirit formation had taken the form of two bodies of light, enough for two people to use them simultaneously, they were only able to last for a very short period of time.

In other words, only a single person could proceed to obtain the treasures today. That person would have to use one of the two bodies of light on the way there, and use the other on the way back. Else, it wouldn’t work.

“Brother, I am t-truly not a-at ease for you to go by yourself. How a-about we set up a-another spirit formation?” Wang Qiang said.

“I fear that there’s not enough time. Brother, you should just stay. By staying here, if something is to happen, you can help me delay them,” Chu Feng said.

“W-what could possibly h-happen?” Wang Qiang asked.

“It’s better to be prepared just in case. Don’t forget, we were in actual conflict with the Kong Heavenly Clan earlier. Although the possibility is very small, it’s not a hundred percent guarantee that they will not come create troubles for us.”

“Most importantly, that place is guarded. Thus, even if it is not a forbidden area, it shouldn’t be an ordinary place either. I cannot be certain as to whether or not I will trigger any mechanisms or be detected upon entering there. If I am to really trigger something and cause them to discover that someone has intruded upon that place, they might end up suspecting us,” Chu Feng said.

“I u-understand now t-that you’ve explained it like this. V-very well, I’ll stay,” Wang Qiang said.

“Brother, it might be even more dangerous to stay behind. Remember, if possible, save yourself. You do not have to worry about me,” Chu Feng patted Wang Qiang’s shoulder.

“Re-rest a-assured, y-you’ll be satisfied w-with the w-way I handle things,” Wang Qiang said with his mouth wide open in a smile.

“Indeed, I am at ease with the way you handle things,” Chu Feng also smiled.

After it was decided, Chu Feng took out a special case and placed one of the two spheres of light into it. As for the other one, Chu Feng clenched his hand and shattered it, turning it into a shower of light that basked him.

The next moment, the light disappeared. As for Chu Feng, he also disappeared along with the light. Not only did his physical body disappear, his aura had also completely disappeared.


Suddenly, Wang Qiang’s gaze started to shine brightly, revealing sharpness. It was as if Wang Qiang’s gaze could see through everything.

Wang Qiang focused his eyes before him and began to look up and down.

“Holy hell, I a-am really unable to see anything at all. T-this spirit formation is t-truly miraculous,” Wang Qiang said excitedly. The reason for that was because he knew that Chu Feng was standing right before him. That was why he had used such a powerful detection ability with the intention of seeing through the spirit formation. However… the result was obvious; he was unable to detect Chu Feng even when using his powerful detection ability.

“This spirit formation is indeed effective. Brother… I’ll be setting out now,” Chu Feng smiled complacently. After he finished saying those words, he proceeded toward the entrance gates.

Chu Feng did not open the door. The reason for that was because there was another effect to the spirit formation. That is, the user was capable of passing through walls. Even if it was a wall that possessed a spirit formation over it, as long as the spirit formation’s spirit power was stronger than the wall’s, Chu Feng would still be able to pass through it.

The result of Chu Feng and Wang Qiang’s joint efforts over the past several days was absolutely not something to be trifled with. Thus, the spirit power of Chu Feng’s spirit formation was nothing to be trifled with either. Unless it was a spirit formation set up by a Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist… there would likely not be any spirit formation that could stop Chu Feng.

After Chu Feng left, he began to run with all his might. At that moment… he could not use martial power, nor could he use world spirit techniques. In fact, he could not even fly through the sky. However, this spirit formation of his could only last for a limited amount of time, and Chu Feng had to reach his destination before the effect of the spirit formation wore off. Thus, his only choice was to run as fast as he could.

At that moment, Chu Feng was like a person who had lost his cultivation. However, it remained that Chu Feng was a Half Martial Ancestor. Thus, Chu Feng possessed a very strong physical body. As such, he could not be compared to an ordinary person, and his running speed was also extremely fast.

As Chu Feng ran violently, he was somewhat nervous when he first encountered people from the Kong Heavenly Clan. However, after he became certain that they were indeed unable to see him, he gradually grew at ease.

In the Kong Heavenly Clan, practically all of the buildings were built with spirit formations. For some places that were guarded, the spirit formations there were extremely strong.

However, even though the Kong Heavenly Clan was capable of requesting Immortal-cloak World Spiritists to help them set up these spirit formations, those spirit formations were still unable to stop Chu Feng.

Just like that, Chu Feng continued straight forward completely unhindered. He was able to disregard all people and obstacles. In the end, he successfully reached the region that he wanted to enter.

It was a vast mountain, a mountain that was completely sealed off. Not only was there not a single person on the mountain, there was not a single monstrous beast either. Likewise… there were no trees that reached the sky or exotic plants and flowers.

Only ordinary flowers, plants and trees grew on this mountain. There were also many rarely-seen feral monkeys, wild hares, wild deer and other little animals.

In short, everything in this place was extremely ordinary.

Chu Feng felt as if he had returned to the Nine Provinces Continent, returned to the Azure Province, returned to that relatively ordinary land.

However, Chu Feng did not dare to be careless. He was able to tell that this seemingly-normal mountain was not normal at all. Instead, danger lurked on every side here.

At that moment, Chu Feng had no idea that there was an ancient pagoda in one of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s forbidden areas. Inside the ancient pagoda was a spirit formation.

The moment Chu Feng set foot on the mountain, a strange change emerged from the spirit formation.

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